SGA FF: When it Rains…

I OWN NOTHING except my own characters, which are obvious.

Plot: When a group of soldiers arrive in Atlantis, Sheppard and Ronon take them through the gate for a Pegasus boot camp session. Things become dangerous when a storm arrives. SHEP/RONON WHUMP!

Rated: T+

Takes place third season, slightly after "Sunday" and before "submersion"

My first real Star gate Atlantis fanfiction. Please enjoy and let me know what you think!


Chapter One:

New Arrivals

The Daedalus began making preparations to unload its supplies and passengers, all officers and technicians a swirling mass of organized chaos. Finally Atlantis was insight after months of space travel.

Lieutenant Drake Rook stood in the back of the control area, watching as the ships commander, Colonel Caldwell, barked orders and maneuvered the ship. He was increasingly impressed by what he saw, but his mind wasn't on his current station, but rather his future one.

Atlantis, the lost empire under the sea, as legend has it. He couldn't believe he was being given the opportunity to serve on the legendary isle and more so, being given the unique opportunity to be under the command of a legend himself. Lt. Colonel John Sheppard.

Now, Rook isn't the sort of man to squeal and spread fanfare, but even he had to admit, the idea of meeting his soon to be, new commander, was a thrilling one. Like all of the soldiers currently waiting to be beamed into Atlantis below, he had heard the stories surrounding the mysterious man. He had heard of his black mark, the untimely death of his former commander, Colonel Sumner. He had even heard about his suicide mission as a major and how he earned his promotion. Heck, he had even read the reports on the man's less-fantastic missions, but even those he felt were extraordinary in their own right. Of course, he didn't believe in rumors or fabricated journals, so he felt he would form his complete opinion when he met the man himself and possibly, demonstrate his own descent abilities as well.

"Departure in five minutes. Departure in five minutes." A voice reported over the ship wide intercom.

'Guess that's my cue to head out', he thought to himself with a sigh. He could only hope his first meeting with his soon to be new commanding officer would go that well.


Colonel Sheppard was feeling rather good this morning. He had woken earlier than usual wide awake and was feeling energized and ready to go. With the urgent shake of his recently washed hair and the pounding of his boot clad feet, he made his way with a hop-skip up the stairs and towards the command center.

"Sheppard, wait up!"

Slowing, he turned back, a controlled smile on his face.

"McKay," he greeted. He could only hope the man was in a good this morning. Last thing he wanted was his morning to be turned sour all because the somewhat cranky scientist hadn't slept enough last night. Luckily for him, the man seemed just as enthused if not more.

"Are you heading to the briefing?"

"Yup. The new arrivals should be here soon. I want everything to be confirmed before that."

Rodney nodded. "I heard we are taking them off world for some physical training with Ronon?"

"You heard right."

McKay rubbed his hands together and Sheppard sighed, slowing to a stop before turning to his companion. "What?"

"I, uh… it's just, I know I am supposed to go with you, but…"

Sheppard narrowed his eyes.

"No. You can't stay."

"Oh come on!" McKay suddenly burst out, "I have a lot of work going on here today, not to mention my own new arrivals will be here soon!"

Sheppard frowned.

"I didn't think the science department had anyone coming in this time around?"

"Well there is!" McKay declared, "Two doctors are arriving and…" he hesitated, "One of them, let's just say… Samantha Carter sent her. She is, well… very impressive and…"

Sheppard's face slowly slid into a smirk.

"Ohhh… you like her."

"No!" Rodney shouted, his face red before stuttering, his words hurriedly calmed, "I just… Sam said she was an impressive botanist and… well, you know. She is friends with Carter and Sam suggested I try getting to know her before I judge, so… you know, I thought maybe I could… spend some time in the lab with her?"

Sheppard studied his friends face. He had never seen Rodney take an interest in a woman before and he had to admit, it had him strangely intrigued.

"What's her name?"

Rodney, now looking hopeful, quickly answered. "Katie Brown. A botanist. Sam's friend…" his words fading.

Sheppard thought it through. He supposed instead of Rodney coming with them, he could always split the group up. Lorne had recently returned from a mission, but he doubted the man would mind taking on this particular duty. Maybe that would work out better? A large group of people was harder to keep track of anyways, so maybe if they took varying routes or possibly different worlds altogether… make a race of it perhaps?

Now intrigued and a bit amused with what he could make of this coming training exercise, he felt himself shrug and the words escape before he really even considered them. "Alright Rodney. Just this once."

"YES!" The man shouted and was gone.

Sheppard just sighed and followed his friend at a slower pace. Did he just get suckered into letting Rodney out of physical training, again? Yes, yes he did. 'Face it John', he thought to himself, 'you've gone soft.'

Upon entering the briefing room, he took a seat on the left near the front of the table nearest Elizabeth. Ronon and Teyla soon entered, followed by Dr. Keller, Major Lorne, and Dr. Zalenka. McKay sat happy as a lark near the other end.

"Alright, now that we are all here," Elizabeth began, "Let's get down to business. Radek, you and Rodney have been busy running scans across the city for different undiscovered sections yet to be explored. Rodney, do you have anything to add?"

"Radek and I have been researching the entire schematic of Atlantis and have been filling in the holes. Amongst these are several varying sections of unknown compartments. Of course, we have yet to see what these compartments hold, but once we further confirm the integrity of the shield holding out sea water, we will continue our manned exploratory missions."
Elizabeth nodded.

