Hey, so, since I'm absolutely insane, I went through and signed up for live five thousand challenges/boot camps… Maybe it will keep me both inspired/motivated enough not to disappear on you guys again?

So, for the If You Dare Challenge by berryandlisa, the prompt I'm using is "Betrayal."

For the Restricted Section Challenge by A Sirius Crush On Moony, the prompt was to write a romance story.

For the Story in a WordChallenge by TheSuperGirl, the prompt I've chosen is "desiderium- (n.) an ardent desire or longing, particularly for something once had and now missed; a feeling of grief or regret for the absence or loss of something or someone[latin]"

For the Emotion Challenge also by A Sirius Crush On Moony, I'm using the emotion of Jealousy.

For the Ten Times Ten Challenge by She who is made of stars, I'm using the prompt of Jealousy.

For the Choose-Your-Wand Challenge by Medicine Cat of the Opera, I'm filling the prompt for Ebony – Write about a Death Eater.

For the 200 Characters in 200 Days Challenge by Sable Supernova, I'm writing about Severus Snape (number 79)

For the "Stories of Colours" Challenge by Screaming Faeries. The colors I chose are emerald and chestnut.

*Note: I'm not entirely sure about the combination of some; I couldn't for sure find the rules of combining for some of the Challenges. If one of them aren't combination-friendly, I'll deal with it accordingly.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter,

A Flower and Her Emeralds

Laughter. Smiles. Happiness.

He closed his eyes tightly, avoiding the sight before him, not that it would've helped any. He knew exactly what it was, what it always was. They'd be sitting there, the girl with emerald eyes and the boy with dark hair, having the time of their lives. Not like there were students trying to study or anything. He'd entertained the thought of reporting the couple for being a distraction, but had ended up throwing it out. She was the perfect student; no teacher would criticize her (no matter who was with her).

He hated it. One mistake. One mistake was all that it had taken. One mistake had ripped her away from him forever. No, not even that. One word. Utter rage consumed him. Six years of friendship, of complete loyalty, complete devotion. All ruined by one little word. Eight letters. Eight. Shouldn't he be allowed some room for error? Apparently not.

And look where it'd gotten her now. All that effort he'd put into protecting was all for naught. Seemingly the moment that their connection had crumbled, she had run to the arrogant little brat. It was pathetic. The boy that she'd claimed to absolutely despise was now nearly always by her side. Sickening.

Her resolve had dissipated, but that didn't mean that his had done the same. She would see the truth. She would change her mind. She had to. It was only fair, after all. He hadn't had to take her under his wing to show her all that she could be. He hadn't had to stay by her side and do his best to shield her from any and all harm. He hadn't even had to be her friend. He'd just been that nice. So how does she return the favor? By leaving him over a simple accident and deciding to go to his enemy. If this was her idea of revenge…

He'd apologized, hadn't he? He'd told her that he was sorry – when he hadn't even had to do that much. She shouldn't be angry with him at all. After all, it had been her fault in the first place. She was the one that had completely overreacted. It was one word. Yet she had acted like it was enough to negate six years of nothing but genuine kindness. It was infuriating.

Eyes open once more, he glared as he watched the boy brush a strand of hair away from her emerald eyes. Those eyes belonged to him. Not that boy, never that boy. The emeralds weren't for him. He'd found them first. They weren't for anyone else. But then she smiled, saying something that he was too far away to hear. It was just as well. Whatever she had said wasn't important; this was all just a phase. The boy with the chestnut eyes would make his own mistake – only much worse than a single word – and she would realize how childishly she had behaved. She would come running back to her best friend. It was just a matter of time. Just a matter of time.

She would realize that it wasn't he that had made the mistake – that the fault was all hers. Then she would be the one apologizing and pleading for forgiveness. And, despite her selfishness, he wouldn't hesitate. He would show her just how much better he was. Because he was better. He was.


Then it happened. They were in a fight. He could hear them screaming at one another – not that they were being discreet. He couldn't hide his grin. Here it was, what he'd been waiting for since the start of the whole nightmare. The end.

But she never came. A few days later, she was back, sitting with the chestnut-eyed boy as though all was right with the world. As though she hadn't just committed a great injustice. What could have possessed her to forgive the arrogant one so quickly when she wouldn't even give him, the selfless one, a passing glance? Because everything he'd done throughout those six years had been for her. All for her. Never had he once thought of himself, instead making sure that she was happy and passing all of her classes. What more could she want? The other one hadn't done any of that. He'd been nothing but a nuisance, up until the fateful incident.

It wasn't her fault though, he realized. She was innocent in all of this. It was that boy. That boy with the chestnut eyes. He'd corrupted her. His precious flower with the beautiful emeralds. He'd taken her and ruined her. There was no other explanation. That was the only answer for the drastic change of heart. He had to fix it, had to save her.


He got his chance, years later. His chance to, finally, spare her of that boy. That awful, wretched boy who'd destroyed his emerald-eyed flower.

He'd given the message to his superior, with the plea that she wasn't to be harmed. That she would be spared. His superior, despite his lack of mercy, had agreed to idea. He had no use for the girl with the emerald eyes, only the kid.

He hadn't asked for the boy, the one with chestnut eyes, to be spared. It would be a pleasure for him to be gone. There was no need for him or the kid, just the girl. The girl was the only one that mattered.


Pure hatred. That was all that he felt. He could've sworn that the chestnut-eyed boy was laughing, wherever he'd ended up. His precious, precious emeralds. They had been horrendously marred, nearly beyond recognition. That awful boy had led to the ruin of their beauty. Instead of being framed by flames, they were now framed by ash. Nothing beautiful existed to accompany the beautiful gems any longer, which was just as well.

The girl's mistakes had, ultimately, led to her demise. The flower had wilted, and it was none but the flower's fault. He could see that now. Had she been more sensible, she would have been his. And had she been his, then she would still be alive. Gorgeous and pure. Instead, she had died, tainted.

Still, he couldn't manage to find fault with her. Perhaps something so clean, so perfect, was never meant to withstand the clutches of time. He could understand that much.

Word Count: 1,061

Hey, so I'm not sure how clearly the 'jealousy' part came out… but I'm always very critical of my writing so I don't know. If it doesn't qualify, let me know and I'll try it again sometime later (with a different story, of course).

The betrayal part, for the If You Dare Challenge, initially had me wanting to write about Remus after Sirius told Severus about the werewolf thing (well, that's pretty much how it went, anyway). Which I always try to not go with my first instinct on things. So, I thought about other approaches I could take, and this happened. Hope you guys all enjoyed this!