Yay, it's time for the actual story to begin! Yep, it's the first day at Hogwarts. I present to you: *trumpet fanfare* Chapter 1 of The Magic Between Us! And btw, I checked and I realized there are at least four fanfics called 'The Magic Between Us,' but I love the title so I'm not changing it. Quick note: I'm changing Mr. Damocles' role to the librarian. Prepare to read, OTPeople!


Chapter 1: All Aboard the Hogwarts Express!

"Do you have everything, Marinette?" Sabine asked her daughter.

"Mom, for the last time, I double-checked and triple-checked everything! Do you want me to quadruple-check it, too?" Marinette complained, throwing her hands up in exasperation.

"But you forgot your owl," Tom said.

Marinette furrowed her eyebrows.

"But I don't have an-"

"Yes you do," Tom insisted as he brought out a cage with a petite milky white owl inside from behind his back.

"Thank you so much!" Marinette said, wrapping her parents in a group hug. "Is it a boy or girl? What's its name?"

"Her name is Sugar," Sabine replied. "A sweet little owl for our sweet little girl."

She handed the cage to Marinette.

Tom gave his daughter a box of macarons.

"What do these ones do?" Marinette asked him.

"I never said they were magic," Tom protested.

"Oh please," Marinette scoffed. "I know you. You wouldn't hand any normal macarons to me on my first day at Hogwarts."

"Fine, you caught me," Tom admitted. "They can be any flavor you want them to be."

Marinette's sky-blue eyes lit up in excitement.

"You guys are the best!" she squealed.

"Okay, time for one final hug. We can't let Marinette be late, after all!" Tom said as he and Sabine gave Marinette their last hug.

"Have a good time, honey. We'll miss you!" Sabine said, wiping a tear from her eye.

Marinette carefully placed Sugar and the box of macarons on top of the cart in front of her.

"Nine and three-fourths, here I come!" Marinette whooped as she raced towards a brick post, pushing the cart with all of her belongings.

She disappeared through.

And immediately crashed into someone.

Unfortunately, that someone was Chloe Bourgeois, the daughter of the Minister of Magic.

"Of course you're here," Chloe scoffed as a red-haired girl helped her up.

Marinette immediately remembered the rather unfortunate time she met Chloe.

Her parents were catering at Chloe's eighth birthday party, so Chloe had been forced to invite Marinette.

"Hi, Chloe! My name's Marinette! Nice to meet you!" Marinette greeted her, sticking out her hand for a handshake.

Chloe didn't hear her.

"The food here is horrible. Especially the dessert," she commented, still ignoring Marinette.

A tear rolled down Marinette's cheek. No one had ever insulted her parents' treats like that.

Marinette tapped Chloe on the shoulder.

"This one isn't so bad. I helped my mom bake it myself," Marinette said as she offered Chloe a piece of cake on a plate.

Chloe turned around.

"That's exactly why the food is horrible. It's made by peasants like you, Maritrash," she said.

Marinette ran away and locked herself in a bathroom.

She ended up staying there for the rest of the night.

Unfortunately, Marinette's parents had ended up catering every Bourgeois-related event after that.

Which meant that Marinette had to see Chloe at least three times each month.



"Nice to see you again, Chloe," Marinette lied to her enemy.

"Let's go, Sabrina," Chloe said to her servant -ahem- friend. "Besides, we have to go save a seat for Adrikins."

Marinette didn't know who "Adrikins" was, (she highly doubted that was his real name) but she assumed he must be another one of those rich, snobby brats that Chloe was friends with.

She turned around to board the magical train and saw that an old man in robes with a Hawaiian flower print was in the way of a group of some teenage jerks who were skateboarding (more like hovering on levitating skateboards) through the station.

She grabbed the old man's hand and led him away.

"Thank you for that. I owe you my life," he said, with a tone of deep respect and gratitude.

He walked away.

"Everyone on the Hogwarts Express!" the new groundskeeper, a grumpy man named Otis, shouted.

Marinette grabbed the box of magic macarons, her pencil case, her sketchbook, and her wallet as the train's elves wheeled away everyone's carts and pets.

She boarded the Hogwarts Express ands sat down in the first carriage she saw.

