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Among the bustling festive streets of a small town named Sainan, a young boy with golden brown eyes and orange-brown hair was being dragged by his little sister, who has a similar appearance to her brother. The boy looked exhausted due to being dragged around for the whole festival.

"Mikan! I can't keep up with you running like this!" The young boy cried out.

His pleas fell on deaf ears as she continues to pull her brother. He couldn't blame her really, being one of the few rare occasion where they get to go out without their parents unable to come back from work. Though he did wonder how he has not collapse yet after running for about half an hour. Reaching the store that his little sister wants to visit, he waits for his sister patiently as she was choosing which item she wants. Glancing around, he noticed a blue tent with a sign on top of the entrance.

'Hm? Throne of Heroes? What an odd name for a festive store. Maybe I should check it out since Mikan's taking her time.'

The boy looked back to his sister and noted she's still choosing. Trusting that she will be safe for now, he walked into the store. Inside the store, it was rather dark and the only source of light is the table chandelier on the desk. Behind the desk sits an old man with a black coat.

"Welcome to Throne of Heroes, the place where kids like you can be a hero." The man said. "May I know your name boy?"

"Rito Yuuki."

"I see... Well since you're the very first customer for I'll let you become a hero free of charge!"

Free of charge?! Sign him up! "Really?! What do I do to become a hero? Tell me, tell me!"

"Well kid before we start, let me ask you a question. What is a hero and what do they do?"

Rito placed his hand on his chin, pondering how to answer the question. It didn't take long for him to reach his answer since he tends to admire many kinds of heroes.

"A hero is someone who saves and help everyone. A hero is someone we admire and honor."

The old man laughed immediately, which offended Rito. He pouts at him but due to Rito being young, it looks adorable.

"Relax kid, I mean no offense," the old man waved his hand. "Well, you are right," he continued. "That's the general idea of a hero but..."


"But even heroes are humans. They make mistakes, they commit some sinful acts, some are not honorable, and last but not least, they can't save everyone."

"If they can't save everyone then at least they can save the ones he loves."

A smile crept up to the old man's lips as he took out a deck of cards under his desk and placed it on the table.

Each card is bronze in color and has different pictures printed on it. Rito got confused and looked at the old man. The old man simply gestured him to pick one of them and he complied silently.

The first card he picked depicts a Knight with what looks like a claymore, drawn and ready.

"Ah, that my child is the Saber class. Knight of the Swords and Heroic Spirit of the Sword. A jack-of-all-trades warrior. Agile and powerful in close quarters. They are extremely adept at swordsmanship."

"So they are the knights from the movies?"

The old man nodded with a frown and bitter smile.

"Some, but not all, unfortunately. Remember kid, Sabers are not the only ones that are great with swords and not all of them are honorable. In fact, one of them is titled the Knight of Treachery."

"Even if they are dishonorable, it is their duty to do everything for the right reason. It is their job to protect those they love even if it means to betray someone."

"I can't agree more, your answer is worth pondering. Is it okay to do wrong for the right reason and vice versa. To be a hero you need to keep this in mind."

Rito stared at the card and he felt as if he was wielding a sword. Cold yet beautiful, heavy and sharp and powerful. Nodding, the boy picked his second card that is next to the where the Saber card was.

The card that he pick this time has a man holding a spear, ready to strike at the moments notice.

"That is the Lancer class, Knight and Heroic Spirits of Lance. Gifted with agility and proficient in hit-and-run tactics as well as ranged melee weapons like lance and spears. Even with all those above for some odd reason, they are extremely unlucky, some go as far as becoming a lightning conductor."

Rito giggled at that statement, "Even if something ridiculous does happen, it won't stop them because they rely on their skills, not luck. Not every battle is determined by luck and skill is all they need. Nothing is set in stone if you work hard enough to perfect your skills."

"Well said. You're smart for a kid of your age by the way."

Rito tilted his head in confusion but decided to shrug it off. He just said what he felt was right after all.

Rito looked at the Lancer card with concentration and he felt it. Long, thin and sturdy with a sharp tip that pierces even the worst situations. Decided to continue his card picking, he draws out a card which a man has his bow and arrow drawn, looking upwards as if an imaginary target is there.

"That is Archer class. Knight and Heroes that disposes their target with their excellent archery. Too bad they are usually very independent and many times were loners."

Rito looked at the card with a sad face, "They must be very lonely. To hunt their prey by concealing themselves, hiding from eyes of everyone. Never understood nor honored."

This time the old man did not give his comment, simply smiled at him. Rito observed the card again, feeling the presence of the weapon that represents the class. A bow that is made of wood, strong and resilient. An arrow that is thin and sharp, swift like the wind and strong like the storm. Noticing the boy was staring at the card slightly longer than usual, the old man cough to bring Rito's attention back. Without hesitation, Rito quickly draws the fourth card. An image of a rider on his chariot preparing to ride after his enemy.

