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Just another ADHD day for the demigods all around the world...




"Leo! Leo! Bottom left!"

"Go seaweed brain! On your left!" (Avengers anyone? Or is it right?...meh)

"C'mon Jason! You can do it!"

This was what the two children of Underworld heard even before they entered the Poseidon Cabin.

Nico and Hazel looked at the door, unsure if they should went in or not.

"Should we?" Nico asked, glancing at his sister at the corner of his eyes. "If we die, we die together." Hazel said, going along with her brother's dramatics.

The two of them gathered their courage and pushed open the door.

Seven pairs of eyes, kaleidoscope of colours snapped towards where they were standing.

"...what are you doing?...?" Nico asked tentively at the sight of Percy, Jason and Leo rather... provocative position on a dotted...mat? Hazel looked away, feeling her face going red.

The three boys sprang away before greeting the duo. "Nico! Hazel!"

"Come in. Why are you standing there?" Piper urged them and close the door being them.

Why did they feel like they just fell into a trap?

"What are you playing?" Hazel asked them as the two sat down beside Frank who looked like the safest bet compared to the others.

The three dorks looked at each other before jumping to their dramatic flair.


"To the-"

"21st century-"

"Where games-"

"Have finally-"

"Rule the world!"

And they began to laugh in a totally failed evil laughter.

The look Nico gave them looked drier than the desert in a sunny day.

The girls simultaneous slapped their boyfriends at the back of their heads. It took serious skill to do that.

"This game," Annabeth started to explain, holding a box. "Is called 'Twister'. This is because you have to twist your body in strange angles and outlast the others to win the game."

"Do you want to try? It's quite fun." Calypso said with a smile.

Well...if this coming from goddess who was trapped in an island longer than they were born, her words must be safe. the duo looked at the goddess's angelic yet threatening smile.

"Okay..?" Hazel said, a little bit unsure. She looked at her brother. Nico looked back at her before sighing, knowing that he would also need to participate in this.

"You guys play. I want to stay out for a while. Man, you guys make me sore." Jason complained as he rolled away the kinks in his arms, since he was bulkier compared to Percy's lean body or Leo's smaller body. "That's what she said." Leo muttered quietly to Percy, who snickered. Their girlfriends quickly glared at them for the joke.

"How do you play this game?" Hazel asked, since the words on the box mean nothing to her fud to her ADHD.

" is hard to explain but Leo and Percy can show you guys," Piper said, smiling at the two mentioned boys. "Right?"

Why did Nico and Hazel feel a chill ride up their spine at the smile?

"Right foot red!"

All four of them immediately scrambled towards a red circle, almost getting tangled together.

"Percy! Move your ass!" Leo yelled as he felt the son of Poseidon's bottom closing towards his face, trying to tilt back without falling into a heap.

"Well sorry! Can't move!" Percy yelled, trying very hard not to fall, which is rather difficult compared his size with the other three.

Hazel giggled at their antics while Nico tried to focus on the game by not thinking whose body parts pressing against him.(Not in a sexual way! Get your brain out the gutter! XD)

They went through various commands thrown by their long after Percy finally fell down due to the complicated twist his body cannot do.


His friends so helpfully laughed at his failure. "Such friends guys!" Percy complained as he carefully crawled away from the remaining three demigods still managed to hang on. "And you're suppose to be on my side, not laugh at me!" Percy said, pouting at the still laughing Annabeth.

"Sorry Seaweed brain." Annabeth not-so-sincerely said. "Okay, let's continue. Left hand yellow!"

Nico, Hazel and Leo quickly scrambled for the nearest yellow with their left hands. Nico managed to reach one just before Hazel can, and Leo quickly go for another, leaving Hazel to go reached for a yellow circle, which admittedly was quite far for the daughter of Pluto.

"Come-on Hazel! You can do it!" Piper cheered for the female at the sidelines, the rest following suit. Hazel tried to reach for it, but with her limbs twisted and tangled with Nico and Leo, it was quite hard to do so.

But no matter how hard she tried to reach, her three remaining limbs didn't have any more strength to handle the weight of her whole body, sending her crashing down, just narrowly avoided pulling Leo down with her.

"It's okay Hazel, you did great." Frank said, helping his girlfriend up and say beside him. Hazel just sighed mournfully and leaned her head on Frank's wide shoulder.

"It's you and me now, Death Boy." Leo said, wiggling his eyebrows ridiculously. Nico just raised an eyebrow at the son of Hephaestus. Leo mock gasped. "Eyebrow game is strong on this one."

"Emm... Left foot red!"

The two boys quickly reached for a red circle. They managed to continue on without any of them giving in, so much so that the positions they had throws their bodies twisted in were so hardcore that even Annabeth had to cringed.

It's clear to them that who was going to win, though. Leo looked like he was a twisted wet towel while Nico, amazingly enough, looked like twisting your body into strange positions is no big deal at all..

"Hmm.. Okay, one last round before we go and get lunch. Right hand red!"

This time, Nico did not go for the one closest to him. No. Since this was the last round to decided who will be winning, he went in for the kill. He stretched his pale right arm tho a red circle, just conviently the closest to Leo, and also preventing Leo from easily reaching for a red circle without seriously having to twist your body into a really painful position. It took a toll on his own body too, but he has handled worse anyway.

And it seemed that Leo knew at as well, judging buy the glared aimed at him. "Hey! You sly little..."Leo muttered curses as he tried fruitlessly to reach for a red circle. The remaining audience looked on.

Leo reached...

And reached...

And reached... so close!

"Hey guys it's lunch time! What are you guys doing...?" The door banged opened to reveal Will Solace.

The bang startled the son of Hephaestus, resulting him tho fall down due to shock. "Dammit! I am so close too..." The Latino pouted , laying down in his chest downwards, too tired to get back up. Calypso patted Leo on the head.

"Do you need help getting up?" Will asked the fallen Latino in concern while helping his own boyfriend up, not that he needed anyway. Leo mumbled dejectedly, ignoring the son of Apollo. "Come on up, sore loser. Let's get some lunch." Calypso said without any heat.

Everyone got up and headed to the dining pavilion for lunch. It was when everyone was sitted at the Hades table that Leo bought up one topic.

"Yeah...How do you get so flexible anyway?" Leo pouted, still a little bit sore at his lost. He was so close too! Calypso just patted him on the shoulders like she was sure to it.

Everyone turned their attention to the son of Hades, also interested to know too. Nico squirmed a little bit under all the attention. "Well...Bianca used to take gymnastic lessons. And every time she went home she would teaches me too..." Nico explained with a hint of sadness behind.

Leo winced slightly at the touchy subject. "Oops. Sorry for bringing up." The son of Hephaestus apologized. Nico shook his head. "Nah. It's okay. It doesn't really hurt now when I think of her." He said looking down on his food, knowing that Percy and Annabeth would be looking at him with guilty expressions.

"After all, I got you guys now, isn't it?" Nico said as he flashed them a quick smile before looking down and nibbled on his pizza.




"Ooooo! Neeks! Did you just smile?!" Will said in estascy, hugging at the cinnamon roll of a boyfriend he got.

"You just did!"

"Do it again! Awww you look so adorable!"

Well...There's always the two dorks to lift the moods- Percy and Jason.

"Hey! I look cute too! Hel-low!"

...And Leo too.

The end...

Author's note: Well guys, sorry for making you to wait for so long. The inspiration bunny ran off and exam is a near. So you guys don't really need to wait for me to update. I will only write it when inspiration hits like how bricks hit Jason. Irregular updates.

Criticism needed! Ideas too.

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