Chloe entered the carriage. "Sorry, Maritrash, but this seat is reserved for me, Sabrina and Adrikins, so-"

A girl with tan skin, hazel eyes, glasses and reddish-brown hair interrupted her.

"I don't see your name on it."

"Excuse me?!" Chloe indignantly asked.

"I don't see your name on it. Therefore, it's not your seat and you have no right to make other people move just to suit your needs," the girl confidently said.

"Do you know who my father is?" Chloe said in a sweet yet murderous tone.

"Yeah, you're the Minister of Magic's daughter, right? I've heard about you. You're just another rich bully who thinks she can use her daddy to get everything she wants," the girl continued.

Marinette's jaw dropped in shock.

This new girl actually had the guts to tell Chloe the truth.

The girl walked over to Marinette.

"C'mon, let's go sit over there," the girl said as she pointed to a different carriage. "Besides, it has windows."

Marinette grabbed her belongings and followed the girl.

"I almost forgot to ask. What's your name?" Marinette asked.

"I'm Alya," she said.

"I'm Marinette," Marinette replied as they sat down.

There was only one other person in the carriage.

A boy with headphones around his neck slumped in one seat, clearly asleep.

He looked a bit like Alya.

Marinette tripped on the boy's foot and woke the him up.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"I'm Alya, and this is Marinette. Who are you?" Alya countered as she helped Marinette up.

"I'm Nino, resident DJ," the boy said. "And according to Chloe, I'm also 'an intolerable peasant.' In other words, I'm just like everyone else."

Alya laughed.

"I heard there's going to be another rich brat this year. She calls him Adrikins, so his name's probably Adrien. He's most likely her boyfriend," she gagged.

"I hope Adrien isn't as bad as Chloe. But with my kind of luck, he'll probably be worse," Marinette sighed.

"That's a big fat lie right there," Nino stated.

"What? Is Adrien actually nice?" Alya asked.

"Nobody's worse than Chloe. Compared to her, Satan is an angel," Nino laughed.

"How do you two know Chloe?" Marinette questioned.

"I've just met her, but she's practically the definition of 'stereotypical mean girl.' Before I boarded the Hogwarts Express, I saw her screaming her head off at two girls named Juleka and Rose just because they accidentally chipped one of her nails when they bumped into her," Alya said.

"I've actually known Chloe for years. I'm a half-blood, you see. My dad left before I knew him and my mom's the magical one. She was in the same class as Mr. Bourgeois, so she's been trying to get Chloe and me to be friends ever since we were little. Unfortunately, Chloe kinda hates everyone, so I really wasn't surprised when she snapped my new broomstick in half on our first playdate. And then she blamed me. She's pretty much the reason I suck at Quidditch. But it's okay though, because I got my magic beats with me at all times. They play whatever song I tell them to play," Nino admitted.

"Chloe's a brat," he and Alya said at the same time.

"Jinx!" Alya yelled and punched him in the shoulder. "You owe me a Butterbeer!"

"I've never met people brave enough to actually say the truth about Chloe out loud. Want some macarons?" Marinette offered her newfound friends.

Nino and Alya each took a macaron from the box and popped it in their mouth.

"Ooh! Butterbeer Espresso Almond Caramel Vanilla Fudge!" Alya squealed in delight, accidentally spraying crumbs as she talked. "With a hint of pumpkin."

"Mine tastes like chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate," Nino said. His eyes suddenly widened. "No way. Is it? It is! There's popcorn, too!"

"How'd you know our favorite flavors? 'Cause I still don't exactly know the side effects of being a wizard," Alya asked Marinette.

"They were enchanted to know what your favorite flavors are. Besides, what did you mean by side effects?" Marinette responded.

"I'm Muggle-born," Alya sheepishly admitted. "The people from Hogwarts sent a big book of everything I needed to know about the campus. Which also had a pretty long list of things I shouldn't be freaked out by, like things disappearing and people turning into animals, and stuff like that."

"Yeah, you actually seem pretty calm for a Muggle-born wizard. I heard they changed a lot of stuff about Hogwarts in the last ten years," Nino said.

