AN: I was rewatching the series...I had skipped the SISTERs arc in my first round (I watched the Railgun series first)...The fight against accelerator in that was so...underwhelming...

Anyway, as with the original, the description of the first scene is from the Railgun series, not the Index series. If you haven't watched Railgun, I would strongly suggest that you at least watch the 17 episodes of season 2 of Railgun. Season 1 is mostly slice of life shit. The SISTERs arc is so...OMFG brilliant in that. Much better than the same arc in Index

Chapter 1

August 21st, 8:50 pm

One of the City Storage Depots

"Shit!" Mikoto thought as the coin once again slipped through her fingers at a crucial juncture.

She could only watch in deepening horror as the half-crazed Accelerator flew towards Touma, seemingly intent on destroying him as he had so many of her sisters.

Her horror turned to shock when Touma's hand hit Accelerator's, with the latter's fingers bending at an angle it should never achieve with a sickening crunch.

"He is able to touch him...HOW IS HE ABLE TO TOUCH HIM!?" she thought incredulously, mouth wide open at the seemingly impossible phenomenon taking place in front of her.

"Why...why can't I break this guy?" Accelerator thought, eyes wide as he watched the boy's right fist heading for his nose, the same right fist with which he had already punched him with once before, the same fist that had broken his fingers moments ago.

As the world grew dark around the edges, his last thought was, "Just what on earth am I doing?"

A Laboratory a few miles away, same time

An old man with a deceptively mild demeanor watched as the impossible took place, a deep frown marring his features

"I will have to adjust my theories bothersome..." He thought as Accelerator flew backwards on the screen in front of him. "Very interesting though..."

His eyes went to another screen, one showing the face of one of his most uncooperative test subjects, one who had caused the project to run into costs much higher than predicted thanks to her incessant meddling, a witness and catalyst to the failure of what was one of the most promising avenues of research into just how far an esper's power could be pushed.

His scowl deepened, and on the spur of the moment, he made a decision, a decision not based on logic or rationality, but based on the fact that he was extremely irritated at the moment with Misaka Mikoto. That it would probably help push the limits of what could be achieved through scientific reasoning was, for once, not the primary motivation for his decision.

He picked up the receiver of a phone with a hard-wired optical connection to the person he intended to call, such connections still the most secure in his world, something not even the precocious Railgun could intercept unless she had direct access to a terminal connected to the same network.

The call was picked up on the first ring, something which he found mildly surprising given just how many things the Director was doing at any given time.

He hadn't ever met the Director in person, but even then, the person gave of an aura of danger even through his voice, a deceptively mild voice that came from a person capable of creating a place where it was possible to perform experiments without having to think about pesky, pervasive concepts like ethics.

"What is it?" came the voice on the other end.

"The research pertaining to the achievement of level 6 has hit an… interesting and inconvenient snag. I am sure you are aware of the events unfolding."

"Your point?"

"The girl has gone a step too far in her endeavor to halt the evolution of the primary subject. As you are aware, even though she is the tertiary subject, the probability of her evolving is extremely small compared to both the primary and secondary subjects. She needs to be contained or eliminated. While there is no sign of the boy's previous involvement, His ability to land blows on the Accelerator is unusual. I request your permission therefore to acquire both for the research on the UNIFICATION project."

A short silence followed the request, before the Director replied.

"While I agree that the interference is now more than just an annoyance and needs to be addressed quickly, what is your reasoning for asking the girl be acquired for the UNIFICATION project?"

"The girl is stable, far more so then either Accelerator or Dark Matter. Dr. Trivedi refused to use either of them as subjects, claiming that mental stability is a must for her research. While we never entertained the possibility before because of her vanishingly small potential for achieving Level 6, she is still a prodigy, and should be an acceptable subject for Dr. Trivedi." the old man said. Gathering his courage, he added, "I would also request that I be moved onto the UNIFICATION project while the calculations for the Level 6 shift project are redone." He also noted that the Director hadn't asked about the boy, and thus kept his observations about his potential to himself.

There was a short pause over the line, before the Director replied.

"Stick to the level 6 project. Your view has its merits, I hadn't thought of the possibility of the girl being a viable candidate, though I am sure that is not the main reason for your request. Another team with more knowledge and experience in that line of thought will be assigned to this project. The boy cannot be used for…. Other reasons which are above your security clearance. The only thing I can say is that he is under their protection, and has a unique position in that world"

"As you command." He acknowledged, swallowing his curiosity about the boy after the mention of the other side

"Very good."

