Summary: Okay, I may be the only one, but when I saw the GI JOE a Real American Hero (I think it's referred to as RAH now) episode called Cobra's Creatures, I immediately started thinking this story up. I would tell you what I thought, but that would ruin the surprise.

Disclaimer: all ideas and characters belong to their respective thinkers.

Symbols- '…'= sign language. "…" = talking. *…* = thoughts. ^…^ = flashback/ previous chapter stuff/ memories.

~Cobra Base, Location: Well wouldn't you like to know. ~

"Mindbender, is the devise ready for testing yet?" Cobra Commander asked in his hoarse, raspy voice.

"No, commander. But it soon will be." Mindbender replied in his deep voice.

"Good. I shall have some, um, test subjects for you." The commander said in a humored tone.

"Good, are the subjects members of the crew, the JOEs, or just civilians?" Mindbender asked.

"I think I shall choose ex-military." The Commander hissed.

~Salt Lake UT, two weeks later~

"Oh, sweetheart you're finally home!" Mrs. Smith said, looking at her daughter who had just been allowed two weeks' vacation from the Special Forces.

"Hey mom, good to be home. What's been going on?" Suzanne Smith said then asked. It had been three years since they had last seen each other.

"Not much, David will be coming home from college tomorrow, and Dad is doing well."

"I didn't even know that David went to college. Why would dad not be alright?"

"Ah, she's overreacting Suzanne. Come here and Give your old man a hug!" David Sr. said from the hallway. Suzanne dropped her bas and ran over to him, wrapping him in a strong bear hug.

"Ah, I missed you guys so much!" she said into her father's chest. She could finally put her guard down, there was no enemy here.

~GI JOE Base, Location: Classified~

"You have probably already guessed why you were called." Hawk stated. Scarlet raised her hand. "Yes, O'Hara?"

"Is it because Cobra has created a new weapon or two to take over the world?" She asked smartly.

"Yes, but we only know what one is. A specialized EMP pulse." Hawk replied.

"Oh, is that all?" Duke asked sarcastically.

"No, there is at least one other weapon, and we don't know what it is." Hawk said.

'Let me guess, I have to sneak in and find out?' Snake-eyes signed. He had just gotten back from a mission.

Hawk just nods to him, and Snake-eyes disappears.

~Cobra Base~

"How is the EMP devise coming?" Cobra Commander asked his second in command.

"Excellent Commander." Destro replied.

"Stormshadow!" the Commander yelled. A man dressed in all white appeared before him. "Good, I have picked a target for you, do not kill her." Cobra Commander said as he handed Stormshadow a file.

"To hear is to obey." Stormshadow replied in his thick Japanese accent.

~Scott Household~

"So, how's the pie coming?" Mrs. Scott asked her daughter.

"Good, it's just been a while. We didn't bake many pies in the force." Suzanne replied.

"That's alright, I'm sure it'll be great anyway." Her mother said with a bit of sympathy.

~3:00 AM, Scott Household~

The window of Suzanne's room burst open. Suzanne jumped up and saw a man in a white ninja suite squatting in the windowsill. "Stormshadow!" she gasped as she recognized him as the Arashakage traitor.

"Silence young one." He whispered, throwing some sleeping powder into her face. He then picked her up and carried her away, just in time for her parents to see him.

~5:00 AM, GI JOE base~

"We've just received word that Stormshadow has kidnapped a young Navy Seals personnel only two hours ago. No doubt a part of Cobra's plan." Hawk announced to his troops.

"Are we going on a rescue mission, sir?" Duke asked.

"Yes, contact Snake-eyes and inform him of the new mission. Have him observe until told to do otherwise."

~Cobra Headquarters~

"Ahh, Snake-eyes, it looks like your friends didn't want you in here yet." Cobra Commander said, then clicked his tongue at the bound JOE. Snake-eyes instantly started struggling, trying to free himself. "You know what, I'll send them a message for you. Let's see, 'It's alright Scarlet, I've already rescued the girl and will be back in a few days. She's hurt so I'll have to let her heal before bringing her anywhere.'" The Commander read out what he wrote to the ninja's friends.

"Commander, the device is ready for its first test." Mindbender said from the door way.

"The EMP device as well." Destro added.

"Very good you two, is Stormshadow back?" the Commander said then asked.

"I am Commander." Stormshadow said with an overly extravagant bow.

"Is the subject ready?" Cobra Commander asked.

"Yes Commander." The other three replied.

"Good, then let us try the machine out." The Commander said, turning. He then turned back around and said, "and bring him as well, if the machine works we can use it on him as well. Destro, start up the EMP and then meet us in Dr. Mindbender's lab. We will then commence the experiment, mu haw ha!"

"Hail Cobra!" the others shouted. Stormshadow then brought Snake-eyes to the lab, albeit with much resistance. Destro then turned the EMP device on, and a few troopers brought Suzanne up.

"Let us begin." Cobra Commander commanded. A volley of 'yes Commanders' and 'as you wish commanders' ensued. The machine was prepped, and Suzanne was forced to enter. The machine started, and Suzanne screamed…

Sorry for the cliffie, but I wanted some suspense. Hope you like, more to come soon. Remember to review!