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~+Snake-eyes POV+~

'Alright, so I have to discover what the machine does… this could be interesting. Wait, that's Stormshadow! Does he have a prisoner? Okay… let's go save the prisoner!' I thought as I observed the Cobra base. I then put actions to words and crept after Storm. In truth it was so hard to see him working for Cobra, when we had been Sword Brothers and had saved each other too many times to count.

As soon as I snuck into the building, I knew it was a trap. 'Crap, Snake you idiot! You should have seen this coming! Stupid, STUPID!' I bereted myself as I fought Stormshadow's students off, I then felt a presence come up behind me, but I was in the middle of fighting off five students. The last thing I felt was a sharp pain in the back of my head…

When I woke, I found myself naked, cold, and groggy. The next sensation I had was a throbbing pain in my shoulders and neck. I lifted my head and gave a silent scream, my head felt like a nuclear bomb just went off in it! I panted for a moment, then steeled myself and looked at my right arm. It took a moment for my eyes to focus, but when they did I saw that my arm was being roughly held straight up over my head. I let my eyes slowly follow my arm up and found that I was dangling from the celling by two heavy manacles, and they were connected by a sturdy three-inch rod to make escape nearly impossible. My head was starting to clear, so I started to examine first the rest of my body, then the room I was in.

I had bumps, bruises, and a few cuts but that was the worst of it. I might have a concussion, but I'm not sure. The room was about ten feet wide by ten feet long, and eight feet high. I guessed the height differenced was to put the floor, and therefore the chance of freedom, so close and yet so far. I sighed and hoped I would not be left here much longer. I was rewarded when Cobra Commander, Destro, Mindbender, and Stormshadow walked into the room. I glared at them and they all took a step back, except for Storm. 'Good, let them fear. As long as they keep their focus on my face and not on… lower areas I'll be fine.'

"Snake-eyes, I am pleased to find you awake." Cobra Commander hissed gleefully. He enjoyed torturing his prisoners, and I was dredging up my strength to resist him for as long as I could.

I merely looked away from him. Cobra Commander cocked his head to the side and then looked to Destro. "It is polite to answer questions from your host." He informed me in a deep voice. He then strode forward and punched me in the stomach. All the air was forced out of my lungs in a quiet 'oof' of pain.

"Ah, do that again Destro. I like it when they attempt to cover themselves but can't." Commander cackled evilly. Destro complied with a "Tell me when to cease, Commander". I was them pummeled. I also discovered the shackles on my ankles at that time. Finally, the Commander told Destro to stop, and I could gasp in some air. I was shaking so hard that my teeth rattled. "Does that hurt, my pet?" the Commander asked whilst tilting my head up so I was looking him in the eyes.

I merely coughed, then I glared at him. Mindbender them came up to the commander and handed him my radio. "Ahh, Snake-eyes," the Commander hissed, "it looks as though your friends don't want you in here yet. Hmmm… I think I shall reply for you, since you're all tied up. Let's see, 'It's alright Scarlett, I've already rescued the girl and will be returning to base in a few days. She is hurt so I'll have to let her heal before moving her.'" He read me the message he had sent to Shanna. My jaw tightened and I glared at him hard enough that if looks could kill, he would have been reduced to smoldering ash.

"Commander, the device is ready." Mindbender said whilst studying me. He then pried open my mouth to look at my teeth, and then checked my arms, shoulders, back, chest, personal areas, legs, and feet. "He would be an excellent subject, Commander." He said as he proceeded to pull out a thermometer and stick it somewhere I think thermometers should never go, I hate rectal thermometers! "He seems perfectly healthy." He mumbled as he checked pupil dilation, then my ears, nose, and spine. When he reached the bottom of my spine, he retrieved the thermometer from my body. I merely gritted my teeth against the unpleasantness and embarrassment that came from a check-up and having people observe your check-up. Destro helped him with the hernia test, forcing my head to the side and making me cough. "Yes, he is in perfect health." Mindbender proclaimed.

"Good, is the other subject ready?" the Commander asked.

"Yes commander." The other three replied.

"Good, then let us test the device. Stormshadow, bring him down." The Commander pointed at me. "Destro, ready your device."

"Yes, Commander!" the others exclaimed.

Stormshadow then walked forward and unchained me. I was still dazed from everything, so I did not fight as hard as usual. I was then brought down to the lab. I saw a young woman was also being held prisoner, and was in much the same shape as I was. Mindbender had his assistants force her into the machine, which he then turned on. I then her scream, but slowly the scream turned more animalistic, until it became the yelping of a canine. The door of the device opened and a beautiful white wolf fell out.

