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With that, let's begin the story.

[Summer, 2016]

"This should do," Rito said as he closed the cover of the air conditioner and carefully got down from the stairs. "It's not a permanent solution so you should either call a legit repairman or buy a new one." Rito elaborated to the black haired girl.

"I see," she nodded then sighed. "I will talk to the principal about the current situation then." She showed an open grimace as she remembers the principle's behavior. Afterall, for as "wise" as the man was, it doesn't excuse the man's behavior at all. "I don't look forward to this."

"Me either," Rito cringed. He doesn't like the principle at all. Whoever handed the position of principle to that man, Rito would want a serious talk to him. And probably take him down if he can travel back in time just to save all the girls from his sexual harassment.

"Thank you for your help again, Yuuki Rito." She said in a stoic voice.

"Well, it's my only way to apologize for all those... 'incidents' I gave you in the past." He chose his words carefully, yet it still offends the girl as she narrowed her eyes.

"Don't think you're forgiven just because you helped the student council. No matter how hard you try, I will still monitor your behavior."

'At least I tried. Guess I'll still be under her eyes.' Rito thought.

"Now get back to class already, unless you want to have more offenses on your record."

"Yeah, yeah. I'm going back now Kotegawa-san." Rito placed back all the tools he used into a black toolbox and took it. He turned back to Kotegawa as he opened the door. She's still glared at him and wanted to say something, only to be beaten by a second.

"You know if you keep glaring at me like that..." he went to the other side of the door, ready to dash off. "I think I'll fall for those eyes." As soon as he finished that, he quickly dash away.

Her embarrassment could be heard even though he was far away from the science lab. It was clear she became so flustered that she lost all of her composure, thus yelling with incoherent words. Rito chuckled but immediately stopped as he realized he just made his relationship with the Student Council President even worse.

'Dammit, what the hell was I thinking?'

He merely sighed and continued his way to the classroom. As soon as he turned the last corner to his classroom, he knocked into someone. He was going to apologize but the moment he saw the one who he knocked into, he held his breath and blushed.

It was a girl with blue hair and purple eyes, she has quite a cute complexion which most boys seem to like. She wears a red vertical hair clip on the left of her head and the female school uniform of Sainan High. She landed on her butt, thus causing Rito to accidentally saw her panties.

"I- I am sorry Sairenji-san," he quickly looked away held out his hand. If Rito did not look away, he would have seen her blushing.

"Ah it's okay, I'm not hurt or anything really," she took his hand and stood up.

An awkward silence fell as they stared at each other, feeling wanting to say something but too shy to do so. They desired each other, only to backed off by their self-predicting negative outcome. They continued until they heard the bell rang, signifying it was time for their class.

Rito and Haruna silently thanked the deities that happened, else they might unable to handle each other's presence and run away.

"L-let's go back to class, I don't to be grilled by Kotegawa-san again."

"Y-yeah, lets."

They walked side by side silently as they came from the same class. The air slowly became awkward once more and Rito's nervous mood doesn't help him either.

"Uhh, Yuuki-kun," Haruna broke the silence and made Rito yelped.

"What is it."

"Where were you during lunch? I was thinking you went to tend the flowers. But then you mentioned Kotegawa-san just now."

Rito took a few seconds to register her question and quickly replied. "Oh, she asked me to fix the air conditioner in the science lab."


"Yeah, turns out ever since a lizard got stuck inside the blades and temporarily jammed it, it kind of damaged the motor part. Not only that but the machine was quite old already so it needs to be either be replaced or fixed by a repairman."

Haruna sighed, relieved that there's nothing happened between Rito and Yui. If that ever happened, however, she would be devastated. Rito was somewhat confused by it but shrugged it off.

"I assume that Kotegawa-san will ask the Headmaster to buy a new one right?" Rito nodded and grimaced with Haruna. They said no more as they knew about the headmaster's behavior. When they arrived, Rito opened the door and let Haruna in first, who thanked him.

'Maybe today is not the day...' Rito thought as he listened to the class.

Far away from Earth, a lone spaceship sped through the vast space faster than the speed of light. There was no definite goal as to where the ship was going, even by the pilot. All they care right now was escaping their chaser.

Unfortunately for them, at the tail of their ship were as two pods that were going as fast if not faster than the spaceship. In each pod was a man who had one goal in mind, capture the ship. They slowly catching up with their target causing the pilot to panic.

"No, not like this! I won't let them catch me like this!" The pilot quickly punched some buttons on the control panel and pushed a red thrust lever. The ship slowed down, causing the pods to catch up to it. But suddenly it glows and shot off into the nothingness, losing their chaser once more.

Both men looked disbelieved as their target disappeared once more, most likely due to the pilot activating its hyperdrive. One of the men pushed a red button on his control panel, reconnecting the communication to their superior.

"She's gone, sir."

"Where?" a gravelly voice spoke.

"We're not sure sir. She went hyperdrive when we're very close to her."

"Dammit, so all is lost!?"

"No sir," the second man said in an attempt to calm the voice down. "If my memories serve me right, there should be a tracker equipped inside the ship, provided the princess removed it but I highly doubt so as she leaves in a hurry. We can track her down if you give us the coordinate sir."

The voice stayed silent for a moment before speaking again. "Very well, I'll send both of you the coordinates to pursue her. Make sure this time counts."

"I'm home," Rito said as soon as he walked into his home. He saw Mikan watching 'Magical Girl Kyoko-chan' while eating a potato chip.

"Oh, welcome back Rito," she said while turning to Rito. "Oto-san said he will be home late again today."

"Okay. Mind if you prepare the bath for me, Mikan? I'll be down here later."

Rito went back to his room on the second floor and plopped down on his bed. He removed his green colored tie and closed his eyes to rest for a moment.

It was never his fault

"A murder has occurred in the neighborhood of Sainan Residential Area during the Summer Festival..."

They tried to steal her away

"The victims were shot in the head by a projectile. But we, the police force, were unable to identify what it was as there were no bullets whatsoever."

It was natural to fight to take back what belongs to him


I'm sorry...

"Kill one to save many, that's how I always live by, boy. There's nothing great about being a hero. You either shed blood to save some or let everyone die."

No, I will not become just like you. No matter what.

"Rito, the bath's ready." Mikan called her brother while knocking his room's door.

There was silence for a moment before she could hear him taking his clothes. He opened the door and smiled at Mikan as soon as he saw her in front of his door.

"Thanks, Mikan." He said and pet her on the head. Normally she would swat his hand away and tell him not to do it again. This would often make him laugh at her embarrassed expression and went off to do his business. This time, however, she couldn't help but felt his brother was disturbed by something. Especially since his eyes were unfocused. What it was she never knew but she knew that it somehow involves her.

"Don't you have dinner to cook? You don't want to have me hog the kitchen for myself don't you." Rito gave her a smug look which causes her to fume slightly. "I swear, one day, ONE DAY, I will beat you in cooking Rito."

Rito only chuckled and went downstairs, where the bath was.

'Well, whatever it was, I hope Onii-chan will tell me someday or at least solve it before it gets worst."