Hey, hey, hey. I haven't posted here since I don't know. I'm back with a new story. Gave it a status '' complete" cause I don't have time to write a new chapter, but I wil, I can post a chapter. Sorry for mistakes.

That day he got enough. That one particular day.

Everyone was literally mad. Even HIM. He was so pissed of that he called every private school in Europe. He was so pissed that he did the impossible. And unfortunately no one could said a bad thing about.

His main worker got on 25 floor to talk. It wasn't a typical talk. It was an angry one. Yeah, you read right. An angry one. Moseby was for once happy in that bad situation. He got enough. Today these 15 years old, blonde twins once again ruined his hotel. But this time they did the impossible. They totally ruined it. Moseby and the guests were very mad about ruining their rests and halls (because of a stupid Halloween party) that Mr. Tipton called. Called to inform that one of the twins will leave the hotel.

As he was going up in elevator, he was mad as shit. And of course happy to finally get rid of the little devils. He walked out of the elevator and madly (not even knocking) opened the door to their suit.

- Mr. Moseby, nice to see you – said Zack

- You – pointing at Zack – shut up

- Mr. Moseby, are you okey? – Carey asked worriedly

- Yes, everything is perfectly fine. Your stupid sons ruined my hotel. Mr. Tipton called and he wants them out of here. Especially one of them. Cody!

- What? Me? I'm not going anywhere – Cody shouted loudly. Carey and Zack were very worried

- Yes, you are. Mr. Tipton said that and you are definitely going. He found you a school in Europe.

- What?

- He found you a private school in London.

- No, I'm not going anywhere Mr. Moseby.

- Mr. Moseby, we can't afford a private school – said Carey

- Mr. Tipton is going to pay for that. He will do anything to have a peace in his hotel. Aha and one more thing. You can't go back after 21'st birthday.– said Moseby answering her

Carey and Zack couldn't say a word.

- Cody, you have one hour to pack your things. The ticket is waiting for you. See you in a lobby in hour. – As saying that, Moseby left their room, going back to his work.

Cody was so shocked and he almost started crying. – Mom, that can't be, happening. I don't want to leave. – Cody we don't want it to. But Moseby is going to kick us out if you don't pack right now. – Mom – said Cody in a teary voice – I know baby, I know. I can't do anything about that.

Cody went right after that to his room and packed his things. Zack was watching him in silence. He either couldn't believe that. Losing his brother for 6 years? He couldn't even live without him for 2 weeks. How he will deal with 6 years? He had no idea. When Cody packed, he went to his brother.

- Buddy, I'm going to miss you so much. – said Cody

- I know. We shouldn't have destroy this hotel lately – said Zack to Cody – I'm going to miss your smart shits about everything

- I'm going to miss playing video games with you

- I love you Cody

- I love you Zack – after that, they hugged. Cody said goodbye to his mom, and of course hugged her. Things are going to be different right now, but maybe it makes them stronger. And so he left.