I woke up this morning to me Mum shaking me. I don't know why, but she seemed excited, or worried. I could never tell wit' her. She told me to get dressed for school, and to come down stairs wit' her, and that Dad was down there too. I was wondering about why my alarm didn't go off, and then I looked at it. It was five in the mornin'. I don't know why, but she woke me up a whole hour and thirty minutes before I usually do. So I got dressed, assuming that this was something serious, and went down to her. The television was broadcasting something about furs. Poor fellows, didn't even do anything to deserve this treatment, except for one bad one to mess everything up, and cause some trigger happy freaks of the Government to lock em' all up and put em' all in solitude. Anyway, Mum started talking to Dad about something I couldn't hear. I started to listen to whatever the Television was talking about. ~Local school in London has kid abducted by a fur. Teacher fired shots off at the mutt, which was described as a female teenage fox fur with white and pink tail and ears.~ The people are actually at the school too, so they are showing off the holes from where the bullets hit. He looked old, so I doubt he would've hit anything anyway. As for me, I live around France, which isn't all that far from there. I only live a couple miles from the ocean. "Sweet heart, your father and I would like to talk to you about something." I wondered what it was about. These two were always away on work or something else. They look at furs and stuff, study them, try to find a cure of some sort. I don't like it, I think it's like an evolution. The ears help them have better hearing, and the tails...They look cool. I stayed quiet, wanting them to just get it over with. Mum took it as a go ahead to keep talking. " As you know, we have jobs that require...Effort. They also vary on certain occasions, like locations. I know-we know that you like it here and have friends and all, but work and all has been difficult with this area lately, and we have just been offered a job in London! Yay!" I was shocked. I couldn't even talk back. London. A different land that we would be leaving my friends and our perfectly good house that I have spent my whole life in just for some job. Dad stayed quiet the whole time as well. I might as well just go pack up then, now knowing why we woke up so early. I dragged my feet along the carpet as I went up to my room. I began going through stuff I would want to keep especially, knowing that movers would be here soon. If they were put in the boxes I could lose them.I don't care about other stuff like clothes, but my special things, like my little rabbits foot would be missed dearly if I lost them.

We got in the car and drove off, leaving my childhood home for a new one that could be a whole lot worse.

Well, how do you like it so far? This is obviously a sub story from the origional story Furs, by AMangledMisfit.