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Girls Talk

It was a clear sunny day in Camp Half-Blood. No kidding since Apollo became their new camp director. It was stress free for everyone and all were taking the day off since the aftermath of the wae war with Mother Earth herself. Eww. Those authors who said mother earth was kind and caring deserve a slap to the face.

Anyway, Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter hand in hand together, no longer killing each other on sight... It was a blessing and also a curse. The blessing was that the Greeks and Romans became a big happy family.

The curse was that the boys were even more unbearable. See Jercy:

"Do you lift bro?"

"Yes. Why do you ask, bro? Need tips, bro?"

"No. Cause you lift my heart, bro."

"Aww bro."

Things turned worse when Leo joined their bromance. Annabeth swear if she heard another 'bro' she might punched them in the face.

Thank gods for Frank and Nico, some of the only boys that were sane and logical enough to talk to.

And here they were, the girls (Annabeth, Piper, Hazel, Calypso, Reyna) were sitting under Thalia's pine tree, just chilling and keeping an eye in their boyfriends. Percy, Jason and Leo were arguing about 'who got the coolest power' and thankfully Frank and Nico were just sitting at the side watching them argue.

"You know, there's really different boys out there." Piper started out, still looking at the boys.

Well sometime having ADHD was quite the good thing.

"You don't say." Annabeth retorted without any malice.

Calypso chuckled. "Yeah. I bet we could categories them by using mascara and eyeliner."

This prompted a few laughs from the girls, even Reyna let out a laugh.

"Agree." Annabeth said. After the laughing stopped, the blond daughter of Athena said, "Percy would be the kind of guy who can't even differentiate eyeliner and mascara."

"So true. Well...knowing how much of a Superman Jason is, he might the kind of guy that complements the girl on the eyeliner and mascara." Piper said.

It was true though, knowing how much of a boy scout Jason Grace was. Wonder where the personality came from, definitely not from his father, though one might not be so sure with Jupiter because of the whole Greek/Roman personality thing going on with the gods.

"Well..." Calypso mused, mindlessly curling her hair with her fingers. "Believe it or not, but I think Leo's the kind of guy who straight up tell the girl that you are beautiful the way you are." Calypso said with a dust of pink on her face.

"Aww~" were the girls' responses, except for Reyna who don't do aww.

"Guess it's my turn then." Hazel said when all the girls looked at her. "Hmm... Frank will be the kind of guy who let girl put eyeliner and mascara on him without a fuss." Hazel said before giggling at the mental image her mind conjured.

The group of girls was silent before agreeing, as Frank looked more like a giant teddy bear. A Canadian Chinese Teddy Bear.

"How about Nico?" Reyna voiced out as the group of girls turned to check on the boys. Oh look, the three boys were having a show down with their powers.

The group became silence as mused on the topic.

Piper was the first to voice her opinion. "I bet Nico's the kind of guy who is an expert in helping the girl to put on eyeliner and mascara."

The group was silent before all of them burst out laughing, totally agreeing with the daughter of Aphrodite. Then they had to rush towards the boys when they became too serious, with Frank being too afraid to stop in and Nico who was too interest to watch them fight to stop them.

The end...for now.

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