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Jace's POV

I was in the training room with Izzy, Alexa, and Alec. Magnus and Simon were somewhere in the Institute, but I actually hadn't seen Jocelyn and Luke and the kids since this morning.

"Hey!" Alexa called. "Anyone home?"

I shook my head, breaking out of my thoughts. Then I said something really clever like, "Huh?" (Sorry! I couldn't resist putting in a PJO reference.)

"Are we sparring or not?" she asked impatiently.

"Yes, sorry."

I launched myself at her, spinning my seraph blades. But she easily avoided the blow with the Levitate rune. Then she dropped down on my shoulders. I hit the floor.

"Dude, that was too easy."

I sighed.

Alexa helped me up, grabbing a water bottle for herself with her other hand. I put away my blades on the rack. Then, chaos ensued.

A figure clothed in all black with a mask over the top half of their face dropped down from the ceiling and moved like a shadow towards Alexa. She or he grabbed Alexa's arms and pulled them behind her back, holding her in place. We all advanced on the figure, who I could now see was a girl from her figure.

Once we were close enough, the girl grinned. She jumped up and swung out, kicking all of us. We all fell back.

"Magnus!" Isabelle shouted, the first one to recover.

The warlock winked and wiggled his fingers.

This time the attacker, still holding Alexa, just laughed out loud. Magnus paused, an inquisitive look on his face.

Another girl dropped down. She was clothed similarly to the first one. I glanced up to the ceiling, just making sure there were no more attackers.

Magnus gasped. I was the only one close enough to hear his quiet mutters. "It can't be. There's no way."

The second girl laughed, and Magnus looked truly stunned. She held out her hand towards him and just stood there.

"Magnus! Magic?" I called, trying to get his attention.

"Right, sorry." He made a gesture, but nothing happened. He stared down at his hands, a dismayed look on his face.

I heard a struggle. Turning, I saw Alexa struggling to get free. The girl holding her just touched a spot on her neck and Alexa collapsed. A pressure point.

Now it was a battle. The girl that had taken away Magnus's magic retreated to the back and another girl dropped from the ceiling to stand next to the first one. There was no one else in the ceiling. How did this happen?

Clary's POV

"Let's do this," I whispered, grabbing Aella's hand and traveling through the ceiling with her.

We were perfectly balanced in the rafters until she jumped down. I watched until she was all set with Alexa to go through the ceiling again for Sophie. I quickly brought her through, setting her up to jump whenever it was time. Then I traveled back through the ceiling, knowing that when Sophie jumped down at least one of them would make sure no one was in the rafters still.

Finally, I came back and jumped down. Seeing Jace, my heart began to ache, but I pushed that down. Aella and I had agreed we were only going to fight with our powers, no weapons.

We stood at an angle together, blocking Sophie. Along with blocking Magnus's magic, she had to block the magic of seraph blades, keeping them from working.

"Showtime," I whispered to Aella, and she laughed. She conjured up some fire and it swirled around her fists.

I summoned some water, and we stepped a little closer together, combining our two elements to make an ultimate vortex. The best vortexes are always made of opposite elements.

I don't remember much about the actual fight, just that we fought like we were sparring instead of going to kill. Soon enough, they were all tied up together around a tree I'd grown.

We stood in front of them.

"Let us go!" Alec shouted, struggling.

Now I just started laughing, and all struggling ceased.

"Come on in, guys!" Aella called. She was the only one who's voice they wouldn't recognize. Except for Magnus and Alec, but they'd only heard her for a little.

The door to the training room opened and Mom, Luke, Coraline, Max, and the others proceeded in, laughing at us.

"You guys are on their side?" Jace said furiously, redoubling his efforts to free himself.

"Not exactly," Luke said, laughing still.

"What he means, Jace, is that you guys are idiots for not recognizing us and we are great at taking down Shadowhunters," I told him condescendingly, the first time I'd spoken.

"Clary?" he whispered.

"The one and only."

We all took off our masks in unison.

"Sophie?" Magnus asked in wonder.

"Magnus." she nodded, tears starting to drip down her face.

He rushed forwards and wrapped her in a hug.

"Oh, Soph."

She hugged back, sobbing in joy. Alec looked on jealously. I have to remember to tell him how Magnus and Sophie know each other.

Alec's POV

Who is Sophie? And why is she hugging Magnus? Why is he hugging back? So many questions hurtle through my mind, but I push them down, focusing on the situation at hand.

"Care to let us go?" Isabelle asks impatiently. Angel bless you, Isabelle.

Clary laughs and comes over.

Clary's POV

When my parabatai asks me to release her and everyone else, I can't help but laugh at how impatient she is. I walk over and prepare to use my powers to take apart the rope and get rid of the tree.

"Don't you need a knife or something to cut the rope? Those knots are way too tight to undo by hand." Simon points out.

"Oh, Simon." I laugh. "I don't need to use my hands."

I lifted my hand and the strands of rope fell apart. The tree withered away while I did so.

"Perks of being an angel?" Simon asks, correctly predicting what I was going to say.

"Definitely." I grin back happily.

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