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England is surrounded by Bronies

England walked into the meeting room at a pace so fast it could have been considered running. He was late, so very late. On his way into the room he stepped on, what appeared to be a white and Purple Unicorn doll causing him to lose his footing and land flat on his face. Upon entering the conference room England marched over to Poland and slammed the doll down in front of him.

"I Say Poland how many times do I need to tell you not to leave your pony toys laying around!"

Poland looked at England insulted. "Like that, doll is not mine. That one totally belongs To France." Poland pulled out a pony doll that looked like a pony pop star. "Like, my doll is totally right here."

England Then turned to France an accusing look in his eye, "Is this yours?"

France looked at the doll, "Ah! Inglaterra what have you done to her main so un-fabulous!" France took the white and purple unicorn from England and began brushing its main.

England looked taken aback. "Don't Whine France it is just a toy."

"I'm not whining I'm complaining. Thisssss is Whiniiinnng!"

Everyone but England burst out laughing.

England then noticed that most if not all the nations present had some form of pony doll in front of them. Romania Had what appeared to be a Pegasus with bat wings, Germany had an orange pony with apples on its flank and Italy had a pink and purple alicorn in front of him.

"You are all a bunch of children you know that," and with that he stormed out of the room only to bump into America. Who dropped another alicorn doll, this one was a few different shades of dark blue, silver and purple.

America picked up the doll then went to sit in his seat. "What's with England dudes? He looks extremely agitated?"

"He does not seem to like My Little Pony," Canada said."

"So how long do you think England will be annoyed for?" Japan looked questioningly at America.

"Trust me dudes England's Annoyance Will Last Forever!" The lights flickered and thunder clapped as America made his statement.

"Did you really?" Germany shook his head.

"Yes, Yes I did." America looked quite pleased with himself as he sat down.

"So we are still going to Brony-Con, Da?" Russia who had been silent at this point gave America a questioning look.

"I'm still in are you guys." America looked around the room as everyone razed their hands. America then smirked. He had discovered a new way to annoy England.