Do What You Love

An A Chorus Line Holiday Story

Notes: I own no characters from A Chorus Line. This story is written in honor of anyone who involved in shows with Stagecoach Productions. It is around this time last year that Stagecoach shut it's doors and this company is sorely missed by the NH Theatre Community.

Diana Morales walked home through the bitter cold mid December air from a long day of rehearsal. She would of taken a cab home but she had just been in a six hour rehearsal and cooped up inside.. she felt the fresh air would do her body good. She couldn't believe that Christmas was less than two weeks ago and that the national tour of the show they'd been working so hard on would be starting on January 4th, Where had the time gone?

As she turned the key in the lock of her apartment that she shared with Paul smells of Italian spices wafted toward her nose. "Something sure smells good." she said.

Paul looked up from what he was cooking on the stove. "Dinner's just about ready Di, if you don't mind making the salad."

Diana nodded "Sure thing!" She walked to the refrigerator and started gathering the materials to make a salad.

"How did the rehearsal go today?"

Diana started to cut carrots and cucumbers for the salad. "It was so long...but everything is coming together. We leave for the tour the week after New Years and will be gone for about two months or so."

"I sure wish I hadn't gone and sprained my ankle during the tryout." Paul muttered.

"Val was asking me today how you were doing."

Paul grinned. "Tell her I really miss you all and that I really want to see everyone heads back home for Christmas."

"Did you have PT today?" Diana asked.

Paul nodded. "The doctor says things are looking great. I don't think I'll be able to dance again until February or March though. The healing process will take awhile."

"Well lots of local companies will be casting their spring shows soon."

Paul nodded. "I'm anxious to get dancing again.. Do you think we could have everyone over before they go home for Christmas?"

Diana smiled. "That's a great idea Paul. Everyone really misses you. I can talk to the others at rehearsal and see when they want to come over.

Should we order Chinese?"

Diana shrugged. "Sure. or we could always have a potluck. I'll see what everyone else wants to do."

Paul grinned broadly, "Awesome! I am so excited about this."

Diana smiled back. "So am I. I think we'll have a great time."