Many tales are told throughout the system. Tales of bravery, greed, honor, horror, misfortune, and most of all…adventure. These are the tales of Guardians, risen from the dead, to fight the entity known as, The Darkness.

Guardians, those few who have the unique skill to possess the light…bend it to their will and use it for their own purpose. Many Guardians have had their names stuck in history. Dredgen Yor, twisted by the darkness, corrupted from the inside out, he who killed many other Guardians within the Crucible with his hand cannon Thorn. Kabr, the Titan who lost his mind by the Vex within the Vault of Glass. Osiris, the exiled, he who sought after the knowledge contained within the Vex, and was exiled for his radical preaching. Shin Malphur, the rogue hunter, driven by revenge for the loss of his master Jared Ward by Dredgen Yor himself.

There are many tales of Guardians, some with happy endings, others that end in ruin. This is one such tale, the tale of Enzo-10, the hunter who fought the darkness against all odds.

.Console booting….

System rebooting…

Reading User…

Welcome Daran Sorek…

Log Date 93-134-02…

Routing All Panels to Outer Atmosphere…


Incoming Aircraft Approaching Earth…

Aircraft Trajectory Predicted to Tower…

Scanning for Tower I.D….



Scan Complete…

Aircraft Scanned: Aspect of Glass…

Scanning for Known Guardian Permits…

Scan Completed…

Aspect of Glass: Enzo-10…

Protocol Dictates Response fro-

Access Granted…

Welcome Home, Enzo-10…

The Tower was a beautiful place, filled with Guardians, seasoned and new alike. Guardians were the only ones who occupied the Tower. Civilian on important business ran from one side to another, Banshee-44 remained behind his counter, selling guns to eager Guardians, Master Rahool stood next to his post waiting for the next engram to come his way. The Vanguard, Cayde-6, Ikora Rey, and Zavala, all stood their places for their students. The faction representatives preached their own philosophies, Amanda Holiday sold her ships, and the Speaker praised the Traveler in all its glory. Things remained as it had been, and it excited Enzo-10 of his days here.


"So, Zavala finally sent you on the mission huh?"Cayde-6 leaned against the hangar walls as Enzo modified his ship.

"Yes."He said, always the stoic.

"Well, quick advice, from one hunter to another. You're gonna be bored as hell out there, don't forget to keep yourself occupied during your more…quiet hours. I suggest cards."Cayde passed him a deck of cards.


"Yeah, play with Ghost sometimes, trust me, time flies faster than a Vex can wipe you from history."Cayde laughed.

"I'll keep that in mind."He nodded his head as he pocketed the cards.

Cayde chuckled a little, "Y'know, I remember when you first came to me, Enzo."

Enzo looked up, interested in what Cayde was leading to.

"I saw a young Exo, still wondering what the hell happened, where was he, and more importantly who was he? Then you were sent on mission after mission. Taking down that Prime Servitor, going to Venus, Mars, the Queen of the Reef, and killing the Black Garden."


"And hell, that was only the beginning! That Vault of Glass was creepy as hell, the Vex sure know how to make you scared of not existing huh? Next we got creepy ol' Eris coming back, warning of a Hive God on the moon, Crota. You went down into the pit and killed that guy from sheer will alone right? Then there was the whole House of Wolves problem; that prick Skolas really almost got to us didn't he? Luckily it was you who brought him down. OH, and let's not forget big bad Oryx, seriously that guy bugged me the hell out. The Taken made me want to shit myself. But again, you killed him off, we can wish Oryx goodbye too. Don't even get me started on Saladin and keeping that Siva crap a secret, let me tell you-"

"Cayde, what is this about?"Enzo asked, firmly.

"It's just….damn, I'm not too good with the whole sentimental crap."


"Look, I just wanna say, I'm proud of you, can't think of anyone I'd rather have as a student."

"Thanks Cayde, it was an honor."Enzo nodded.

"Same here. So, enough of this sentimental crap, how long does Zavala have you out there?"

"I'll be out for 10 years."

"10 years, damn. I don't know a Guardian who's left Earth, much less the Tower for a year without being banished. Think you'll do fine?"

