Princess Star Butterfly, heiress to the throne of Mewni, elite magic user, Earth long-stay visitor and perhaps the most happy-go-lucky person/alien you could ever hope to meet, was feeling positively miserable.

On any other day, you'd probably be able to catch her frolicking jauntily through her adopted neighbourhood of Echo Creek, blasting a usable path through hordes of monsters with her wand utilising the most bizarrely named incantations imaginable, or just trying to find people to help in their everyday menial lives, whether they wanted her own unique brand of assistance, or not.

Today though, she could be found reclining upside down on a sofa seat, kicking her heels against the wall, her long blonde hair covering her face like a shroud of depression. She couldn't even muster the energy to call her mother or best friend Pony Head on the magical mirror phone, which would usually be second nature in such trying circumstances.

Anyone bought up to speed on the latest events that had unfurled over the last few days would immediately draw the conclusion that the reason for her malaise was due to the loss of her book full of mystical spells which had been kept in the Royal Family for generations, and her small, blue, potato chip loving friend/mentor Glossarick who'd dwelt within.

The daring heist of the ancient tome and the tiny weird magical man, by a newly invigorated Ludo and his giant eagle and spider sidekicks, indeed weighed heavily on her mind, and she dread to think what her somewhat eccentric parents would do when they discovered her unforgivable carelessness . But something troubled her even more than than the missing, stolen artefact, or never hearing one of Glosserick's unfathomably cryptic riddles again. Now, what could that be..?

The answer came with a giggling from the front door, and the appearance of a handsome teenage boy of Mexican descent, accompanied by a similarly aged girl with an aqua streak in her hair, and cute freckles on her cheeks. Both were wearing safety helmets and were covered in minor abrasions, having spent the day at the park falling over a lot on a shared skateboard. Neither seemed bothered by the many plasters they'd had to apply to each other's skin however, too busy enjoying each others company while laughing at some 'hilarious' private joke.

Star, who'd been patiently waiting the couple's return since their departure earlier that day because 'she wanted to make sure they were alright', felt her blood uncontrollably begin to boil. How did she manage to get Marco onto one of those deathtrap thingies, she grimaced internally, as she listened to their carefree chuckling. When I first met him he was scared of his own shadow. Now, he's flipping around sidewalks like some kind of professional skater while holding onto Jackie tightly, as if I couldn't have inspired him to take that kind of risk, and it's not fair. You know what the worst part is, though? I did this to myself...

It was all so true. Star could have quite easily confessed her infatuation for the boy with the beauty mark on his face at any given moment, but no. She had to be a good friend, and encourage Marco to admit the childhood crush he'd held on his friend Jackie since kindergarten, literally forcing his hand in going over to her and asking her out, all while a small head protruding out of his neck threatened to reveal all of his deepest, darkest secrets... (don't ask).

That's always been me, she lamented, watching the loving couple nuzzle like it was the most natural thing in the world. I've always put others first, and been too good at this matchmaking game, leaving no-one for myself afterwards.

Her non-stop misery was compounded when Marco's mother and father decided to pop up there and then, hugging each with pride at the sight of the fruit of their loins being so unabashedly romantic, while commenting effusively he was "Really growing up", "Found the girl of his dreams" and that "Our fears of him growing up to be a spineless wimp have finally been put to rest."

I see I'm getting the credit I deserve for helping to make more gutsy, Star thought sarcastically, really blasted myself in the foot with that little favour, didn't I?

Her morose self-pity was cut short by Mrs Marco's friendly elbow nudge, who referred to the young loving couple when she whispered in the princess's ear "Don't they look perfect together, Star? They remind me of me and my amado when we started dating. I'm sure they'll stay with each other for as long as we have, and produce lots of adorable ninos. We haven't failed to notice the part you played in their relationship, either! So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for helping my son find his intended. You truly are a great friend to him..."

"Uugghh, I can't take much more of this!" Star had finally reached the end of her tether, her usually genial disposition about to snap on account of the nauseating teenage flirting going on in front of her, and the constant reminders of what she'd lost due to her inexcusable inaction. She tumbled up off the settee, surprising both Mr and Mrs Marco, and cutting short an impromptu kiss from the 'perfect' pair themselves.

She glanced around at the confused, concerned expressions of those present, none of whom had any idea of the mental anguish she was going through right now. They all still believed she was some kind of selfless wing-girl for their precious Marco, helping him realise his crush while being ecstatic, like the rest of them, that her efforts had led to him finding true happiness. Which, of course, was as far away from the truth as Mewni was from Earth.

This strange, new mixture of feelings, which combined frustration, anger and envy was driving her crazy, and making her act out in ways she wasn't used to. She thought of confessing her innermost thoughts to a perplexed Marco there and then, if for no other reason than to relieve the kaleidoscope of emotions currently pounding a hole in the back of her skull.

But she soon reached the conclusion that this would be a most unwise move. Expressing her private secrets to the boy, in front of such a large crowd too, would not only thoroughly embarrass the pair of them, but might even be treated as a huge joke.

After all, she'd pushed Marco so firmly in Jackie's direction, who would believe that the main instigator behind them getting together longed for the boy herself? She'd been too good at hiding her crush, and her hesitance had cost her dearly...

Her blue eyes flit from the still bemused Marco to the equally nonplussed Jackie, and despite the princess's current mood of desperation and irritation, she just couldn't hate the girl. Jackie was just way too nice, a good friend to Star who would never wish harm to anyone. The fact that the seashell-obsessed skater now stood between her and the possible love of her life was sheer misfortune. There was no reason this unfortunate situation would stop them from being...

Suddenly, Star had a most wonderful idea. That's right... Jackie was a good person, who'd be sure to aid a certain princess with her major dilemma which was weighing her down like a 50-ton weight.

Even if said problem mostly revolved around the fact her friend was going out with Marco, so the only way it could possibly be resolved was by the girl with the aqua streak relinquishing possession of her new boyfriend to royalty. But of course, Miss Butterfly would never do a thing like that...

"Ineedtotalktoyou!" Was all that the other residents in the room heard from the garbled princess, as a flustered Star ran over to Jackie, grabbed the statuesque girl by the hand and literally dragged her through to the kitchen. This needs to be sorted out now, the princess thought anxiously, before I totally lose my mind.

"S-star, are you okay? You're acting kind of weird... well, even weirder than usual..." Marco asked with real worry, just before the door was closed on his face.

"I'm fine, Marco! I just need a little 'girl talk' with Jackie here! We'll be finished soon, and then you can go back to massaging each other's lips. Don't forget to feed the laser eye-shooting puppies!" Star abruptly slammed the entrance, leaving her crush and his parents staring at each other in bewilderment.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the wall, Jackie was understandably agitated at being manhandled in such a brusque manner, and thrust her arm away from Star's own in annoyance. "What did you just do back there, dude? That was seriously not cool. You better have a good reason for..."

"I want you and Marco to split up." ...Oops


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Part 1 of who knows how many. I'll update when I can find the time between juggling my busy life, and doing my other fics. Hope you enjoyed the first part, anyway... :)