The Final Chapter

She hugs Cat; the blonde drenches herself and the roommate in tears.

"I'm sorry!" Cat apologizes

"Why didn't you believe me?" Sam thumps her on the head.

"Ow! I'm sorry!" She rubs another yet wound on her head.

Sam releases from the hug and stares at Santa; she gives a blank, surprised expression. "Won't you say anything to me, Santa?"

Santa nods sideways. "For years, you were on the naughty list for insulting me. However, your bubbly friend convinced me to think otherwise"

"Thank you!" Sam hugs her roommate again, nearly crushing her concerningly-small body. "And, I'm sorry know, how I talked about you over the years"

"No problem" Santa forgives her. "Now, let's wait for Krampus to bring your friend, Ellie. Then, I can get you three home"

Sam and Cat's Apartment: Bedroom

The Following Morning

Sam and Cat wake up; they lie inside Cat's queen-sized bed. Normally, this wouldn't have occurred, yet the circumstances of long separation called for the occasion.

"Cat, you can stop hugging me now" Sam murmurs as she rubs her own heavy eyes. Cat lies behind her and hugs the blondie.

"I missed you"

"Cat, I'm not a hugger" she warns. "Let me go or I'll tear off your arms!"

Cat abides and gets up.

"Come on, let's open our presents" Sam rises from her bed.

"Shit" Cat facepalms herself. "I forgot to buy you a present"

Sam remembers something useful from elementary school math class. Curiously, she walks towards the living. "Really, I counted 2 presents under the Christmas tree"

The Living Room

Immediately After

Sam notices a 2nd gift under the Christmas tree; she reads the label. "Cat, this isn't from me...hold on, it says 'From Santa'"

"Ooooo" Cat makes some weird, curious noise. Sam immediately shreds the gift wrapping. Underneath it all, there's a framed photograph of Sam with her mom and dad. A sticky note on the frame reads: "Part of Christmas is cherishing your loved ones! So, here's a photo of them! Merry Christmas!"

"Awwww, Sam. That's so swee-"

Sam throws the framed photo into the trash can by the kitchen; Cat squeals and runs towards the kitchen.

"What are you doing, Sam!" Cat grabs Sam from behind. The dirty blonde girl is busy. She kneels down and smashes the photo frame with a hammer; it becomes more and more fragmented inside of the trash can.

"That asshole left us!" Sam smashes it more. "Santa wants me to preserve his memories or some bullshit. But, I'm done living in the past!"

Cat lets go and stares blankly. "So, what now? You just smashed your family photo"

Sam sheds a tear and embraces a confused Cat.

"I don't need a family or the memory of one to love Christmas. I have you" Sam sheds more tears. "Cat, you're like a family member now"

"Hold on" Cat scratches her head. "We're blood-related?"

"No, you idiot" Sam thumps her on the head, again.


"Agh, forget what I just said. Anyway, do you want to go Christmas shopping?" Sam grabs her motorcycle keys from the kitchen drawer. "You can buy me a gift"

Cat nods with a smile on her face.


(A/N: I hope you enjoyed one of my final fanfics before my possible retirement. I finish my bachelor's degree in May 2021, so I do plan to retire by then. I love writing fanfics, but after writing them for almost a decade, I want to move onto newfound opportunities in my personal life.

Thanks for the continued support through these tough and creative NINE years and Happy Holidays! I'm so happy to finish this fanfic after THREE years!)