I am so sorry. Once again I am having to apologize for not updating. I've been really busy with school and now I am trying at making a video game AND having a social life. It is very hard. I hope you guys can understand why I won't be updating for a while. Do not worry your little socks off though because I have come up with a compromise. For every month I miss I will make it up with a weekly update in the summer. In fact if you guys can bear it with me than I can pump out multiple chapters during the summer. I hope this does not drive away any potential readers, but I have to do this if I want to keep everything in order. I unfortunately have a personal life with its own personal problems. My co-writer won't be able to write chapters in my place because she was in an unfortunate incident. Please understand this has been hard on me and her.

San01: I am sorry as well for not keeping up by updating but we have both had school work and personal problems. I cannot type at the moment so Shiro is doing this for me. Like she has mentioned up top, I was in an incident that left me unable to write but do not worry. We will try to update for those who are still here. If we find the time maybe we will be able to update, but until then don't expect a regular update schedule. With lots of love!