"Colonel, I believe you were going to give us an update on the military annual reviews?"

"Yeah," he sighed, sitting forward, "I have been going around performing interviews with each team leader and their members, as well as scouring dozens of mission's reports. Each team will be given an overall review for their combatant skills and their overall teamwork. Currently these are underway. With the arrival of the Daedalus, we will be taking in twenty-four new military men and women, as well as, according to McKay, two scientists. Rodney has asked to be taken off the duty roster for this particular training session with our new military personnel and I have agreed to his request."

Rodney reddened, but remained silent, trying to ignore the attention suddenly being cast on him. He didn't want to explain why Sheppard had chosen to draw attention to that particular fact; he could already feel the mocking amusement from the colonel and he refused to be baited any more.

Sheppard, not even trying to hide his smirk, continued.

"That being said…" he turned to Lorne, "I know you just came back from a mission, Major, but I wanted to know if you would be willing to take half of our new group and run your own version of the test."

Lorne's eyes widened and he seemed suddenly much more attentive and a bit more excited about the briefing.

"My own test?"

Sheppard smiled, seeing the excitement in his second in commands eyes.

"Yup. Ronon and I will be leading our own, so I thought you and someone of your choosing, might be interested in leading a second one. Of course, if you're not, I could always have…"

"No, that sounds good. I don't mind."

Sheppard didn't even acknowledge this, but just smiled and continued on.

"I will also be having Teyla and Lt. Laura Cadman leading another, taking the women with them for their own physical training session."

"I look forward to it," Teyla responded smiling.

Sheppard smiled back, then returned his eyes to further regard his notes.

"I will be using this training, with recommendations of Teyla and Lorne as well, to choose another team leader, possibly a couple depending on their results."

Elizabeth nodded.

"Sounds good. Anything else?"


"Where will this training be held?"

"I have chosen P4X-799, a planet known for its luscious forests and rocky hillsides. Anderson's team went there last and reported the planet as abandoned. Ruins are located there, but nothing could be found inside warranting a research team."

Elizabeth nodded.

"And the wildlife?"

"Not entirely known, but they have never proven an issue the last couple visits to re-verify the 'abandoned' status."

Elizabeth turned to Teyla.

"My group will be traveling to P73-225. It is a planet known for its rock terrain and swampy grounds. It will be difficult and not at all pleasant, but it will be the perfect area for your female warriors to get firsthand experience with hand-eye coordination and reflex training."

"Any natives or wildlife?"

"Not within the premises of the gate. There is native life several clicks out, but we will not be going anywhere near them. Last time a team traveled there, it was our own and they never bothered us. I do not believe they are even aware of the gates existence."

Elizabeth nodded.

"Any thoughts for your destination, major?"

Lorne hummed.

"I was thinking maybe, P77-695."

"Oh," Sheppard chuckled, "good choice."

Lorne smirked.

"Major?" Elizabeth asked, now very curious about the sudden smiles going around the table.

"Let's just say our last trip there… was intriguing," the major laughed.

Elizabeth racked her brain, trying to remember. "Ah," it suddenly clicked and she snorted, "I see."

Lorne grinned.

"See what?" Keller whispered, confused. She was still a bit unsure of speaking up in the midst of debriefings. With the death of her predecessor having taken place only a month ago, she still felt unsatisfied with how she had gotten her new promotion and still felt she had much to live up to in the coming future.

"The planet the major is referring to, was a planet known for its…" Teyla hesitated, unsure of how to explain, "Unique wildlife."

"Just say it as it is," Rodney exploded, "the planet is known for its hybrid chimera creatures and friendly, yet uninhibited natives; most importantly, its women."

Keller suddenly reddened, realizing what that meant.

"Perhaps another planet is more suitable," Weird stated, choking a bit on her laughter.

Lorne sighed, but grinned. He had been joking anyways.

"I really was thinking of P32-544. It's a wide open desert with a natural spring of water and isle of trees further inland. It will provide adequate survival and endurance training."

Elizabeth nodded.


"Some animals here and there, but nothing dangerous that we have seen. No sign of human life."

Elizabeth nodded.

"Alright, you have a go. Just remember to file the paperwork when you get back."

With a wink that stated she was playing with them, though still serious, she turned and started out of the room. Sheppard and the others also began their trek down the stairs from the briefing room, when a sudden light temporarily blinded them before suddenly vanishing.

"Daedalus was here faster than expected," Ronon boomed from behind him.

Sheppard nodded, his eyes looking over the assorted bunch. The crew of the ship had begun immediately doing what they knew to do, carrying the boxes of weapons and other supplies down the hall. The rest stood there awkwardly, each face staring with either nervousness, awe, or a bit of both.

Deciding it was best to get these guys moving and away from the stargate, should another team suddenly need to gate in, he began the welcome wagon.

"Welcome to Atlantis," he stated, his tone friendly, yet commanding.

Those in attendance slowly quieted, each turning their attention to Sheppard. He noticed a few remained whispering between themselves; no doubt they had no idea this lanky pilot before them was their new commanding officer. Dressed in his grey cargo pants and a black t-shirt, he definitely knew he didn't look very military at the moment, other than the ever present pistol on his thigh.

'And so it begins…' he thought with a sigh.