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Chapter seven: Come home with me?

Mrs Figg was by no means an unpleasant woman but after several weeks of living with her after pleading not to go back to his family, he wanted to get away from her too. He could only take so much cake and browsing through her dead cat pictures.

"Of course," she assured him, "they weren't dead when I got them."

Which Harry had known, naturally. But she insisted on telling him even the littlest things she could remember about her cats, as they spent a considerate amount of time doing this. He didn't care if one of them was spotty or stripy, or even looked like it had a moustache, he wanted the cat talk to stop.

And it was on the third week there – almost thirty days, he'd cried – that there was a knock on the door and Harry was terrified it was his uncle Vernon coming back to claim him for some ungodly reason.

When Mrs Figg waddled back in, he was surprised to see a young man trailing behind her. He was tall, but not too tall and he wore boots that made his pants look holier than the Bible. He looked ragged but his attitude drowned out those thoughts and he offered Harry a grin, shaking his hand without asking first. He didn't know whether to think this man rude or not.

"This is Sirius Black, Harry, a friend of your father's." Mrs Figg had said this in a kindly tone, offering the man a drink before quickly turning away.

"Parents," the man corrected.

Harry stood up, not even reaching his stomach and eyed him warily. "You knew my parents?"

Sirius smiled and sat down, crossing his legs. He looked deep in thought, serene actually. "Yes. We were the best of friends, James and I, Remus too."

He flushed when mentioning the second man but Harry didn't ask why. Instead he questioned why he was here. A fresh cup of juice was shoved into his hand as Mrs Figg returned, a stumble in her step.

"After a custody battle with the Ministry, I finally managed to get to adopt you!" A wry grin. "This is going to be awesome!"

Even Mrs Figg spluttered at this but then she relaxed her shoulders, his reasons were hopefully justified. She couldn't imagine Albus letting this happen if he knew things would go wrong. She stared on as the younger boy seemed to mull this over before looking up and nodding.

"So it's settled then!" The grin never left Sirius' face after that and Harry couldn't help but join in too. Harry had packed what he had with him and the two were well on their way to a magical place that only filled his wildest dreams. Waving a hearty goodbye to his last carer, he didn't look back from there.

Even as Harry's memories came back to him piece by piece, he was often confused. For a long time he had forgotten about these things, even the smallest of them. He compared them to the things that his friends told him about growing up. The difference was pretty much shocking.

Theodore was sat next to him, mumbling about how Christmas was rolling round the corner – even though it's still September, Harry reminded him – and how he would be sent home to attend many balls.

"What's so bad about that?" Harry asked, picturing people dancing.

"The guests!" Theo complained. "They're cocky and walk like peacocks and treat me like I'm a child! Harry, hold me!"

He'd just managed to shift in his seat before Theodore had collapsed on him. He grumbled but made no effort to hold him, making himself more comfortable. "Theodore, I'm sure it's not that bad."


Harry felt the vibrations of his friend talking into his shirt and squirmed. "Your breath is so hot."

"That's not the only thing that's hot."


Theo sat up, "Nothing!"

They shared a look before staring off in other directions, both in deep thought. Nothing was said for a while before the topic of Christmas was brought up again.

"What're you doing for Christmas?" He leaned into Harry, resting his feet on the arm rest.

"Staying here."

"All alone?"

"Guess so."

They were silent again and Theo felt his mind racing with ideas. What if Harry came home to stop his boredom at the Christmas balls? Or what if he persuaded his parents to stay at Hogwarts? The second option, though friendlier to everyone, didn't seem plausible.

"Will you come home with me?"

Harry stared at him, simply raising an eyebrow in question.

"For Christmas, t-that is."


"You will?!"

Theodore sat up in excitement, it rolled off him in waves and Harry felt a pull of magical energy as his friend whizzed out of the common room and into the dorms. He'd shouted that he was going to owl his parents.

Harry found himself chuckling, before his eyes closed and he drifted off.