There was a click as the call cut off, and the man turned back to the bank of screens in front of him, focusing upon the one showing Misaka Mikoto.

"While it was initially out of irritation, the thought still has merit. She should prove useful to Dr. Trivedi. I wish she would tell us how she thinks she can achieve what we have been struggling to do for almost two decades now..." the man thought as he contemplated his next move.

"Well, on the bright side, even though I am not directly involved, the avenue that Dr. Trivedi intends to pursue has its merits despite the high costs..." he thought, a smile back on his face.

"I hope you enjoy your reassignment, Railgun." He thought, a his smile gaining a feral quality.

August 24th, 8:30 am

Tokiwadai Girl's Dormitory

The sunlight poked through a gap in the curtains to fall upon the face of a sleeping Misaka Mikoto, causing her to groan slightly and stir, attempting to move away from the offending radiation disturbing her sleep.

However, this task was proving to be difficult given that somebody's arms were around her.

"Onee-Sama, Stop moving around so much, I am trying to sleep here..." Kuroko mumbled.

Eyes still closed, Mikoto complied with her request. She didn't really want to disturb Kuroko...

Misaka's eyes flew open as she fully registered Kuroko's presence on her bed.

Roughly pushing Kuroko away from her and off the bed, she shouted, "KUROKO! What have I told you about sneaking into my bed at night?!"

"Onee-sama, stop being so loud and rude this early in the morning." Kuroko said as she picked herself up from the floor, yawning and completely ignoring Mikoto's question.

"You...You..." Mikoto sputtered incoherently, sparks escaping from her bangs as they were wont to do when she was close to losing control.

"Deeeeeep breaths Mikoto-chan! Deep breaths! It's a bad thing to char Kuroko to a crisp! She is my closest friend and confidant, caaaalm down." Mikoto thought to herself, eyes closed as she attempted to calm herself down.

"What does that say about you that your closest friend is also you creepiest stalker?" A treacherous part of her mind countered.

"Shut up!" She thought, pushing the thought away.

"Besides, how do you expect me to control myself when you are lying next to me, so sweet and innocent..." Kuroko said as she pulled Mikoto into an unwelcome hug, and then attempted to grope her once more.

"KUROKO!" Misaka shouted, losing the battle with her temper

A few seconds later, Mikoto stretched out, ignoring the slightly smoking body on the floor with the ease of practice and started going through her morning routines.

Her thoughts wandered to the events of the past three days, and she felt her mood lift, a huge grin breaking across her face.

"It's finally over!"she thought, bouncing slightly. "I… I mean we stopped it!" hugging herself, squealing slightly.

"Speaking of which, I have to give Touma those cookies"

Blushing slightly, she changed into her uniform and skipped out, intending to visit a certain unfortunate one and thank him again for what he did for her.

"He never even asked for anything in return…..though I feel I should be irritated that he just butted in without asking…" she thought as she put on her uniform, ready to take on the world.

Said unfortunate one was hobbling out of his room to get himself discharged.

"They might just as well put up my name on that room permanently. I come here often enough as it is. Fukou da!" He thought as he hobbled along

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, just get out of my sight before I separate you into your constituent parts." I voice shouted from the room he was passing by.

"I know that voice..." Touma thought, pausing just as the door open to reveal a terrified doctor fleeing the room. In his haste, he forgot to close the door, revealing a familiar visage.

Ignoring the voice in his head telling him that this was a bad idea, he walked into the room.

Accelerator was lying on the bed, glaring at the ceiling, a cast on his hand, immobilizing his fingers..

"How on earth did you end up here? I expected you to be treated in some specialized facility..." Touma said.

Accelerator turned to look at just who had the balls to disturb him, and his blood pressure shot through the roof, causing a few veins to pop out on his face.

Touma gulped, hands in the air, motioning desperately. "Calm down! I just wanted to ask you some questions! I come in Peace!" He said.

Instead, Accelerator's good hand shot out, clamping on to Touma's right.

There was the sound of breaking glass, and nothing happened.

Accelerator's eyes narrowed, and he fell back upon the bed, releasing Touma's hand.

"You don't have much of a grip..." Touma muttered.

Accelerator turned to glare at him again. "What did you want to ask?" He gritted out.

