I hate myself right now because I should be doing homework, but I can't handle the craving. I just had to write a marissonshipping story. I can't help my love for these two. It's sad because there isn't a minute during my day in which I don't think about them. This fanfic will be situated after the scenes of the welcome party Mairin organized for Alain. I hope you guys enjoy this one-shot. I also hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving.

Growing Pains

After the award ceremony took place everyone made their way to Prism Tower to look at the fireworks. Everyone except a couple people. Alain was outside with the other pokemon at the lab while he was sitting on a rock looking at the beautiful night sky when certain redhead caught him off guard.

-Alain? Are you alright? You seem to be caught up on something. – The curious girl stared at him with a concerned look in her eyes.

-Don't worry about it. I'm fine. – Said Alain now looking at his feet.

-Did you like the party? I actually tried to bake something by myself, but it turned out a complete disaster, and Serena decided to help me out with the macaroons. – Mairin moved towards the boy, and sat next to him.

-Well, that explains the awful looking cake left out in the kitchen. – Alain couldn't help but laugh a little as he finished the sentence. Mairin just stared at him with her cheeks full of air showing him she didn't appreciate the comment.

-Anyway, tell me, what's on your mind? I want to know. Please Alain? – As she said this she got closer to him which caused the boy to slightly blush.

-It's none of your business, and I don't understand why you need to get so close to me to ask me that. – Said Alain looking away from her hiding the blush on his cheeks.

-Please? Please? Please? Please? - Alain knew the girl was going to keep bugging him until she told him what was really going on. Mairin knew Alain quite well; she knew he was hiding something, and she wasn't going to leave until he told her what was going through his head. Alain being aware of the situation he was in he decides to give up to her demands.

-I had a talk with Ash earlier. Everything went well but... I always told myself I would protect the ones I love which is why I left you back in Hoenn the first time. I didn't want to put you in any danger. Unfortunately, after I thought I could finally protect you, Chespie ended up in a coma; to make things worse Lysandre didn't turn out to be the type of person I thought he was. It made me realize I had put you in danger again... I was scared. Scared of something happening to you. – As Alain finished talking, he doesn't dare to make eye contact with the redhead next to him.

Mairin knew it was hard for Alain to put himself in situations that would make him vulnerable. Without much hesitation, the girl grabbed his arm, kissed his cheek softly, and rested her head on his shoulder while closing her eyes. Scratching his head, Alain couldn't understand why his face suddenly felt warmer than it did before.

-There is no need to be afraid anymore. I am here with you, and I hope it lasts a lifetime. -