Chapter One

(The Tragedy of House Gryffindor)

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The wards of the manor shook from the effects of the caster who is intruding on the private grounds who is hidden well by the fidilus charm.

'He is here! Lily, take Hariel and go. I will hold him off.' Shaken and scrambling James Gryffindor head to the front entrance to defend from the intruder who is not welcome.

Lilian Gryffindor scramble up and dash to the secret entrance hidden in the kitchen which lead outside where she can escape and hopefully find shelter for her baby girl.

Quickly holding her wand in one hand and Hariel in another she stumbled through the passageway and was led to the exit.

After checking her surroundings are clear, she rush srraight through the forest to a clearing where she could apparate to a trusted friend dwelling.

Apparating to a clearing still holding her lighted wand and an awake Hariel who have awoken after the debacle and was trying to the touch the bright light emitting from the wand.

Lily shushed hariel when Hariel seems to be making noises while quicken her pace to the entrance of her friend dwelling.

'Knock knock' after knocking on the door, When one servant came out to check on the person, after witnessing her windswipe and unkept appearance.

'Is Lady Stark in? Tell her, her good friend Lilian of house Gryffindor is at her door, make haste for i have a urgent matter at hand.' Lilian was at this point frantic.

The servant quickly usher her inside after being show prove that she is who she is and led to a seat while a bulter came out bowing and serving tea while she waits for her friend.

Just as her friend Lyrra Stark came out with her husband:' Lily, what urgent matter prompt you here at late night?' While taking a seat opposite lilian in the reception room.

'Lyrra, apologies for troubling you but i need to make this explaination short. It seems the socerer has finally gotten our location and has attack the manor. James is holding him off but i do not how long he will last; i am heading back to help him after entrusting you this responsibility.' Lilian solemn short explaination.

'What responsibility? Has that have anything to do with Hariel who you holding? Lyrra concern for her friend.

'Yes it seems the prophecy has caught up to us, peter has betrayed us by giving the secret location. Can you take in Hariel? Raise her as you raise your children. I do not know any others who i can trust if you refused to take in Hariel.'

'Of course i will take in Hariel, She is such a sweet girl but it is unnessary for you to head back to Lord gryffindor, we can send backups to aid him.'

'No. I am already imposing on you with Hariel and i could not compromised Hariel location as it already is. Many thanks my friend, now i can ease that worry i have to hurry back before the enemy notices.' Swift as ever left the compound with one last look at Hariel in Lyrra arms.

Just then brandon and Ned came down as they had heard the guest leaving. Spotting Hariel in Lyrra arms; Brandon curious of the baby ask his mother of whom and why the baby is here.

Lyrra beckoned her two sons over and show them Hariel who is blinking up at them with her green eyes just like Lilian.

'Here is your new sister Hariel, i hope you will treat her well as Lyanna.'

With both boys nodding their assent, Lyrra send for a servant to set up a cot for Hariel besides Lyanna.

Five years Later

It has been five years since Hariel was adopted into the starks household and Hariel gain a new family with brothers and a slightly older sister by a few months.

Hariel has been told of her heritage just recently and she was slightly sad for she never got a chance to know of her birth parents both who have perished in that attack by a powerful dark socerer.

Thud thud thud the sound of running feet broke into hariel thoughts and with her diary taken away.

'Come On, Sister you brooding old lady, get out of the room and let's go explore.' Lyanna .sitting here all day will make you old. Ignoring the'i am not old',"Let's go. There is so much do, now that father is not at home. Finally we can ditch those dreary knitting classes and do something more to our skills.

Honestly, i do not know why woman could not learn swordfighting and stuff? Isn't it better if we could defend ourself? Not being a deadweight? Seriously no wonder those guys are so full of themselves. I don't see what is the use of knitting. How is it of any help than swordfighting and learning to be a maester...'

Hariel let her sister rant since out of the two of them, both know Lyanna is more hotheaded. 'I have dreamt of a flying horse.'which stop Lyanna rant. 'Huh? What did you just say?' Lyanna turn round to face her sister in all but blood. Hariel,'huh? Oh i just have a dream last night of a flying horse. A melody that is beautiful but so sad...'Hariel being downtrodden at that.

Lyanna amused:'oh that is impossible. No one has seen any flying creatures for ages. Probably you dreamt of them after reading those books of old.

Both sisters have arrived at the training field where their older brother are sparring. Brandon going on agressive style with his constant swipe using his wooden sword Ned defending with his own wooden training sword. Lyanna pull on her sister hand:'Come on we have our own training to do.'

After retrieving their wooden sword, both on their ready stance facing each other.

With Lyanna striking out first she aim towards Hariel neck with Hariel blocking and return back with a stab towards lyanna waist vital joints while blocking Lyanna sword with her hand. Lyanna scrambled to dislodge Hariel hand on her wooden sword by using her other hand towards Hariel unguarded side with Hariel twisting away and so her wooden sword is free.

'I will defeat you. I will grow stronger and defeat you.' Lyanna frustrated words rang out while panting. Not knowing that Hariel cheated with her magic a little and so everytime Lyanna just could not overcome the wall to defeat Hariel.

'Dreamself is sitting while playing a zither,'where did you hear that melody from ?' A stranger voice cut through her concentration of her playing. Hariel look up and saw a guy with silver long hair braided and tossed one shoulder with the light illuminating his features.

?Pardon?' Hariel confuse.'The melody that you are playing. Not many knows the melody for it is rumor that it is the last melody playing while the summerhall burn down.'

Then came another her dreamself saw a bunch of guys bullying a few kids. Hariel with her save people tendency stride forward towards those guys.

'Stop this instance. Why are bullying these kids? Don't you feel shame? A bunch of adults against three young kids?' She march towards them angrily.

'None of bussiness. Little Lady. Don't thrust yourself into bussiness that don't concern you." The one at the front leer at her.

At this Hariel saw red in her vision where those guys continue kicking and abusing those kids. She went forward and strike towards the leader who has his hands on one of the kid hair and she aim at his vital joint while twisting his hands and execute a back throw which will injured the guy their leader down those guys banded together and attack hariel while hariel use a bit of magic to aid her in her fight with the bunch of guys and attack their weak vital points and break their joints rendering them difficulties in walking.

Hariel after finishing off the guys turn around to face the kids, who look afraid of her and retreating backwards and suddenly one of the kids burst out in fear:' I am sorry for stealing from those guys. Please don't hurt us..we need that money to save our sick mother. Please understand.' We will never do it again.'

Hariel felt her heart touched:' Don't worry i would not harm you nor report you. It is not right to steal though, here!(taking a small pouch and give it to the kids) take this to hire a doctor to heal your mother. Next time avoid drunk guys for they have a tendency to be violent when they are drunk.'

Tragedy of Hou

se Gryffindor