Hi guys! It's Annie. This story is the sequel to When He Cheats, and you kinda have to have read that to understand this story. To the readers who have, recap- Clary is an angel, Jace kissed her. Yep. That's pretty much it.

Jace's POV

My Clary is an angel. Literally. Wings and all. I'm having a bit of a hard time processing it. Izzy, Bianca, and Alexa push through the crowd staring at her. The boys follow close behind. Everyone is kind of freaking out about, and I don't blame them.

Glowing wings, longer hair, different eye color, changed dress. It has all changed now. Oh, God, I think as I realize I kissed an angel. Refocusing on Clary, I see movement. She cocks her head to the side as if hearing something, then smiles.

"I'm coming, Ithuriel." she whispers, so soft I almost miss it. Ithuriel? The angel that we found in the basement of the Wayland manor? I am snapped out of my thoughts when Clary's wings flap. She takes off and flies straight through the ceiling, like it's not even there, leaving no sign of her presence. Except for the gaping hole in the roof, of course. Can't forget about that.

Clary's POV

As everyone was staring at me, I knew I should be totally freaked out. But I'm completely calm. I hear a voice in my head, and recognize it as Ithuriel's voice. I've missed him. He has been connected to me, since my extra angel blood is his. Ithuriel is asking me to fly straight up, and telling me that there is a passage to the Angel's Court right above me that only angels can get through.

"I'm coming, Ithuriel." I murmur under my breath. Slowly at first, then faster, I flap my wings. In a moment, my feet leave the ground and I blast through the ceiling. Not even surprised- I'm an angel with wings, and people expect me to be surprised by super strength- I keep flying up, until I feel myself passing through a layer of air that seems thicker than the rest. When I am through, I find myself in the Angel's Court. There are several thrones that I imagine usually are sat in by angels, but are empty now. Only one is filled, with an angel I immediately recognize as Ithuriel. I fly to him, and hover in front of him instinctively.

"How are you alive? Why am I an angel?" I ask, confused out of my head.

"I'm alive because angels take a lot to die. My physical form on Earth was killed, which means I can only appear in the Angel's Court. You are an angel because it was time. You are the savior of the Nephilim and the mundanes."

My wings stop flapping in shock, and I drop hard. I only remember to start again after about fifteen feet. Pumping my wings until I can rise up to him again, I hear him continue to talk.

"You are the angel of peace and creativity, because that is what it will take to save the world." Now I was getting a little excited about this whole thing. Yes, I had a bunch of responsibility just dumped on my head, but remember I was an angel now, and I was still a little giddy.

"Do I have any special powers?" I ask curiously.

Ithuriel nods. "To the best of my knowledge, your current powers are telekinesis, clearly flying, and you are able to control all of the elements to an advanced degree. That is the normal starting power of all angels, although they usually start with very low levels of power when it comes to the elements. These elements consist of wind, fire, earth, water, and sky. As you grow as an angel, you will gain more powers, that are more personalized to you. Ideally, you will stay here for some time to develop your powers. Okay?" he says. I blink, my mind reeling with everything I have just learned. Finally, my brain takes in what he said.

"Um, yeah. Okay."

He nods energetically, and the next thing I know I am filled to the tips of my wings with bursting power. Feeling the need to let it out somehow, I swirl my finger in a spiral, and fire bursts, flaming against the Angel's Court. I swing my other arm around, and it stops moving somehow. The first hand rolls at the wrist, my bones cracking, and water puts out the flames. Then both hands whirl like I am a conductor of a symphony of the elements, and a true symphony erupts. No sound, but beautiful. With a finger pointing here, and my arm circling there, I have created something.

Fire appears, hovers via my telekinesis, and is fanned by wind. Then water appears, dousing the flame and moving around in great spirals, white foam appearing at the tips of my waves. All of a sudden I dissipate the water, and instead I make a dirt clod appear in the air. A tree quickly grows out of it, and the sun begins to shine. Clouds flit across the sky, and I fly into the tree, sitting on one of the gnarly branches. I've demonstrated all of my powers now, through this hidden well of power that I never knew existed. Slowly, I let the tree wither into nothing, dissolve the dirt and let the sky go back to normal. I flit down to the foot of Ithuriel's throne, and he looks pleased.

All of a sudden the power drains out of me, and I stumble. Ithuriel seems very happy with how I reacted, and he speaks to me, explaining the reasons for what I've done.

"I have just filled you with power. We do this with all of our new angels, and it shows essentially what you have the potential to learn to do within the six month training period. Your reaction when I take the power back shows how much inner power of your own you already have. No angel has ever shown no reaction, so a stumble was incredibly good. There is always a limit to how full your power reserves can become, and your power before training is the bottom of the meter. You could become incredibly powerful, Clarissa." he says, and I gape.

"It's just Clary. You mean I could feel like that 24/7?" I say, brain whirring. Ithuriel nods.

