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"oh no. no. no. no." Nora cried in complete disbelief.

"WHAT?!" Lucy screamed from the kitchen nearly dropping her glass.

"My outfit doesn't fit! I am too bloated for the lace."

"THE HORROR!" Lucy sarcastically replied.

"Lucy I am serious. I need to get on some PMS meds right now. Do you have any mitol by chance?"

"I thought our periods were synced? I got mine a week ago… But yeah it's in my bag on the couch."

Nora thought about her period. It was late. She then realized that Lucy was psycho-babbling in the background of her thoughts.

"I mean it's not like you can be pregnant right?" Lucy continued beginning to laugh.

Nora gave her a guilty look with a small touch of worry on her face.

"NO. You two? Why didn't you tell me? These are the things that I need to know." She said laughing at herself. "Nora it's probably not a problem. We all get bloated sometimes."

"But what if I am pregnant? One time. We have been physical one time, my ONLY time. And it was terrible just so you know."

"Aw was he that bad in the sac?"

"lucy!" Nora said with a blushing smile. "He was fine, it was me it was just bad. I don't know he seemed to have a great time which I guess is all that matters for now. I can deal with it until i get some practice…"

"Do you wanna go get a hotdog or something to get your mind off it all?"

"No that's the last thing I want right now."

"What are you talking about? I thought you loved the cart on the corner?"

"Not right now for some reason."

"God you might actually be pregnant."

" Why are you so non-schelaunt about this? This could change my life."

"Look. If you are pregnant, there are options. For example, abortion, adoption, or just marry the man you've been dying to marry and raise it with him. Let's go to the store and grab a test. It can't hurt to know."

Nora and Lucy walked down to the corner store, and bought 4 tests.

"Do you really think I need this many?"

"If you want to know if it's accurate, yes."

"Why do I feel like you have done this before?"

"of course I have. With my sister when she thought she was pregnant with her ex-husbands baby."

"AGAIN. So non-schelaunt." Suddenly she was violently pulled by her waist quickly handing the basket to Lucy. Then she felt lips on her neck, but they weren't Tyler's.

"Well hello beautiful." Brett whispered into her ear.

"Get off me." She said firmly trying to wiggle out of his grasp.

"oooh, feisty." He said with a devilish smile. He quickly let her go. "So what are we here to get huh? Oh, a pregnancy test? But for who? You? HA! You're too much of a goody two shoes. Or are you?" He pulled out his phone and walked away. From a distance he called, "Well, I sure hope Tyler doesn't hear you're here before you have a chance to tell him." He laughed then walked away almost like a villain in a movie.

"I can't do this. He's gonna text Tyler who knows what. Then he's gonna get all worried then if I am he's gonna pressure me to keep the baby and I don't think I want that. Do I want that? I don't know if I want that!"

"You go to take these tests and I will go pay for them, ok?"

"Ok." Nora replied finally catching her breath.

Nora read the directions carefully as she did with everything. After she had peed onto the stick she put the cover on it and paced the bathroom. It was a nasty bathroom. The directions said she had to wait 3-5 minutes for the results so she thought hey, lets go back to the apartment and find out when we get up there. She told Lucy her plan who was now buying two pints of ice cream. They would eat it good or bad so why not have a little comfort. Nora walked onto the street, the test in her bag, with her head going a thousand miles a minute. She was watching the cracks go by beneath her until she saw a very familiar pair of shoes. Tyler's shoes.