This is my first time doing a crossover story. Basically, this fic is about what would happen if the crew of the Calnus landed on the world of Jak and Daxter, So please read and review. Hope you enjoy this.

Edge Maverick and the crew of the SRF-003 Calnus had just finished disposing of a Grigori on the Planet Aeos. They were now on a journey to En II, the Morphus homeworld. thee crew were currently in their seats before thud could be heard all across the ship. causing the whole crew to panic

Status Report!" Edge commanded

"We've entered the range of a gravitational singularity. the Calnus is being sucked in" Reimi reported to Edge

"What?!" Edge stood up from his seat "Quickly divert all power to the sub engines and change course immediately. Emergency warp!" he commanded

"Roger!" Myuria as she input the commands.

Reimi could hear the screen at her seat beep "It's no use! the gravitation field between the Calnus and the black hole is too strong! The ship's engines don't stand a chance of escaping such a pull!" she reported

"Damn it!" Edge banged his fist on the dashboard

As Meracle, Lymle and Sarah were worrying with panic. Edge decided that if there was a chance that the crew would die, he decided to give his crew some final words "Everyone if we all die here. Just know that the fault lies with me. This isn't-" the Blonde haired captain's voice was filled with sorrow

"Edge no! its not-" Reimi cut him off anf tried to snap him out of it

"But for now, BRACE FOR IMPACT!" He shouted and soon the crew began to duck and cover.

The crew of the Calnus all screamed in panic as the black hole sucked the ship in. it entered an unknown atmostphere before making a sudden crashlanding

A few moments later, the crew woke up, the ship having survived the black hole.

"Looks like Everyone's still in one piece" Edge commented as he got up

"Ugh that was so scary. kay" Lymle remarked

"Meow, that was quite an impact" Meracle said

Arumat clutched his head "Close call there"

Edge decided to assass the situation "It appears we made an Indecent Crash landing. Anyway, Where are we?"

"Mr Edge, My Translators indicate that we are on an underdeveloped planet known only as the 'World of the Precursors' according to the local Alphabet" Bacchus deduced

Edge was stunned by this revelation "World of the Precursors huh?' The word precursor stood out to him the most.

"Mr Edge. Maintenence Reports indicate that the ship's engines have been critically damaged in the crash" The Cyborg reported

"Are we able to get them repaired?" the Blonde haired captain asked

"Yes, although it will take a while. At the least, a couple of weeks."

"A couple of weeks?!" Edge found the report to be ridiculous. "No, Nevermind, right now we need to focus on getting the ship repaired. But first, we should stock up on supplies Bacchus, how far is the nearest civilization from here?" One of the things he hated the most was landing on underdeveloped planets

"The nearest Civilization seems to be far north of here, near the coast. Also my sdensors indicate that there are several ancient ruins located across this area" the cyborg reported, showing a map.

"Ancient ruins?" Reimi expressed interest "Think we'll find somethiing related to the muah there?" She asked Edge

"Who knows?" Edge just shrugged. "But first, our priority is heading to that Civilization to the north"

The crew decided to head outside and saw that they had crash landed onto a desert. A desert known only as the Wasteland.

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