"You shall need a special angel name. You will still be called Clary or Clarissa most of the time, but in case of urgent situations, all angels have special names. What will yours be?" I think for a minute, then nod decisively. I have the perfect name.

"My angel name will be Mylansy, pronounced my-laan-zy." Ithuriel's eyes twinkle with approval. Suddenly I hear a voice in my head. CLARY! How could you just leave? You might be an angel, but that doesn't change that I'm your parabatai and I deserve to know where you are! It is Alexa, and Ithuriel notices my hesitation.

"You can answer your parabatai now, and tell them where you are, but after that you won't be able to contact them until after training. Your connection will not be terminated, but it will be temporarily blocked." I nod, and speak silently to Alexa. Lexi, I'm fine. I'm in the Angel's Court with Ithuriel. I will be training here for six months, during which our connection and telepathy will be temporarily blocked. I can't talk to you any longer. I'll come down to Earth in six months. Tell everyone not to worry, I will be watching over them from up here. Her response comes almost immediately. Um, okay, I guess. I'll tell everyone, but I don't think they will be happy… her voice trails off. Just try your best to convince them. I send back with a reassuring tone.

When I look up at the great angel before me, he apparently takes that as a sign that our conversation is finished, and suddenly I can't feel our connection. "Let's go to work!" he declares, and I nod with excitement.

Three months later…

Ithuriel has been training me hard for three months. I've met some other angels already, and it is incredible how amazing they are. Every day once I get finished with training, I went back to my room. It is just like my room in the Institute, down to the painting on the ceiling. I would look out the window and find all of the other Shadowhunters, watching over them like I said I would. I can't find them in the Institute, so I let my eyes scan the whole city of Miami. Did I forget to mention that although all angels have great eyesight, one of my unique powers that has developed is supervision? Basically, I can see anything, anywhere as long as it is in the same dimension as I am.

When I finally find them, I gasp. They are in a hard fight with three Greater Demons. I've never seen that many in one place before! Mom isn't fighting, she is holding Coraline and trying to protect my little girl. Luke is watching her back, but as I gaze on them I see him fall to the ground. Jace, Alexa and Izzy are each fighting one of the demons, and Alec is behind them shooting arrows at all of them. They are making a valiant effort, but they don't have a chance. They're fighting a losing battle, and I can't have them dying! So I shoot out of the window using my newly developed superspeed.

But even with superspeed, by the time I got down Alec and Alexa had been taken down with well-aimed blows and although Isabelle was standing, she was bleeding heavily from a wound on her side. Jace was the only one still in fighting condition, and he was attempting to fight off all three at once.

"Oh, hell to the no. No one attempts to murder the Shadowhunters and gets away with it." I call out loudly. The demons see me and turn. I immediately shoot fire from my palm and incinerate one of them. To take care of the next one, I use the element of earth and create a pit all the way to the Earth's fiery core under it. As soon as it falls in, I close the pit, trapping it at the lava in the center of this planet until it is dead. For the last one, I snatch a seraph blade from Jace while flashing him a cocky smile. With my superspeed, I run up and jam it into the demon's ribs. It falls and dies almost immediately. Placing my foot on its body before it disintegrates, I use it as leverage to pull out the seraph blade. Wiping it off, I hand the blade back to Jace, my cocky smile becoming more warm.

Before we can exchange words, I drop down beside Alexa, who is injured the most. I'm not sure what exactly I am doing, but I place my hands on her and force some of the power inside me out through my hands. My hands glow with a white light, and when I pull them away her wounds are completely healed and she is sitting up. All of a sudden, I feel a scathing pain in my brain.

"Damn." I mutter. Whenever I develop a new power, after my first time using it, I get a crazy migraine that makes me want to take apart my skull and remove whatever hurts so much. Strangely, it only goes away when I use the power again. So even through my screeching the pain at the top of my lungs, I force myself over to Luke and shove the power out. Immediately the pain dissolves, and I sigh with relief, watching his wounds knit underneath my hands. As soon as he is healed, I move to Isabelle, and after her I check my mom and Coral. They both have a few scrapes, bruises, and scratches which I quickly take care of, but other than that they are fine. Finally I get to Jace, and although he doesn't have any physical injuries, he is so tired that I still give him some of my power. He needs strength.

Everyone gathers and stares at me. "It's nice to see you. Been a while." They are still silent, and finally Alec speaks.

"I'm sorry, who are you?" I stare at him in disbelief.

"Wait, no one recognizes me?" I question. I knew I looked different, but not that different. Everyone shakes their heads and I laugh for a second. "Then I had better re-introduce myself. My name is Clarissa Adele Fairchild/Morgenstern, and although I look different, I didn't know it was that dramatic." They gape for a second, then Alexa speaks.

"Clary?" she asks tentatively. I smile and nod. "CLARY!" she shrieks. "How did you know we needed help? Where have you been for the past three months?"

"I've been in the Angel's Court, training. I knew you needed help because I told you I was going to watch over you guys. I have supervision, I can see anything and everything in the same dimension as me. But… I'm sorry, but I have three more months of training. I need to leave, go back. I only left because you guys were in trouble. I'm sorry!" I wince, not wanting to leave.

