What Has Life Come To?

Summary: What if Harry Potter was not who we thought he was. What if he was the reincarnation of a fan of the Harry Potter series. Ciara Vandahill was an ordinary Harry Potter fan. She has a nice boyfriend and great friends. She had most things but that all changed when she was coming home from a birthday party.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Harry Potter or any of the characters except two in this story. (so far anyways) All the characters except Ciara and Luka are owned by J.K Rowling.


Teens flooded out of the bar, The Wild Rams. Many of them were coming out of a party hosted by Luka and Ciara. The two mentioned were a couple that just got engaged. Luka was a platinum blond who was average in height. He had sea blue eyes and was sporting a dazzling smile. Ciara was a short girl with midnight colored hair that reached below her shoulders. She had eyes the color of coal. The two look like complete opposites but they work well together. She too was sporting a dazzling smile, that was unlike her.

Even though it was their party they decided that they should leave early before they get too drunk to drive. Both are not exactly drinkers and can barely hold their liquor so they rather not be dragged into a drinking game by their friends.

This was a mistake unfortunately because at that moment a truck ran straight for them. There was a crash. Shrapnels flew everywhere and everything was spinning. Ciara couldn't comprehend what happened but she knew she needed to get to her fiancé. She was hurting all over as glass cut into her skin. Her legs gone numb and her breathing was very restricted. Today was supposed to be a happy evening but that went downhill fast.

"Luka…are you there?" Ciara rasped out. Her vocals would not cooperate with her but she managed.

"Ciara…love..I wish it didn't end l-like this," Luka replied. He wanted to tell her something in case they don't make it. He doubts his survival but his only wish is that she may live. She had so much going for her and he didn't want her to lose that after finally getting it.

"Stop being selfish, Luka. We'll make it," Ciara was already in tears. She couldn't move any of her limbs and the only thing she could do was talk to Luka, but even that was becoming difficult. Luka had already lost conscious and Ciara could already feel herself falling into death's embrace.

Meanwhile, in the house of James and Lily Potter a baby boy was born. The baby had dazzling green eyes but it sported a melancholic feel within them.

"James! He's here, my baby boy," exclaimed Lilly as she cried in joy.

"What shall we name him, Lils?" asked James as he also cried in joy next to his wife.

"Hadrian James Potter. Harry for short," replied Lilly. She couldn't help but stare at her child. She knew that he would have a hard life because they were in the middle of a war. She didn't wish for her child to be born in such an environment but it couldn't be helped.

"I think that is lovely, Lily," James would always go along with what Lily wanted but he couldn't argue with the baby's name because he genuinely thought that it was lovely. He just felt that it didn't suit his newborn child.

"Lily, take Harry upstairs, now!" James would stall for time as his wife escapes. He knows he wouldn't survive this night. Not with Dumbledore or Voldemort because one or the other will be the end of him.

"Harry dear, I want you to know that mommy loves you and so does your daddy. Please forgive us for leaving you so early. Harry gave Lily a look, telling her he understood. She always knew her son was smarter than average and that something wasn't right. Even so, she still loved him with all her heart.

"Step aside, mud blood," hissed Voldemort.

"No, please not Harry! Not my Harry!" cried Lily. This was her last pathetic attempt at a plea but she knew he would not spare her child.

"Avada Kadavra!" The green jet of light hit Lily and she fell to the ground, lifeless. The baby did not cry. He gave the corpse of his mother a sad look before he resigned himself to his fate. Again, that accursed spell was yelled out. Harry didn't flinch when it hit him because he knew he would be joining his mother, leaving the other soul in his body to live out his horrible destiny.

That night the last Potter was killed and a new Potter was brought to light. Ciara Vandhill became Ciaran Potter. He was dropped at his relatives by a manipulative old man. There he would suffer from the hands of his relative before he will ever be able to meet the other soul that has come with him.

I wrote this story on a whim because I would dream of it every night. That may sound weird but it seemed like such a good idea at first. I know this isn't too original because there are reincarnation stories already but I am hoping to add twists in this one that set it apart. I'll admit the characters are inspired by people in real life that I've met and interact with. This might be a bit OC-centric but i doubt it'll be noticed since the only OC will be Luka and Ciara. Harry Potter may be a bit OOC but that's to be expected.

This story will be a slash and I kinda don't want to spoil who will be paired up with Harry/Ciaran, but I bet you guys already know who it is by now. It was kinda obvious. I unfortunately don't have a beta reader and so it is a bit messy. I don't know if I'll be inspired enough to even finish this story but this idea came from a dream thats been happening lately so until these dreams stop the story will continue.
By the way sorry for the very long Author's Note.