"I have all my things, plenty of exotics, ammo, and gear to keep me safe for long enough."

"That's quite a haul."Cayde said.

"Sorry to cut the chat short, but Zavala is expecting us in 3 minutes."Ghost appeared on Enzo's shoulder.

"Well, I shouldn't keep you, make us proud, Enzo."Cayde walked away.

Enzo nodded, and walked his own path.

End Flashback

Aspect of Glass came soaring in from the sky and just as it reach the Tower courtyard it pulled up to drop off Enzo, it flew around back towards the hangar for maintenance. Some would call Enzo's style of fashion a bit underwhelming. Not to him though, he enjoyed the common armor given to him, the KD Bogatyr 2.0 set was more than enough for his needs. Enzo looked back towards the city, its inhabitants were as small as ants from this view point, but none the less were active. The first to notice him was none other than Rahool, who was in the middle of decrypting engrams given to him earlier that day.

"Guardian, over here!"He called out.

Enzo walked to the Cryptarch and gave him a firm handshake; he had missed the old awoken Cryptarch.

"Welcome back Guardian, it certainly has been a while."Rahool said.

"Truly."Enzo said.

"You must be wondering what has changed, no."Rahool asked.

"You are right."

"Let me put this down, I'll catch you up to speed."Rahool said.

Rahool placed down his engram and beckoned Enzo to walk with him. Rahool led him to was the courtyard, and pointed out towards the large expanse.

"We've come across great times; civilians have been taking their place amongst the rest of Earth, settling outside of the walls, expanding our "last city". Truly a testament to how hard people will work for to live."Rahool said.

"What about the Vanguard? Any changes since I've left?"

"Relatively, no. Cayde-6, Ikora Rey, and Commander Zavala continue to teach guardians in their ways. But…"

"What's the catch?"Enzo asked.

"It won't be long before the council prepares to replace them, they've been looking for candidates lately. However, I believe they've yet to settle on the some who would represent each Guardian class."

"Any guesses on who the council and vanguard think will replace them?"Enzo asked.

"Zavala is a very stern man, he would only expect the most courageous and noble-hearted Titan. That is hard to come by these days, many Titans are hard headed, but rumor says he gave the offer to Saladin, who turned it down."

"I wouldn't think other wise."Enzo said.

"Ikora Rey has already unofficially selected her successor. Your old fireteam member, Sanza Rela, she's been on Ikora's heel ever since a quiet discussion the two had a month ago."

Enzo nodded, he remembered Sanza. It was sometime after his first official meeting with the Exo Stranger. The Warlock was reading up on some remaining Golden-Age literature in the city library. His tenure with Sanza was long; whenever he needed a Warlock she was his first choice. They knew each other quite well; they've battled many world ending enemies together, from Atheon to Aksis.

"What about Cayde?"Enzo asked.

"He's held off, hasn't found anyone he believes that could be the right hunter vanguard. Honestly, with you here now, I'd bet on you to be his choice."


"He trusts no one better; you are his brightest pupil yet."Rahool said.

Enzo didn't know what to think, he wasn't good with paper work. He was meant to be out in the field and fight the enemies that threaten the city and its inhabitants. Enzo guessed that's how Cayde felt when he was admitted as Vanguard.

"Thanks Rahool, I think I'm going to walk around. It was good seeing you again."

"Likewise guardian."They both shook hands and walked away.

Enzo walked down to the hangar, he was going to see the Dead Orbit rep, Arach Jalaal. Aspect of Glass was filling up on cargo, what better way to get rid of a lot of useless supplies than donate them to the finest of all factions. Walking down the hallway to the representative, he stood exactly the same spot 10 years ago. It was Jalaal that spotted Enzo first, he looked surprised.

"Why, isn't it my most dedicated donor? When did you get back Enzo?"

"Just today, I thought I'd come visit. I have a lot of things I need to get rid of."Enzo said.

"Supplies I hope."

"Of course."

"Here are all the things we could carry."Ghost came out and transmatted a crate.

"My, this is quite the load."Jalaal motioned for his workers to take the crate.

"Yeah, there are more on the ship too."Ghost said.

