Hi! Sorry it's been awhile, dissertation is in full swing and is fairly time consuming. Hope you enjoy this offering, it's a little fluffy I guess but we are gearing up for some more action soonish. Thank again to everyone who has read and reviewed. I appreciate comments telling me how to improve my writing, it has been ages since I've written anything that wasn't scientific, and G.C.S.E English is all but a distant memory. Anyway let me know what you think :)

With the afternoon sun gently warming them the pair stayed like that for a few moments, knees touching, hands clasped and foreheads pressed together, a brief period of peace before the madness began again. Tina drank in Newt's now familiar but still exotic scent, which helped to tether her as she attempted to process what had just happened. The sensation of a calloused thumb softly caressing her cheek broke her from her thoughts, she glanced up to meet Newt's green eyes gazing fondly at her.

"Hey you." she said quietly, almost afraid to break the calm that had descended around them. Newt flashed a smile that she was certain he reserved only for her, and leaned into kiss her tenderly, his warm hand cupping her face. He sighed as he broke away from her, planting a kiss on her forehead,

"Thank-you." he smiled at her, his earnest expression so sincere that it warmed her heart.

"Thank-you," he repeated, "I couldn't have done that without you."

He ducked his head in slight embarrassment before meeting her eyes once more.

"You saved me again." he murmured, a hint of blush rising in his cheeks, as he considered how consistently he had shown weakness in front of Tina in the short amount of time that he'd known her. Tina's brows creased in a slight frown noting his embarrassment, she had a pretty good idea where his thoughts were at.

"I just gave you a helping hand Newt, we're in this together, you and I." she smiled. Giving him a quick kiss on the cheek she began to rise, groaning slightly, her limbs were stiff from sitting down for so long.

"Come'on now, we'd better get a move on, still have a beast to catch after all." she said, offering a hand out to him. He nodded, deciding to push down the nagging self-doubt, and graciously accepted her proffered hand. Between them they managed to get him in an upright position, Newt's back popping as he unfurled to his full height. He swayed ever so slightly as dizziness assaulted him, the full extent of his magical exhaustion came crashing back all at once. Tina steadied him, worriedly observing how pale he'd become as a faint trembling began to wrack his thin frame. Newt closed his eyes briefly, taking deep calming breaths in an effort to stave off the dizziness and sense of nausea that had begun roiling in his gut. A few breaths later he felt that he had gained a modicum of control over his own body, and once he was certain he wasn't going to throw up, Newt open his eyes and offered Tina a weak smile.

"How are we doing?" she asked, one hand gripping his upper arm to keep him balanced, the other rubbing soothing circles on this back.

"I'm okay, that just took a lot more out of me than I'd like." Newt sighed, looping an arm around her waist and drawing her into a gentle hug. Tina reciprocated, supporting him as he summoned enough energy to make the journey back up to his hut.

"It's not your fault." she murmured in his ear.

"Creating a shield that powerful took a massive amount of strength and skill, plus you are still recovering..I'm proud of you." she gave him a squeeze, attempting to convey even a hint of how awe-inspiring she found him. His lips found hers once more and time seemed to skip as they both became lost in one another.

"I just..thank-you." Newt said again as he broke away from her.

"But you're right, we should head back..there is still a lot of work to do."

Tina nodded and hopped easily off the granite slab, before turning to assist Newt, who gingerly lowered himself down onto the soft grass. Slipping an arm around him to provide support, she felt her heart twinge at how familiar this was becoming. Together they set off across the flower-studded meadow, toward the shaded wood that stretched out before them.

Jacob let out a sigh, as he leaned against the wooden walls of the hut, he mopped his sweaty brow with a handkerchief, Queenie leaned beside him her cheeks pink with exertion.

"That was a good job well done." he said, taking her hand and bring it to his lips. Queenie giggled, keeping her hand interlinked with his, she looked out over the plains of the case to observe their handy work. Every creature was content, well fed and watered, which had been no small undertaking.

"I have no idea how Newt does this on his own." she responded, gesturing at the tranquil scene in front of them.

"Magic." Jacob deadpanned the pair made eye contact, both managing to keep a straight face for half a second, before cracking up in laughter.

"Talking of Newt, when do you reckon they'll be back?" he said wiping his eyes. Queenie hummed to herself pondering the question.

"I'm not sure, they've only been gone about an hour or so..and it seemed like it could take some time for him to create an area strong enough to hold the Mishipeshu." she informed him.

"Hm yeah true." he nudged her shoulder,

"Why don't we get started on a lunch for them, as you said it's a big task and I reckon Newt will be pretty worn out when they get back."

"You are just the sweetest." Queenie said, planting an unexpected kiss on his cheek. Jacob blushed and ducked his head, his hand coming up to touch where her lips had been.

"Well I do try." he quipped.

Queenie turned to make her way back into the hut, but Jacob caught her arm. She looked at him quizzically, his thoughts racing too much for her to get a clear handle on what he was thinking. He pulled her close and kissed her tenderly, she responded instantly deepening the embrace with passion. She had been waiting for this since nearly the moment they had met, from the instant she had read his mind Queenie knew that there was no one else quite like Jacob. It didn't matter that he was a no-maj, or that he wasn't 'classically' handsome, his mind was pure, earnest and above all joyous to be around.

When they broke apart they stared at each other, eyes darken by desired both panting slightly.

"Woah." Jacob gasped, unable to articulate anything else.

"Quite a kiss you've got there hun." Queenie smiled widely, before leaning in to take another taste.