Summary: When King Robert arranges for Daenerys to be killed, Ned does the unthinkable. "You know what will happen if I get caught?" Ned nodded. "We may both lose our heads."

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Senara waved as the boat she occupied was pushed away from the large rocks that edged around the Red Keep. Her young sister, Myrcella, waved back eagerly, but Senara's youngest brother, Tommen, barely managed to raise his hand in goodbye. He turned away from the sight of his sister leaving and buried his face into his mothers skirts. Senara was glad he was, at least, showing any emotion. Her eldest younger brother, Joffrey, just looked disinterested and bored from where he stood between their mother and father.

Senara's eyes found those of her Godfathers; Ned Stark, who stood with his two daughters, Arya and Sansa. Neither of the two were particularly happy that she was leaving; Senara was one of the few people in the South whom Arya considered a friend and Sansa had hoped to learn a lot from the princess Baratheon as she was to one day become one herself. Neither girls knew that their father was the reason Senara was going over seas.

"You do realize what you're asking of me."

Ned nodded solemnly. "I would not ask this of you if I didn't think you capable."

It had not been the conversation that Senara had been expecting when her Godfather had entered her chambers. She was expecting him to ask how her archery lessons were going or what new things she had learned from the books newly delivered to the Red Keep's library, but she could feel something off about him. She had gone North many times as a child and, to her fathers delight, found the Starks of Winterfell to be her second family. Her mother had not been as gleeful at the thought of her little stag being surrounded by wolves.

"What of Robb?" Senara asked, remembering her beloved. "How will he feel when you tell him his betrothed is going across the Narrow Sea? Never to return?" Ned tried to ignore the pang of regret in his heart when he thought of his son. He knew exactly how Robb would react, but there were bigger things at stake than one future marriage.

"He will understand." Ned said as he used his thumb to wipe away the tear going down her cheek. He went to drop his hand, but Senara used her own to keep his against her cheek. "He will not like it, but he will understand."

"Why me?" She asked. "Do you not trust your own men enough to give them a task that you would trust to a defenseless princess?"

"Serana..." Ned shook his head. "There are a lot of words that describe you, but defenseless would never be one of them. No," He removed his hand from her face and held hers. "I trust every man that I have brought from Winterfell, some more than others, but I need them all here to protect Sansa and Arya if something were ever to go wrong."

"There is one thing I don't understand." She confessed. "Why are you so concerned about what happens? And to her of all people."

Ned sighed. "That, Princess, is something you'll soon understand once you meet her." Senara stared at her Godfather, trying to figure out what was going on in his head. She was good at that; reading people. Better than her Uncle Tyrion or even Varys in her own opinion, but Ned's head was a mess, stewing in his own conflicted emotions; his loyalty to Robert fighting against his own moral code, his own happiness of his Goddaughter and son being married being pitted against the need he had to protect Daenerys Targaryen, an innocent girl who was threat to no one at the moment.

"You know what what will happen if I am caught?"

Ned nodded. "We may both lose our heads."

Looking away from her godfather, Senara's eyes found the light green eyes that her mother possessed. She couldn't help but feel guilt when she saw the smile on Cersei's face, but why wouldn't she be smiling? She had no idea her daughter was going where she was.

"Would you like to inform me as to why I was informed of your sudden departure from Lord Stark and not you?" Cersei questioned as she entered the open door of her daughters chambers. Senara looked to her handmaiden who was packing her things and gave her an expectant look. The handmaiden immediately nodded before taking her leave.

"Mother," Senara began, knowing what lie was going to tell. "I've already made sure that father was okay with my leaving. I was only to be gone a week or two, so I didn't think you'd notice my disappearance until I returned."

"And where exactly are you going?" Cersei demanded as she crossed her arms.

"Highgarden." Senara lied easily as she stepped to her mother. "My handmaiden, Meryah, she was raised by her grandmother who still resides there. She received a letter stating that her grandmother will most likely not last the week. I was going to take her to Highgarden so she wouldn't have to say her last goodbyes by raven." She took Cersei's hands. "And before you ask; no, I am not taking any guards because there is no need. The Tyrell's have always been a friend to the Baratheon's so I will be perfectly safe."

Cersei looked like she swallowed a lemon. The last thing she wanted was her daughter going to Highgarden alone, but she knew there was nothing she could do to stop it. Senara took after Cersei in many ways. The most obvious; stubbornness. "You will write me as soon as you get to Highgarden." Senara nodded.

"Of course, Mother."

Cersei was still under the impression that Senara was going to Highgarden and would be back before the next moon. She wouldn't be informed otherwise until she received the letter that would come in two weeks time, informing the royal family that Senara had never arrived Highgarden. A similar letter would be sent to Senara's betrothed, Robb Stark. She knew he would be devastated, but she refused to tell him the truth. The less he knew, the better.

As Senara's boat got further away and harder to see, many of the people who had come to see the princess off went back to their duties. Arya went off to find her dancing teacher while Sansa went to walk in the gardens with her handmaiden. Tommen and Myrcella went to play and Robert left the shore to, no doubt, drink until he passed out, but not Cersei. She stayed on the rocks, Jaime not too far away, watching her daughters boat as it disappeared over the horizon. That is where she stayed until the sun had set and Jaime decided it was time for them to go back inside the castle.