"Starting with that the Muggle parents of people like Alya can't know about the Wizarding World. My mom told me the whole story. About nine years ago, there was a couple with a boy our age, and when he got his acceptance letter, his parents freaked out and told the police about Hogwarts. Apparently, the envelope was floating and it vanished after their son opened it. They were put in a mental institute because everyone thought that they were insane," Marinette explained.

"Yeah, the Muggles are becoming smarter these days," Nino told his friends. "Ten years ago, they started to become suspicious about the amount of elementary school kids who suddenly switched schools between fifth and sixth grade. So, that's why Hogwarts is now a high school. I gotta go to the bathroom, so laters."

Nino zipped out of the carriage.

"I read all about Hogsmeade," Alya gushed. "I can't wait to go! They gave me a complimentary Butterbeer in the 'Welcome to Hogwarts' package, and I swear that stuff is better than a double espresso in the morning."

"Well, that explains your very specific favorite flavor," Marinette giggled.

"Do you want to see the 'Welcome to Hogwarts' package?" Alya asked.

"Sure, why not?" Marinette shrugged.

Alya handed a rather large box to Marinette.

Marinette opened the box and took out a letter.

Dear Alya Cesaire,

Congratulations! You have been accepted to the elite Wilshire Academy, a boarding school for students with exceptional technological skills. You have earned a 100% scholarship. The first day of school is August 28th. Please board the Wilshire Express at 9:00 am.


Brady Brixton, Wilshire's Headmaster

"Wow, this surprisingly looks genuine," Marinette said, rather amused. "But the first day of school is today, September 5th, not August 28th."

"August 28th was when I bought my wand everything else. It's 10 ½ inches, maple wood, unicorn hair," Alya stated.

"Mine's 11 inches, cherry wood, dragon heartstring," Marinette replied.

"The letter's enchanted so that only I can see what it really says," Alya explained as Marinette handed back the letter.

"Dear Alya Cesaire, you've been accepted to Hogwarts, a boarding school for wizards. This is not a hoax. Please meet our groundskeeper, Otis, at the Leaky Cauldron at 9:00 am, on August 28th. He will explain more. Sincerely, Headmaster Fu," she read the letter out loud.

"What was your first reaction?" Marinette asked.

"I just accepted it," Alya responded. "I think I watch too much anime."

Marinette giggled.

Nino walked back into the carriage, looking much more relieved than before.

"I feel so much better now. I probably shouldn't have eaten so many Chocolate Frogs," he said as he read his newspaper. "Yes! The Heroic Hippogryphs won the Quidditch championship! My favorite team is victorious!"


"Shut up!" Nino embarrassedly silenced them.

Alya snickered.

"Sorry about that," Nino sheepishly apologized. "Sometimes I have to be really careful what I say, or these stupid headphones of mine-"


"Shut up!" Nino said. "I said stupid headphones of mine, not sweet child of mine!"


"I give up," Nino sighed in defeat.


"It's okay, I don't really mind what we listen to," Marinette reassured Nino.

"Really? You don't care?" Nino asked.

"OH! OH! OH! I REALLY DON'T CARE!" Demi sang.

"This isn't the worst time it's done this. One time I yelled something very colorful at my brother, and these beats decided to play a certain song nonstop for the rest of the day. Who knew there was a song called 'F*** You'?" Nino said.

The Hogwarts Express suddenly went over a bump that caused Marinette to drop her sketchbook.

Alya picked up the open sketchbook.

"Wow, these robe designs are killer! You came up with these?" Alya gawked.

"Yeah," Marinette said, a visible blush on her cheeks. "They probably won't ever catch the eye of Gabriel Agreste, though. Mr. Agreste is the best robes designer in the history of robes designers. He's my idol."

The Hogwarts Express suddenly halted to a stop.

"Yo, why'd the train stop?" Nino asked.

Marinette and Alya shrugged.

"How are we supposed to know?" Chloe sarcastically retorted from the next carriage over.

"Sorry for this slight inconvenience," a voice over the loudspeaker apologized. "It appears that we have a last-minute student arriving: Adrien Agreste."


To say that Adrien was annoyed with his father was an understatement.

Adrien was peeved; no, he was infuriated with his father.

Why, you may ask?