"They're all indicated by a black 'x'."Enzo said.

"Thank you Guardian, I'll have some of my men retrieve the packages."Enzo nodded and started to leave.

"Before you go, Enzo-"Jalaal stopped Enzo.


"Of all the factions, why choose us?"

"Excuse me?"

"Your passion for Earth isn't in line with our own views. Why choose us?"

Enzo thought over this, "You have the best armor shaders of course."He smirked (or the closest thing he can to it) as he started to leave.

"Hm…I can see that."Jalaal nodded.

Enzo decided to visit the Vanguard, if they were going to be retiring soon, might as well visit them for one last time. He gave a wave to Shaxx, who was currently giving a lecture to a few guardians currently being chewed out by him. As he entered the Hall of Guardians he started hearing a conversation between the three vanguards.

"-tly unknown but we have Hawks in the sky. We will have some news in a day."Zavala said.

"Do we know where it came from, or where it went?"Ikora asked.

"We have no details."

"Sounds like business usual."Cayde commented.

"Cayde-"Ikora started.

"We seem to have a visitor."Zavala said as he pointed out Enzo.

"Enzo, welcome back."Ikora said.

"Am I interrupting something?"He asked.

"Of course not Guardian, come, it's good to see you again."Zavala waved.

"Thanks Zavala."Enzo walked up to the long table.

"Welcome back hunter, I hope your time out in the wild proved fruitful."Ikora greeted.

"I think so."Enzo said.

"No love for the master? Harsh."Cayde shook his head.

"It's good to see you Cayde."Enzo stuck his arm out and shook Cayde's hand.

"So guardian, any good stories?"Cayde asked.

"Oh, we've got plenty."Ghost reassured.

-One hour later-

"-and then, Enzo goes 'Hold the line!' and I say 'Hold the line? I can't even hold the engrams.'!"Ghost shouted as the room roared in laughter.

"We did hold the line in my defense."Enzo said.

"A good tale for the rookies' guardian."Cayde said.

"It's better when I tell it."Ghost said.

"Truly."Ikora smirked.

"It was good speaking to you all."Enzo said as he pushed off from the table.

"We will let you go guardian, it was a pleasure to catch up."Zavala said as he stood up straight.

"Same Enzo."Cayde said.

"If you don't mind Enzo, I have some matters that-"

"Give him a rest Ikora, the guys been in the wild for 10 years, let him have a day off. Or probably a year."Cayde said.

"It's fine, what do you need?"Enzo asked.

"Come by me tomorrow, I have something that needs to be investigated."Ikora said.

"Sure thing."Enzo nodded as he left the Vanguards.

The city was quiet, just like he liked it. Coming down to the streets was never a common practice Enzo did. Very rarely did he ever stay for more than a couple of hours. Not many guardians knew but there was more than a singular reason why Enzo visited the city. With the Glimmer Enzo had in stock, he purchased his own residence. It was silly; guardians always had permanent residence within tower. Their need for space was not expansive but they made up for that with the vaults. However, Enzo much preferred the choice of lonely and vast to populated and crowded. It wasn't magnificent, only two stories tall with an absent living area and only a singular designed room.

The room had a single bed (one Enzo hardly slept in), a plenty of trophies. On the walls stood cloaks and weapons and artifacts Enzo had collected over the years. The head of a Minotaur, the cloaks from the Vault of Glass, Crota and Oryx's domain, Queenbreakers Bow, Icebreaker, the list goes on and on. Enzo sat on the dusty bed, for once in the last 10 years, he had nothing to do. No strikes to conduct, no missions to perform (at least until tomorrow), and certainly no big baddie coming from nowhere to come and destroy the Traveler, the Earth, or just life in general. With nothing to do, there was only one thing he could.

"Ghost, bring out the book."Enzo said.

"The book? Are you sure, we're inside the city. If anyone see's you with it, much less The Speaker, we're talking about more than 10 years off the grid."Ghost said.

"Watch over than, lock the doors, and if I knock out transmat the book back to Aspect."Enzo said.

"Alright, your call."Ghost said as it dropped a book on Enzo's lap.