"She'll be back." Jaime reminded his sister as he escorted her inside.

"I know." Cersei replied quietly. "That doesn't make it easier."

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but sometimes the absence never ends

It had been ten days since Senara Baratheon had seen her family.

She had tried not to think of them while she was gone, but it proved easier said than done.

As she rode on her horse, across the sands of the Dothraki Sea, Senara could not help but think of Tommen and how he was probably still hiding under her bed whenever it was time for his lessons. He, much like Senara, had plenty of trouble when it came to reading.

Myrcella, on the other had, loved to read, but not as much as she liked being read to. Even at the age of ten Myrcella still found her way into Senara's bedchambers with her choice of book. Senara hated that she could never say no when Myrcella looked up at her with those large blue eyes, but she simply suffered through her reading troubles if it meant bringing a smile to her sisters face.

Senara had no doubt that her sisters face was not smiling now in Westeros, in fact, she assumed that it was doing the exact opposite.

It had been over a week since her parents had seen her off for her journey to Highgarden meaning that they had already gotten Lady Olenna's raven and were mourning her 'death'.

By now the entirety of the Seven Kingdoms had been made aware of Senara's supposed death. She had overheard two travelers talk about Prince Doran and Prince Oberyn's journey to Kings Landing to attend her sea side vigil. Senara had met Prince Doran only once, but she had been too young to even remember the encounter. She did, however, know that Martell's and Lannister's being in the same room wasn't the best idea due to the enemy status of both houses. Senara found it oddly satisfying that she had been the reason a decades long feud had been set aside- even if it was to mourn her death.

"We're here." Senara's guide informed her as their horses slowly trotted to a stop on the path. In front of them stood two very large bronze statues of stallions flanking the way into Vaes Dothrak. The city, however, was still a good quarter mile away and would require another half hour of riding.

"I've only seen pictures of these." Senara said as she gazed up at the statues. "I've always wanted to come see them when I was a little girl, but my mother wouldn't let me."

Her guide simply grunted before turning and riding off, having done his job of getting the princess to the city. Of course he didn't know she was a princess, but his payment was large enough to keep him from asking questions when he learned her name.

Starting forward, Senara couldn't help but take the time to think about the reason she had traveled across the Narrow Sea; Daenerys Targaryen.

She was only a few months older than Senara herself, although she doubted that it would seem that way. Senara had always looked older than she was, much like Robb or his bastard brother Jon Snow- both who were younger than ten and seven and the Targaryens had always had youthful looks.

Senara didn't know why she had agreed to ride all the way to Vaes Dothrak for the girl when she had so much going on in her life; her mother was finally giving her more freedom to leave the Red Keep, her father had gifted Senara a bow realizing that she was serious about her lessons and she and Robb were to be married in the Godswood of Winterfell by her next name day. Just as her life was beginning she had ended it simply because her Godfather asked it of her. He asked her to leave her life to protect a girl neither he or Senara had ever met to save her father from himself. The decision whether or not to accept was hard, although Senara knew that she would end up going...but that didn't mean it's what she had wanted.

Vaes Dothrak was a large place made up large huts, clay buildings and a very large marketplace where people were shouting, advertising their products and goods.

After dismounting her horse, Senara had given her horse to a boy with several others for safe keeping and promised him a bit of money before making her way through the market place.
Wearing the clothing she did, Senara stuck out like a sore thumb among the man and women with varying amount of skin shower, but no one spared her a second glance, although one or two of the merchants eyes lingered on the deer antler shaped necklace around her neck. Perhaps that hadn't been a wise clothing choice.

Finding Daenerys Targaryen wasn't the least bit hard.

With an apple she had taken from her own satchel bag, Senara tried to blend into the background of the market as she watched the comings and goings of the buyers and sellers. Using the small knife she had strapped to her inner thigh, she cut slice after slice of her apple until she found her target.

Her frizzed white hair was more than enough to identify her with, although her clothing was a bit surprising. While her Uncle Ned had told her that Daenerys had been marred to a Khal, seeing the Targaryen in their clothes covering her protruding belly and surrounded by a small group of Dothraki only made it real. Deciding it was best if she stayed back, Senara decided to observe before she approached.

"You will drink." Daenerys ordered as she gazed upon the wine seller.

Realizing he had no other choice, the merchant took the small cup from Jorah before raising it up to his own lip. His eyes flickering from Jorah to Daenerys to the cup again, he gulped before taking a breath. Raising the cup as if he were about to drink, the wine seller suddenly dropped it to the ground before grabbing the wine barrel and throwing it at Daenerys's Dothraki guards before making his escape.

Pushing past merchants and buyers alike, he honestly thought- just for a second- that he would escape the guards. It wasn't until an arrow lodged itself in his leg did he realize that the guards weren't the only people he was running from.

Falling down to the ground with a cry, the wine seller clutched his leg and rolled onto his back just as the Dothraki fighters caught up with him. Rakharo, Aggo and Rokarro were all confused by the sight of the arrow as it wasn't a weapon of the Dothraki. Who else would shoot the assassin they were chasing?