"The Rider class, mounted Knights and Heroic Spirit of the Mount. Riding fearlessly into battle with mounts that are so great that one is unable to picture them without thinking about their mounts."

"Basically they go into battle with a horse right?"

"Pegasus and dragons are included."

Flying horses and dragons included?! "That's so cool!"

"Yes. Unfortunately for them, they are always at the disadvantage because there is not enough space for them to use their mounts."

Rito looks up to the old man with a grin,"Who cares! Give me the challenge and I will conquer it! The prize will be mine!" He said excitedly as he pumped his fist into the air.

"Well, if you're up for the challenge."

Rito can felt his heart pumping. The feeling of riding on a rein to conquer a challenge, the excitement to challenge the unknown is in his mind. Rito picked his next card and looked at it. The card has a cloak old man with a stave and gives off a wise aura.

"My favorite class! The Caster class, the Magus, and Heroes of Magic and Sorcery. They are the ones who are highly adept in magic that is highest in caliber, like me."

"So magic is actually real?! Can you show me your magic please?"

Rito looked at him with gleaming eyes and the old man was fazed a little bit. 'No no no, don't give in. He's a boy, not a girl,' he thought to himself.

"I would if I could, but the problem is that I might unable to come back here since I'm new here."

Rito looks like a puppy that was kicked, "Well that sucks," he said in disappointment. "At least I know magic is real, all I need is to be smart and become as great as them!"

Looking back at the Class Card, he felt something foreign coursing through his body. It is powerful yet dangerous, foreign yet welcoming as it becomes part of him. Proceeding to the next card, revealed a man with skull mask doing a mid-air backflip.

"The Assassin class. Now before you make an assumption, I'm sure you know ninjas like Ryu Hayabusa right? He can be considered as an Assassin hero."

"I see..." Rito mumbled, "...but to take life means they need to understand what is life. They must be been through tough situations where they need to kill to save many. I hate to see people die but if I have to, at least I make it painless for the victim."

"I see you take it really well, the concept of kill to save many is always engraved into them. It is part of their life to draw blood and become the evil figure to save everyone. After all, some heroes were villains for some people."

Rito stared at the card and felt it. Blood. Warmblood that flows on a knife, indicating that a life has been reaped, that a mission has been accomplished to save many. He took a deep breath and proceed to the last card. The moment he looked at it, he became horrified. What was seen can only be described as an abomination, a mad beast.

"W-wh-what? What is this?" He quickly looked at the old man, trying to look away whatever was printed on the card.

The old man made a saddened sigh and looked at Rito.

"That is the Berserker class, heroes who had fallen into their grief, madness or bloodlust. Most of them fall into the category of grief though."

Rito looked at the card sadly, more than when he looked at the Archer card. "They lose into insanity because of losing something precious. I think I might become one too if someone dared to take my sister."

Rito could feel the madness, the bloodlust, and grief. Nothing could describe their sadness perfectly but all Rito can do now was placing down the card on the desk.

"Now then, since I've explained all the classes, which hero do you want to be? Think wisely, this is a life decision."

Rito glance between the cards and the old man and start thinking. After some conflicting thoughts, he nodded and looks at the old man with determination.

"All of them."

The old man got caught surprised, "Wha-"

"I said all of them. I want to be all kinds of hero."

The old man looks at Rito with surprise and then burst into a hysterical laughter.

"Interesting boy! Interesting!" He roared and slowly calmed down. "But unfortunately for you, I can't give all of them at once."

"Eh? Why not? If I become all kinds of hero I can save as many people as I want." He doesn't get it, why was it impossible? Was it because he's not worthy?

"Well, I got a business to run so if I just go ahead and give these," he pointed at the deck, "free of charge how am I going to get profit?"

Rito immediately understood and looked disappointed. "However," the old man turn the deck face down again and took three of the cards. He placed one of them inside a box and gave it to the boy, including the two cards. "I can give you these since you give me good answers."

The boy looked at the card and grinned happily. 'It's Archer and Castor.' "How about the box?"

"Oh, that? I've placed a spell that once you're worthy of using it, it will open itself. So go prove yourself okay?"

"Yes! Thank you for everything Ojii-san."

Rito grinned happily and left then the tent. The old man turned around and smiled, his body slowly disintegrate into blue nodes as he slowly moved his existence to another timeline.

"I have high hope for keeping me interested, kid. Today your fate has walked into a new path, Rito Yuuki." He looked at the Class Cards and grinned. "Now then... who's next."

Thus his fate change

No longer the story is about a boy with love trouble

It's about a hero with troubles that will risk everything he has

My name is Rito Yuuki(or Yuuki Rito), current King of Deviluke and apprentice of Shirou Emiya

That day marks the beginning of my life changing experience


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Well, this is more or less the new prologue. I'm sure you can tell some difference here and there for the old readers so I hope this will be better. The next chapter will NOT start from the cannon yet so look forward to it.

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