The Book of Sorrows.

That was its name, and it gave the right impression, an autobiography of one of Enzo's biggest, baddest, and most threatening enemies ever, Oryx the Taken King. Enzo earned this after his fight with Oryx. After seeing the King drift in his own domain, being the last one to leave, Enzo was gifted a book, one that appeared larger than himself. He remembered it clearly.

-King's Fall Raid, 11 Years Ago-

No one was left, the rest of his fireteam had left with their loot to go and flaunt their success. They 5 were the ones to go inside the dreadnought and kill the Taken King, they committed Regicide. Only Enzo remained, rummaging through the remains of what was left. The ashes of the hive littered the ground and bullet mark caked the walls. Tried as he might, nothing was left for Enzo to scavenge. Enzo walked up to the end of the room that looked out to space. Oryx's lifeless corpse was all that occupied that space. Enzo sighed, if there was nothing here than he would have to let it be.

As Enzo summoned his Ghost, the black 'waters' behind him bubbled with ferocity. Enzo pulled out his Hawkmoon and aimed at the bubbling 'water'. Up rose an immense column, wide at its base and taller than himself, Enzo had no idea what it was. Ghost slowly made its way to whatever it was and scanned it.

"It seems to be…a book."Ghost said with some surprise.

"A book?"

"Made by yours truly."Ghost said, referencing Oryx.

"Can you scan it? Copy its data?"

"Give me a sec, done."Ghost said.

"Good, now what should we-"Before Enzo could finish, the 'book' started to evaporate, slowly it turned to ash, just like every other hive.

"I guess nothing."Ghost said.

Enzo looked down at the book, its cover was made of chitin, and the pages were something Enzo couldn't even describe.

-Present Day-

Enzo turned the page, and began to read.

"Three went down into the deep, undoubtedly knowing that their journey could lead to their deaths. But after they'd spend their time in the deep the sisters would come to believe in a new truth their doom could be averted and their people could be saved. Delusions of grandeur perhaps, but the offer of immortality, of the very universe itself surely to refuse such an offer from a superior power would be more than recklessness, it would be madness. The power of the worm gods, their gift, and their salvation was more than simply an escape from Fundament, no; it would be a dedication to the path of death…the path of the sword. Xi Ro who dreamed of becoming a knight would become a general raising legions of untold numbers to crush those who would call themselves foes. Sathona who dreamed of becoming a wise mother would become a master of trickery and secrets betraying ever he own siblings in the name of the deep. And Aurash who believed and dreamed of understand the doom of her father's prophecy. She would do more than simply understand, she would be doom itself, together the three would unleash upon the world above an era that none had ever seen the likes of. They would be scars on the fabric of the universe harbingers of an era of war and unsleeping servants of hatred. As they accepted their gifts, the worm gods told them to spread their larvae amongst the people of the Osmium court, no longer would the Kryll be weak or small, for the rightful heirs were returning and they desire more than mere tribute. No, they desired blood. They would do more than simply save their people, they would rule them. As rightful heirs of the Osmium throne, as it should be, they would no longer be robbed of their rightful place for they would reclaim it. Under the edges of their blades the new found strengths of the deep and their desire for revenge. Bound now to the limitless powers of the deep the sisters were given a new purpose, now they would do more than merely rise and take their revenge. For them there was a new paradigm governing the terms of their new existence, conquest. For that would be their nature, and to refuse it would be death after all as we know too well, even gods can bleed-"

"-oh reader of mine."The figure finished as it looked upon the land it had chosen.

Thralls littered ground, Knights hammered their swords with a tremendous beat, Wizards screeched a terrible noise, and Ogre's roared triumphantly. Any life here was reduced to death and decay in mere moments of arrival.

"We are ready on you command, Xivu Arath."The knight behind her knelt.

"Good, we wait; the servers of light will soon learn what death tastes of."The Knightess hefted her giant sword and turned her back to her massing army.

The skies trembled as Tombships torn open the clouds with their ferocity and ever looming sign of death. Tomorrow would be the lights day of death, and Xivu would personally be the one to behead it. For their sibling…for Oryx.

Tale of An Exo