Their silent question was answered when a woman, only an inch or two shorter than Rakharo, with wavy dark brown hair that was pulled up by a band and light skin, approached with a bow in her hands. They were all still on guard as she got nearer, especially when Jorah caught up to them with the Khaleesi and her handmaidens trailing behind. Jorah took no notice of the woman and instead focused on the arrow in the wine sellers leg.

"Who did this?" He asked and Rakharo opened his mouth to answer, but the woman beat him to it.

"My name is Senara." She announced. "Senara Baratheon."

"King Robert still wants me dead." Daenerys said as she watched her would-be killer. He was still and quiet with the rope around his throat, waist and hands that tied him to the pole. When questioned, he had told them everything; King Robert Baratheon ordered Daenerys's death and a thousand gold dragons would go to the man or woman that did the deed. That only made Aggo hit him again.

"Yes." Jorah agreed. "But that doesn't explain the presence of her." He nodded across the room where Senara Baratheon sat tied to a chair with her eyes closed.
She hadn't put up much resistant when Jorah ordered she be tied down, but he was still wary of her.

"I don't understand it either." Daenerys shook her head. "Her father wants me dead. Why would she save me?" Jorah looked down at Daenerys before looking to the princess.

"Let's find out."

Jorah made his way across the room with Daenerys following after him and stopped in front of the princess Baratheon. She didn't open her eyes, but he knew she wasn't asleep.

"Princess Senara." He spoke and she raised an eyebrow without opening her eyes. "Why are you here?"

"I already told you." She reminded him. "I'm here to protect Daenerys Targaryen."

"Why?" Daenerys asked and Senara finally opened her eyes. "Your father has called for my death since before I was born. Why would you want to protect me?"

"Because I was asked to." Senara answered. "By the Hand of the King; Eddard Stark."

"Why would he want you to protect me?" Daenerys questioned and Senara sighed.

"To save my father from himself." She said. "He doesn't want you dead because he knows that would be wrong. You're simply a girl whose only crime is having white hair and the Targaryen name." Daenerys bristled at that.

"I'm older than you." She responded. "Who are you to call me a girl?" Senara sighed once more.

"Look," She snapped and Daenerys was surprised at her change in tone. "I came here as a favor to you and Lord Stark. I faked my dead, left the man that I love and abandoned my family and friends so that I could come here and help you, but I'll gladly leave if that's what you wish. I have no problem returning home to the life I left behind for you. So you have three choices as of now; release me and let me go home or kill me because everyone already thinks I'm dead."

"And my third option?" Daenerys asked.

"Untie me and let me do what I came here to do."

Daenerys stared at the brunette for, what seemed like, centuries before she waved Rakharo over. Knowing the choice she had man, Jorah immediately began to object.

"Khaleesi-" But she held up her hand. Jorah closed his mouth and wondered exactly how much Eddard Stark told the princess of Daenerys's situation or, more importantly, if the Spider had revealed the identity of his 'bird' to Lord Stark who in turn would have revealed it to Senara.

"Release her." Daenerys ordered Rakharo who nodded and did as he was told. Only a moment later, the now cut rope fell from Senara's wrists and she stood.

"Thank the Seven." She breathed. "To be honest, I thought you were about to kill me."

Drogo finally returned with his Bloodriders and most of the khalasar behind him and Senara didn't try to hide her gawking. He was a wild, savage way and, seeing him for the first time, he seemed even more intimidating than Ser Gregor Clegane.

When he entered, he seemed to only have eyes for his wife before he turned and approached the assassin strapped to the pole. Drogo held out his hand and a torch was passed to him causing- just about everyone- to tense, but at the last moment he stormed away and flung the torch into the large fire pit in the middle of the room before approaching Daenerys.

He took her by the face and spoke to her, but Senara had no idea what he was saying. She only knew a few words of Dothraki- courtesy of her Uncle Tyrion, but he seemed to be saying anything but those few words. He looked her over and Daenerys shook her head before he kissed her on it and then said something else. Daenerys answered back in perfect Dothraki and Senara actually understood a few words; they just happened to be her own name.

Drogo looked to her and it took everything she had for Senara not to flinch away. He said something to her, but, once again, she understood none of it.

"He says that he appreciates what you did for me." Daenerys translated, gaining a thankful look from the princess. "He says that you may choose any horse you'd like and it will be yours."

Daenerys, however, stopped translating when Drogo began yelling and stomping around the hut they were in. Whatever he was saying was getting his khalasar riled up and stunned Daenerys.

"What is he saying?" Senara pondered, looking to the violet eyed Khaleesi. She let out a breath before answering.

"He just promised to take the Seven Kingdoms for our son." She answered before looking to Senara. "Is that going to be a problem?" Senara gulped. Her fathers cousin's husband had just promised to take the Seven Kingdoms back and Senara was just supposed to stand there and protect Daenerys whilst it was happening. What the hell was she going to do? She made a promise to her Uncle Ned, but what of her family? What of sweet Tommen and beautiful Myrcella? What of her mother and uncles? What would happen to them.

"Ask me again later."