Ginger grows up.

I have always been a fan of As Told By Ginger but rewatching some of the episode's I have gotten a bit mad at the character Dodie. She has always put popularity before her friendships and never really faces the consequences of her actions. So this takes place during Dodie's Big Break. After Macie and Ginger discover that Dodie is lying about her injury.

Disclaimer I do not own As Told By Ginger the rights got to Emily Kapnek, Arlene Klasky, and Gabor Csupo. The studio of Nickelodeon holds many of the rights over the show.

First part of the dialogue is from the episode Dodie's Big Break the conversation between herself and Ginger. After that point is strictly apart of my story.

Ginger's POV

As Macie and I walked up to Dodie's house we could hear her cheering ba ba ba ba boom ya! Through, the door I leaned against one of the door posts, Macie set the get well basket down by the door.

" Cheering from a wheelchair? Dodie's either a total team player or totally pathetic." Macie said shaking her head slightly.

" Try a total liar" I responded as I saw her moving around freely out of her wheelchair through the front window.

We let ourselves in just as Dodie was doing a handstand. When she saw us her eyes went wide and she dropped to the found with a simper while holding her leg.

" What was I thinking? I was just so excited I made the team" Dodie said with her hand on her forehead. She then put on a show of whimpering and crawling towards her wheelchair.

" Stop, you'll get carpet burns" Macie stated rushing forward to help Dodie. I reached out and took her arm stopping her as I said.

" Macie, there's nothing wrong with her." I narrowed my eyes and looked at Dodie.

" There is to, and just try to prove there isn't Ginger" Dodie said narrowing her eyes at me.

" Merciless mother of deceit, you fibbed?" Macie stated shock was on her face and in her voice. I was just feeling anger towards Dodie, I had always known that she wanted to be popular but this? This was going to far.

" My appendix burst for real, and they didn't make me a member of anything. Meanwhile you cheated your way up to the pep squad pyramid. Come clean Bishop or I will for you." I finished meaning every word of it.

" It's your word against mine Foutley. But you should know that pep squad girls always side with each other." Dodie stated. She then steed at me and I met her gaze the two never even looking towards Macie.

" Anyone care for some Macadamia nuts?" Macie asked hoping to break the tension between us. I turned and looked at her. I knew that I could not deal with Dodie right now. I needed to leave.

" Let her have them, she needs her strength." I stated with a frown. I turned away and headed out the door, ignoring Macie calling me. Walking home I felt my anger start to boil. I could not believe Dodie. Faking an Injury? Then again I don't know why I was not surprised, Dodie has done a lot of things that were not okay.

From reading aloud the names of students who had head lice in middle when she was the morning announcements person, to making me feel like shit because her crush Joaquin liked me rather than her. I had seen him around a few times. He and I were actually friends. She tried to break Darren and I up, after that she tried to get me to cancel the birthday party that I was planning for Darren because our mothers had a falling out, and also because she knew some popular kids would be there.

I had no idea why I was still friends with her. My friendship with her had become a, oh what's the correct term, toxic. I got home and headed up to my room sitting at my desk and taking off my coat, I was thinking of all the times Dodie had been there for me and realized that her negative actions outshines her positive ones. She had always made me feel shitty. Well, no more.

I got up and went over to my closet all of the things I and in there I had for a few years. I frowned realizing that maybe I should invest in newer clothing. I looked at my hair over in the mirror and made the decision that it looked better short. I loved the way it looked when I was at avalanche arts academy. Maybe I could have it down like that. Without the blue stripe.

I heard the front door open and heard my mom call up the stairs. I decided that I should tell her what was going on and what I have decided to do. Walking down the stairs I saw my mom going into the kitchen and thought about all that she had done. She had raised the two of us on her own and had always made sure there was enough for us.

" Hey mom" I said with a smile as I kissed her cheek.

" Hey Kiddo, how was school?" she asked sitting down.

I took a deep breath and told her about Dodie faking her injury and my deciding that our friendship had become toxic. I told her about everything Dodie had done leading up to know and the way she would make me doubt myself. I also told her that I was down with feeling that way.

She looked shocked as I told her and then mad when she heard how Dodie mad me feel about myself at times. When I had finished she got up and hugged me. She then told me that I was perfect the way I was and I was right to end my friendship with her. She then asked me what my plans were and I told her about getting some new clothes and getting my hair cut. I had saved most of my birthday money from over the years As well as money from writing competitions and camp caprice. ( I do not know if she was paid at camp caprice I made that up.)

" I think that you should go for it Ginge" Mom said she looked at me in pride and I nodded. I asked if she could drive me to the mall to get this done. She said yes and I headed upstairs to grab my coat and wallet. I walked by Carl's room and stopped when he called my name.

" I overheard what you said to mom, I didn't mean to I just did." He said

" Are you okay? Want me to prank her?" There was a light in his eyes. He and I had gotten closer as siblings ever since my surgery. I laughed slightly at the mental image of Dodie at the end of one of Carl's pranks.

" No, Carl, that won't be necessary." I said " You want to come with us to the mall?"

" Sure, I'm low on supplies." He stated closing his bedroom door.

" Supplies for what?" I asked smiling slightly as we both headed down the stairs. I knew what the answer would be but I still found myself curious.

" That information is classified" Carl replied smirking as he ran out to the car.

I laughed and followed him. Mom drove us to the mall and came with me as I got my hair done and got new clothes. She looked at me in pride as I paid for it myself. I also looked to her when I was trying on the clothes she shot down some and liked most. We also went with Carl and he led us to a pet store with a hopeful expression on his face.

" Carl.…" Mom began

" Please Mom" Carl said. He clasped his hands together. I looked around and then got an idea.

" Mom, wait." I began. She and Carl both looked at me.

" What if we rescue a dog?" I asked

" There is a reuse shelter a block over we could go and look. The dogs there could use a good home. Carl and I have both been good. We can both take care of the dog. Carl could feed him and take him out in the mornings, and I could feed the dog ant take it it out in the afternoons." I finished and saw Carl nodding his head in agreement. Mom looked at both of us.

" I'll talk it over with Dave" She said. We nodded and then all headed out to go home. All I could think about was calling Macie tonight and telling her about my plans for tomorrow and how we think everyone would react to my new attitude and look.

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