'That's what it does?! Turn people into animals!' I thought. Then Stormshadow and his students started forcing me towards the machine while Mindbender's assistants moved the newly created wolf away from it. I was then forced into the machine, the door sliding closed behind me. I felt a weird hear start to spread through my body, and I let out a silent scream. The heat became intense around my wounds and scars, but it was almost unbearable in my neck. My silent scream suddenly was not so silent, and then the pain magnified so much that all I felt was pain. Conciseness then slipped from my grasp…

I have no idea how long I've been out, but as I look myself over, I find that I am covered in fur, black as night. I have a silvery stripe running from, probably, my head to the tip if my tail. I have paws instead of hands and feet, and my hearing, sense of smell, and taste is much improved. My eyesight is… different. Yes, that's how to describe it. It is sharper, but some colors seem to stand out while others have faded into the background. I then here movement in front of me. I peer through the bars of my crate? 'When did I get put in a crate? Oh well, doesn't really matter.' So, I look through the bars of my crate and see the other, umm subject, in her own crate. I now see that she is white with a gold stripe running down her back, starting right between her eyes and ending at the tip of her tail.

She stirred and then blinked bleary eyes. She then groaned and asked, {Where am I?} she then attempted to stand.

{Careful, you've been turned into a wolf.} I warned her.

{Yeah, right.} She said.

{Look yourself over}

{Oh my goodness!}

{Don't worry, you're not the only one.} I said when I saw her panicked look.

She looked at me then, and gasped. {The other prisoner.} She stated simply. I nodded.

{Want to try to stand now, oh I don't know your name.} I said.

{Suzanne, you?}

{Don't laugh}

{I won't.}


{That's amazing! I rather like it. Oh, and I would like to try.}

It took me a second to remember what she wanted to try, but when I did I smiled. We struggled, but managed to stand. The door to the place we were in then opened. I growled and told her to try to hide. Imagine my shock when Duke and Scarlett walked in. I let out a happy yip and wagged my tail, Su looked on curiously.

"Hey big, uh boy. Yeah, hey boy." Duke said as he approached my crate. I heard Su growl at Shanna as Shanna approached Su's cage.

{Don't worry, they're good guys, they're part of my team!} I told Su happily. She instantly quieted. Duke opened the door to the crate and I walked out and licked his hand. Su came out of hers more quickly and ran to me. {Easy, it's okay. We'll be fine.} I comforted her.

I then started scratching at the soft sand in the barn to spell out my name and Su's.

"Oh, you've got to be joking!" Duke exclaimed.

Shanna got on her knees and looked into my eyes. We stared at each other for long, though new instincts told me to attack both Shanna and Duke then mate with Su. Finally, she whispered, "It's him."

Duke then said, "Alright, we need to get back to base. Come on, all of you, we have enough power in the snowmobiles to get a few miles from here, and then the others should have destroyed the machines. Let's go!" he said as he led the way back outside.

The humans jumped in the seats and Su and I jumped in the backs. I fell asleep soon after, recovering from the shock and pain of the day. I was jolted out of my nap by someone grabbing me by the scruff and hauling me off my perch. I yelped then snarled at my attacker.

"Yep, this is Snake all right!" I heard Beach say from behind me. I heard someone yelp and then a string of curses. "Gung Ho, if ya don't want ta get bit, grab 'er by the scruff, not the tail." Beach laughed at Gung Ho. I opened my mouth and did a wolf laugh.

~+Two months later+~

Su and I had just mated. We were now lying next to each other, cuddling. Suddenly I heard footsteps. {Someone's coming.} I said, alarmed.

"Hey, you two awake?" I heard mutt ask.

{It's Mutt and Roadblock.} Su said, sniffing. Then she added, {And Junkyard}.

I felt rage boil up inside me as I picked up Junkyard's scent. All my animal instincts were screaming at me that he came to steel my mate. When he stuck his head in our little hut, I growled at him.

"Whoa, did you hear that?" 'Block asked Mutt.

"Yeah, I'm thinking Junkyard is botherin' Snake for some reason. I'm gonna take him outta the pen, all right?" Mutt said then asked.

"Yeah, cool. I wander what's up with him."

"He has a girl, and Junk's not fixed." Mutt said. When 'Block still looked confused Mutt elaborated, "Snake thinks Junk wants to steel Su from 'im. So, he's protectin' his gal."

"Oh." Was all 'Block managed. Once Junk was locked out, 'Block said, "Snake, Su how 'bout you two come on out and I'll give ya some treats."

We came out and accepted treats from them, and when they left we went back to sleep.

~+63 days later+~

I was pacing outside the hut, as every time I went in Su snapped at me. After ten minutes, I heard the yelping of a new born pup. Then another. Then one more. I was ecstatic! I was a father! I cautiously stuck my head in. Su growled at me, so I crouched down and just kept my distance as I admired the pups. Our pups. I then backed out and went on patrol. I knew she needed food, so I started looking for something.

I saw Shanna come to the gate and put meat in the bowls. I ran back and wolfed it all down, she tried to stop me but I just growled at her. She gasped in surprise, and I felt bad, but I had other, more important, things on my mind. I finished then trotted to the den, umm hut. I crawled in on my belly and regurgitated most of the meat I had just eaten. Su looked at me, smiled, and licked my nose. She then ate the meat and laid back down to nurse the pups.

Two weeks later I was allowed to interact with the pups, another two weeks and every time I came back they forced me to give up my lunch to them. The first time Shanna saw them do this she nearly gagged. I laughed quietly, as did Su. We went on to have a few more litters before we decided to stop. We lived longer than average for wolves, and died peacefully on the same night.

~+The End+~