Chapter 1

(A/N: Special thanks to Invader Johnny for helping me outline the plot of this story over PM back in December 2015, when this story was originally supposed to come out, but couldn't due to personal problems and I instead wrote Of Course I'm Santa in three days. Anyways, please enjoy my 98th Fanfic finally arising from after a year in development "hell" and Happy Holidays!)

"Give me back my Poober!" the young girl pleads with the straw-colored teenager, who was busy strangling the creature with her square palms

"Ellie, shut your mouth!" a girl, standing five and a half feet tall with the build of a man, replies with a glare through her strained eyes, scaring the subjacent girl, "I've had enough of your bullcrap!"

"What's the big deal, Puckett?" the whiny pre-teenager yells her doubt, "All I did was talk about how big of an asshole you are to everyone when it's almost Christmas!"

"Kid, let me be clear!" the drawling girl asks for attention: "…I hate Christmas"

"Well, considering you had terrible parents… I'm not surprised" she rudely replies, sending the older, young adult into tears

"Ok…I've had enough of you!" the enraged and sentimental young lady yells and decapitates the stuffed animal

"No!" Ellie cries in a funeral voice, mourning the stuffed animal as if it was real, "What the hell is your problem?"

After a moment of awkward silence, the quiescent teenager replies: "Let me tell you how this works; you talk shit about what happened between my family on Christmas, and I'll make it a living hell for you…so much so that you'll regret Christmas for the rest of your goddamn life like I do! Do I make myself clear?"

"…Yes, ma'am" the scared pre-teen nods in false agreement before exiting through the front door and entering her mother's parked vehicle, a brand new white-painted mini-van

"…Oh, god" the distraught 17-year old monologues to herself: "What is wrong with me?" she asks herself and walks into her shared bedroom, bereft of her annoying roommate who was now buying Christmas decorations on her way back from a college prep class

"Come on, Samantha…" she tries to convince herself, "This is your last Christmas with Cat before she moves to college, so please try to enjoy it…just this once", before she dives into her bed for some shut-eye and time to collect her thoughts

~The Farber's Residence; December 23rd at 12:05 A.M~

"Knock, knock, knock!" the front door impatiently asks for attention, echoing its banging noise throughout the quiet rez-de-chaussée, harboring nothing except for a sobbing little girl in a bedroom connected by the passageway

"Poober…why? Why'd she take away Poober?" the mournful girl continues her sobs into the soft pillow

"Knock, knock, knock!" the banging intensifies

"It's probably just mom coming back from work" the lonely girl suggests before walking out into the passageway towards the front door, but is shocked after opening it:

There stood a monstrous beast: Tall, powerful, soundless, and hungry for the young souls. He had coal black fur covering his well-built posture and a pair of devil horns sticking out his deformed skull.

"Ms. Ellie Farber…I has't cometh to take thee wh're thee has't at each moment did belong" the demon introduces his rationale for this arrival and steps forward into the house

"…Who…the hell are you?" the quavering girl asks as she walks backward towards her weapon, the broom

"Mine own nameth is Krampus" he replies in an intimidating voice as he summons his rusted and lusterless chainsf from the blue, "Thee has't been v'ry naughty this year! And i'm taking thee to the depth of hell, wh're naughty children liketh thee has't at each moment did belong"

"No, I haven't been naughty at all! Please spare me!" the naughty girl begs for the sparing of her short-lived life

"Dram wench, thee liveth in nothing but delusions! He lists her grievances, "Wast not thee who tooketh an embarrassing video of Cat and post'd t on whatev'r the hell the int'rnet is 'r broken Kim's Fresno Doll?"

The guilty girl lies on the floor in floor, having figured out her fate, "Yes" she answers truthfully

"Any final w'rds?" he asks as he swings his chain towards the vulnerable preadolescent

"Yes, I do" she gets a second chance to save herself

"Beest careful of what thee sayeth because i can maketh these thy final w'rds" he warns her of possible death

"I know of this girl who has committed far worse sins than me" she replies her possible final words

"Who is't?" he asks as he plays around with his chain, curious about his next tourist into the underworld

"Her name's Samantha Puckett" she answers, hoping he'd chase her instead, "She bullied Mr. Freddie Benson for years, stole furniture from That's A Drag to help her friend mourn the loss of her favorite show, she abandoned me in the graveyard with a creepy guy. But, worst of all, she ripped my Poober!"

"Hmmm. . . i guesseth thee maketh a valid pointeth; i knoweth samantha puckett, the lady's the wench who hates christmas f'r 10 years" he nostalgically recalls of the Christmas hating girl.

"Why does she hate Christmas so much? Like what happened?" Ellie asks in an actually concerned manner

"I know not the reason. All i knoweth is I'll findeth h'r and take h'r wh're the lady belongs, hell!" he replies and storms off into the streets with a bag and chains

To be continued

(A/N: People have told me this is similar to the 2015 Krampus film, just want to clarify that I've NEVER seen that movie and that any similarities, besides Krampus of course, is purely co-incidental. Also, I'm so sorry this is my only story this year, but I needed a really long time to recover from personal issues in my life. Reviews are appreciated as always!)