TEASER ALERT* I'm gonna try out a new story line based on Step Up 1 with Nora and Tyler. They have already graduated from NSA and are sharing an apartment at the Atlanta School of Ballet. They have been together almost 3 years now and Nora is desperate to marry him but he hasn't figured it out yet. What lengths will she go to, to bring him in. Leave reviews on what you think… Thanks!


"Yeah babe?"

"Can you come in here for a minute?"

"Just a sec."

"I just need your opinion, please?"

Tyler let out quite the sigh as he got up from the couch they now shared.

"What in the world could be so important that it couldn't wait fi-…" Tyler stopped as he saw his girlfriend in a black lace bra and underwear being kept together by a small pink ribbon.

"This. I couldn't bear keeping them in the box without trying them on. It's my outfit for the burlesque number we're doing next week. What do you think?" She said beginning to turn.

Tyler looked her up and down then laid face first onto the bed.

"Nora, you're killing me. You have got to stop wearing these 'outfits'-which are just lingerie by the way- around the house. It's driving me insane, I just want to rip them off you."

"Why don't you?"

"You said you wanted to wait before we did any of this."

"I said that a long time ago…" She said sensually.

"No babe. You were serious about this and I have waited this long. I am gonna stick to our plan. No matter how difficult."

"Then you won't mind if I practice my number then, right?"

"No. I don't. Practice away." He said waving his hand towards the living room.

"Fine." Nora began to stretch in front of him, spreading her newly shaven legs just the right way for Tyler to begin losing his mind.

"Nora please don't do this."

"I am I just so displeasing to you? You don't want to have sex with me that bad?"

"Are you fucking kidding me? You are dancing around our apartment in lingerie with that beautiful body of yours. I want to rip that damn black lace off your body and just.."

"And… just what?" She said pulling the ribbon holding her bra together. She leaned in to kiss him and he resisted at first but gave in swooping her into a straddle. He carried her across the floor and laid her on their bed kissing her from her neck to her breasts, gently taking his hands down her body. She reached to pull up his shirt, he grabbed it with her and removed it slowly. As he removed it you could see every muscle in his abdomen and chest flexing. Now she was going crazy. She grabbed him by the back and pulled him in closer. Their love was strong emotionally, but now, it was physical.