"Ummm..." Touma stammered, not expecting to get this far.

"Out with it!" Accelerator exclaimed, nearing the end of his tether.

"Why did you do it?" Touma blurted out.


"Why did you participate in something as horrible as the SISTERS project. Why were you so desperate to get to level 6?" Touma clarified.

Accelerator's face darkened, and turned to face the ceiling. Silence reined for a few seconds.

Just as Touma was about to prompt him into replying, Accelerator took a deep breath and said, "I thought of them as expensive, wind up dolls."

"Huh?!" Touma exclaimed in disbelief. "How can you even think that!?"

"It was very easy. They certainly didn't take any effort to convince me otherwise. They were all like, 'Why are you asking such questions, it's not relevant to the experiment. Please continue killing us'" he said, his voice taking up a sarcastic and bitter tone towards the end.

Silence reined for a few moments as Touma parsed Accelerator's admission.

Accelerator turned to face Touma, curiosity writ upon his face. "What is your power?" He asked.

"Huh?" Touma said oh-so-eloquently, breaking out of his thoughts.

Accelerator grit his teeth. Honestly, why were people so damn slow?! "I asked, what is your power?"

"Ehehehe...I am just your everyday level 0, nothing special about me..." Touma replied nervously.

"Bullshit!" Accelerator barked. "You are the first and only person to have even touched me. I answered your question truthfully, you had better give me a proper answer." he said.

Touma sighed. "My right hand negates all supernatural powers." He said.

Accelerator stared at him, face an unreadable mask. "You can negate all powers with your right hand." He said in a deadpan tone.

Touma nodded.

"That is the single most terrifying power I can imagine a person having." Accelerator said as he turned to face the ceiling again.

Touma gaped at him for a few seconds.

"If that was all, get out of my room." Accelerator said, still staring at the ceiling, an unreadable expression on his face.

Touma got up and sighed. "Well, if you ever need anything, don't hesitate to contact me," he said.

Accelerator once again turned to gape at Touma.

"Why on earth would you even want to help me in any way after what I have done?" Accelerator asked, bewildered.

"You clearly never understood just how...human the sister's were. I doubt you would gone through with the experiment if you were aware of that. " Touma said.

"And just how did you come to that conclusion?" Accelerator asked, disbelief lacing his tone.

Touma shrugged. "I don't know. I still hate the fact that you killed so many of them. But perpetuating hate serves no real purpose. The only thing to be done is to give you the opportunity to atone for what you have done. " He said.

Accelerator stared at him for a couple of seconds, and then snorted. "You are the most incredibly naive person that I have ever met." he said, turning to lie on the bed face up, eyes closed. "Now get out before I pulverize you." he said.

"Sure. Get well soon." Touma said as he left the room, leaving a contemplative Accelerator behind.

"The power to negate all...That is just bullshit. How can he even think of himself as a level 0 with a power like that!" Accelerator thought as the Touma shut the room's door.

As he hobbled on with his crutches, he noticed Misaka punching the air, having an intense argument with herself.

Catching the last few words, he asks "Pay for what?"

This caused her to freeze, hands in the air. She then she turned around and stammer-shouted "What are you doing out here?!"


"Aren't you supposed to be in the hospital?"

"Well…. Hospital stays aren't exactly cheap." he said "And I have a bottomless pit for a room-mate that gets angrier with each day that passes." he muttered, causing Misaka to look at him with a confused look on her face.

"So, what are you doing out here?" Touma asked.


"Were you coming to visit me again by any chance? Yeah right! Like that would happen." Touma said, scoffing.

"I WAS NOT!" She vehemently denied.

"You don't need to deny it so hard you know" Touma says, slightly put out by the vehement denial.

Misaka looked down, mumbling something incoherently.

Moving closer as he tries to hear, he catches the last bit "Aree-g…"

"Aree?" *

Looking at spot she was staring at, he notices a small colony of ants moving about "ah, so you are doing some independent project huh? Sorry to interrupt then! I will see you later then, BiriBiri!" and continued on his way.

Suddenly, from behind, Misaka exclaims "Misaka Mikoto!"


"That's my name you know! Not BiriBiri! You always call me that! Call me by my name!"

Giving a slight smile he said "See you later then, Misaka!" "I wonder what that was about…" Touma thought Completely oblivious to the embarrassment and thoughts of the girl behind him….

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