Gabriel Agreste had hidden Adrien's Hogwarts acceptance letter for an entire month.

Make that acceptance letterS.

With a capital S.

43 of them.

Adrien counted.

43 acceptance letters, and he had discovered the 44th just yesterday.

That owl had actually bothered to come to his window.

The last 43 owls had all been intercepted by his father.

"Why did you hide them?" Adrien angrily asked, even though he knew why.

"Homeschooling is a better option," Gabriel replied, refusing to say the truth.

It was because of Mom.

Adrien's dad was too heartbroken to send him to a place that reminded him of Mom.

Adrien's dad was too heartbroken to do anything that reminded him of Mom.

Unfortunately, loving and caring about me reminds him of Mom, Adrien bitterly thought. That's why he doesn't do it anymore.

After lots of begging and pleading, Gabriel finally agreed.

But Adrien didn't know why his father had changed his mind.

Here's the reason.

Gabriel had looked into his son's eyes.

Those beautiful eyes, as vibrant and green as the summer leaves, reminded him of her.

They were too much like her's.

"Avery…..." Gabriel mumbled.

"What?" Adrien asked.

I swear I just heard Father saying Mom's name, he thought.

"You may go to Hogwarts," Gabriel said, accepting his son's proposal. "But on one condition: you must continue all of your other activities, especially your modeling. And I will be the teacher of your robes designing class to keep an eye on you. Do you understand?"

"I understand," Adrien said, practically bursting with joy.

And now, Adrien was very late.

He was supposed to be on the Hogwarts Express three minutes ago, and yet they were still picking out quills.

"I think that this gray one is more practical," Nathalie stated.

"The white one is better," the Gorilla argued.

"I'll just take the black one," Adrien sighed.

Suddenly, he spotted an old man on the ground and helped him up.

"Thank you," the old man said, and stroked his beard wistfully.

Everyone failed to notice that he walked away with his cane slung over his back.

After thirty more minutes of the same type of "Pick this one Adrien! No, pick this! But this is better!" arguing between Nathalie and the Gorilla, they sped off towards the Hogwarts Express in the black flying limousine.

"Now we're late, all because of you," Nathalie coldly berated Adrien's chaffeur.

The Gorilla shrugged.

Adrien suddenly saw the train stop at a makeshift station.

"Hi," Adrien nervously greeted the conductor.

"Just get in," he grumbled.

Adrien frantically searched the train for a familiar face and spotted Chloe, a childhood friend.

He let out a sigh of relief and walked towards her, noticing that three people in another carriage were giving him a dirty look, as if he murdered a puppy.

He decided that they were probably staring at something else and started talking to Chloe.

"I'm so glad you're here, Adrikins," she crooned.

Okay, since when did Chloe decide that Adrien was comfortable with her calling him that?

Adrien looked behind him.

Yep, those three were still giving him the same evil glare of death.

Adrien swore they were trying to shoot lasers out of their eyeballs or something.

He shrugged and tried to pay attention to Chloe's conversation.

(With Sabrina? Adrien really didn't know who she was talking to at this point.)

All he heard was "blah blah makeup" and "blah blah peasants" and "blah blah Daddy issues" and "blah blah I'm perfect."

Sweet cinnamon rolls, she was boring.

Adrien sighed, waiting for the train ride to end.

He eventually fell asleep.

Meanwhile, Marinette was chatting endlessly with Nino and Alya about every topic, from Jagged Stone to cake to lamps.

Both Adrien and Marinette failed to notice something very important.

Maybe, if Adrien was a little less drowsy.

Maybe, if Marinette was a little more attentive.

They would've each noticed the slight bulge in their pockets.

They would've noticed the boxes.

They would've noticed the Miraculouses.


And that concludes the first chapter of The Magic Between Us! It was fun to write about the headphone bit with Nino. And my poor cinnamon roll! Nino, Alya, and Marinette really hate him. Oh well, that'll be fixed soon. I actually had to look up the difference between macaroons and macarons. I loved writing about Tom and Sabine's family-ness towards Marinette. And OMG, did you see the Miraculous Christmas special? It was great! Though in this AU, Otis won't be Alya's dad. Remember, reviews always make my day! Stay tuned, OTPeople!