"It's okay… But you will come back, right?" Izzy asks.

"Of course! You guys will have me back a bit more permanently in three months. Now I have to go." We all exchange farewells, and I pump my wings, flying through the passage into the Court with superspeed. I fly through my window and find Ithuriel standing at my door. I bite my lip, looking down.

"Um, I'm sorry?" I try. "They would have been killed by those demons. Three Greater Demons in one place was unfair. They had no way to survive." I am very worried because for all I know, he could take back my powers and wings. When I glance up, he is… smiling?

"You acted correctly, Clary. An instant protective instinct is necessary for an angel. You can still watch over them, but only help them if they are in dire peril. You will know if they will survive or not." I sigh with relief.

"Thank you so much, Ithuriel!" I gush. He just nods and leaves my room. I shut my door and flop back on my bed, much like when Jace and the gang arrived at the Institute after him cheating on me. Just like then, I study the painting. The waves look like they are moving, the seagulls flying. The dolphins start to leap, diving into the crashing waves gracefully. The "Forever" boat actually moves. I see the image of Alexa and I on it start laughing silently at each other, tucking hair behind ears as the wind buffets it. Then out of the cabin of the boat comes Izzy. Following her is everyone I love and care for. Mom boosts Coraline up on her hip and talks to Luke at the same time. Izzy joins Alexa and I, and we wrap arms around each other's shoulders. The soothing picture calms me down. I hear Ithuriel's voice in my head, explaining that this is not a new power, this is just me infusing things that are not living with power. It only happens when I am feeling strong emotion.

As soon as he is out of my head, I close my eyes and fall asleep. When I finally wake in the middle of the night, the picture has changed. Now it is of Alexa and Johnathan, Mom and Luke, Izzy and Simon, Coral and Max, Magnus and Alec. Me and Jace. Everyone is in their relationships, either best friend or lover. The me in the painting shares a sweet kiss with Jace. I fall asleep again. When I wake in the morning, I look at the painting immediately. This time I am out on the boat alone, staring at the clouds. My wings flap, and the me in the painting takes off, flying around the boat. Before I watch any more, I drag myself out of bed and put on my training uniform.

At the end of the six month training period…

Finally, I was finished with my training. I could see my family again. Ithuriel handed me a uniform, telling me to put it on before I left. It was kinda like Shadowhunter gear, but better. The simple stretchy fabric that consisted of my shirt and pants was actually reinforced by some of the best battle angels there were. Those same angels gave me a special blessing on my wings, so they could not be damaged. When I was finished, I looked in the mirror. A little bit of brown eyeshadow emphasized their forest green, special color. No other makeup covered my face. Natural, just how I liked it. My clothes were black, and I wore knee high boots with a three inch heel. My waist length hair had some of the front strands pinned back behind my ear, but other than that it was down. Perfect. I tensed my shoulders, moving my shoulder blades together, and my wings sprouted out of my shoulders, fitting perfectly into the slits in the back of the shirt.

My powers after training were immense control over the elements, healing, super speed, super vision, super hearing, strong telekinesis, talking to animals, walking through walls, and advanced flying. My eyes turned different colors when I used the powers. When I used fire they turned red, wind they turned gray, water they were a gorgeous blue, sky they went white, earth they were the natural forest green color. So that was my favorite element to use, and the one I was most advanced with. I could summon earth, move it, grow plants, etc. Talking to animals was by far my favorite power over all though. I could talk to any animal I wanted, and they usually liked me.

I started to fly down to Miami, and I couldn't wait to see everyone I loved and cared for. When I landed in front of the Institute, I decided to go with the more direct, fun, and Clary-like approach. I would go around to where I thought the training room was, listen to make sure they were all there, then walk through the walls to get to them. Surprising, unpredictable, fun, like me. I feel like intimidating them for the time being. So I walk around the Institute until I hear the training room. Listening carefully with my super hearing, I hear that Jace, Alec, Izzy, Alexa, Simon, and Johnathan are in their. Not everyone, but enough people to make an impression.

Putting my shoulders back, head up, and wings at their proud glow that they normally have unless I turn it off.

"...supposed to be here today, Jace." That is Alexa.

"Well how am I supposed to know when an angel is going to make an appearance? She hasn't made any attempt to contact me." I frown at that from Jace. I didn't have a choice.

Like she can hear me, Alexa speaks. "She told me she'd have no way to talk to us! The Greater Demon fight was different."

"Jace, she's right. She'll come when she wants and no later. You know Clary. Stubborn, even as an angel." Alec says quietly, and in that I find my opportunity.

"You would certainly be right, Alec. Although I'm not sure if I'm stubborn, exactly. I prefer persistent." I say after walking through the dense stone. Alec smiles, apparently not surprised by my entrance. But everyone else shows the shock I wanted. "What's up, guys?"

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