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Chapter 1 - Salazzle

As soon as professor Kukui had explained to me what he wanted me to research, I quickly rummaged through my pack and took out my Ride Pager. With the click of a button, I was flying via Charizard across Alola to Akala Island. After the brisk ride, Charizard flew back to his home while I started traversing the rocky path around Wela Volcano Park. The volcano loomed above me, massive in all its glory. The robust grass was a surprising contrast from the lush green counterparts of other regions of the island: light brown and dead-looking, but not to its detriment. For a good while I ascended the path, eventually reaching my destination partway up the volcano. As expected, Kiawe was practicing with his Marowaks, the group performing strange but practiced movements. Not wanting to intrude, I waited a minute before their dances ended.

"Good afternoon, Kiawe. I'm one of professor Kukui's assistants." I told the fiery trial captain as he walked off of his platform.

"Anyone who's a friend of the professor is a friend of me. What's up?" He asked.

"I was sent to, well, learn about moves. Surprise to no one." I chuckled.

"He never changes does he?" Kiawe gave a hearty smile. "Probably about Marowak, huh?"

I nodded. "Something about its signature moves."

"Alright. Let me think for a second..." He paused, nodding when he came up with his answer. "I don't think any other Pokemon know Shadow Bone. That's probably what he's going for."

"Sounds about right. What does it do?" I queried, pulling out a notepad so I could record what he was saying.

"Well... it's decently strong. I'd say a bit stronger than a Shadow Ball, maybe. Not as strong as Earthquake though. One of the things I've noticed too is that it tends to sometimes chip away at a Pokemon's defenses."

'Between 80 and 100 power then and a potential defense drop... Sounds about right.' I thought to myself.

"Okay Kiawe, I think I got it now. Thanks for your help!"

"Of course kid." He responded. "Feel free to come back any time."

"I'll keep that in mind." I replied as I left.

As I started going down the path, I decided to take an alternate path down the other side of the volcano. I was already here, why not sightsee? This side of the volcano had a stunning view of the ocean, it's sparking beauty present below me. My walk was suddenly interrupted by some sort of clunk coming from the volcano. I turned my head around to see a dimly lit cave. 'Maybe I can find some more data for the professor.' I thought to myself as I entered the cave.


I followed the twisting turns for a good minute or so before I finally saw light. Something I had not expected was the appearance of a Pokemon. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before. This unique specimen was a lizard only slightly shorter than me, but a lot more lean. When she spoke, I could tell very obviously that it was female.

"Hello there, trainer. How's your day been?" She said in a rich voice, almost sultry. I shook off the thought though.

"Average. Not much exciting has happened." I answered, pulling out my Pokedex to get an entry on her. "Salazzle, the toxic lizard Pokemon. For some reason, only females have been found. It creates a reverse harem of male Salandit that it lives with. Filled with pheromones, its poisonous gas can be diluted to use in the production of luscious perfumes." It read. The Salazzle licked her lips.

Sure enough, the air had a pleasant scent to it. "Doesn't it smell nice?" She told me. I nodded. "Feel free to breathe in as much as you want. It's just such a good smell, right? You probably don't want to stop sniffing it." She encouraged. Who was I to resist such a generous offer? I sat down, taking a few deep breaths. I noticed the scent was getting progressively stronger. My head started pleasantly swimming, my cock swelling in my pants. Each breath I took in made me more and more horny. Soon enough, my cock was threatening to tear apart my pants. Just as I thought I would lose my mind to the pheromones, I summoned what willpower I had left to clog my nose with my hand and prevent any intake.

"Silly boy. You can't hold in your breath forever." She said in that honeyed voice of hers. "Soon enough you'll realize how needy you really are." She giggled, sauntering over to me.

'God, how am I horny? She's a Pokemon... A fucking Pokemon!' I scorned myself mentally. In my turmoil, her slim figure had already approached me.

"These Male Salandits are just too dull. I need more." She practically moaned out the last word. Without hesitation, she sat down flat on my lap. My pant-strained member was encased in her extremely tight snatch, her juices already starting to drip onto my pants. She gave a few experimental hip thrusts. I, much to my dismay, moaned and my penis got even more rigid. "Stop..." I replied weakly, my response inhibited by reluctance and pleasure.

"Listen to your cock, trainer. It wants to play, don't you?" She flipped over, her lust-filled eyes meeting my confused ones. She slowly slid a hand down my chest, slender fingers eventually coming in contact with my manhood. She gave a few pumps, a few drops of precum dribbling out in excitement. "Ooh, what's this?" She smiled with half-closed eyes and flicked a finger teasingly over the tip of my cock. She then brought her finger up to her mouth, wrapping her tongue around it several times sensually before bringing the cum to her mouth. She licked it up then proceeded to lick her lips. "Delicious~"

Eventually, she decided to stop teasing and, with the help of her sharp claws and precise movements, quickly tore my pants and underwear to shreds. I opened my mouth to protest but I was stopped when a slender finger entered my mouth. I instinctively sucked on it, finding a pleasant and musky taste on it. "Mmm..."

"You like that, huh?" She giggled. "Straight from my sopping pussy." I blushed furiously. "Trust me. If you'd just give in already, you could have as much of that as you wanted. Give in, please~?" She pleaded.

I shook my head, doing my best to resist her charm. Despite the pheromones not being applied I still felt horny as hell.

"You'll learn eventually." She stated, then proceeded to change the subject with a laugh. "I've never had man-meat inside me. Here goes nothing." She explained before dropping down on my bare cock. I gave a gasp, the tight feeling by far the most pleasurable thing I had ever experienced.

"That's a good boy... Just sit back and let me do the work..." She commanded before starting to bounce on me. Due to her lithe form, she was able to ride me with ease. I could've struggled, but I simply didn't want to. My mind was in a pleasant haze from her vagina, lack of breath, and the pheromones. All I could do was sit back as the irresistible lizard plunged my manhood inside of her member continuously. Every hip motion from her elicited another cry of pleasure from me. Soon enough, my cock started to throb excitedly.

"Mmm~ Man, I really want some cum... And my adorable little boy is about to provide it for me..." She smiled, picking up the pace as she rode me at an unfathomable pace, her hips like a powerful piston. Soon enough, the pleasure was unbearable. My jaw dropped as I moaned out loud, a wave of pleasure flooding me as I started jetting thick ropes of cum into the Salazzle.

As I opened my mouth, my nose was exposed to her pheromones once again. The scent flooded my nostrils, rendering me incapable of any thought. "Poor, mindless trainer. My scent has taken over your mind. How does it feel, being mine to control?" She asked, the statement a rhetorical question. I couldn't possibly answer when my mind was reduced to only primal instincts.

The Salazzle got off of my cock and spread her legs, her pussy emanating the fumes. My mind was blank as I ripped my shirt off like a complete animal, kneeling down for my new mistress. She tantalizingly spread her pussy lips, and I couldn't help but dive down and start to lick at her folds. She held my face against her womanhood using her hands, my world reduced to only her pussy. It was everything. My tongue delved deep into her, eager to explore and find more of her delectable juices. Her musky scent continued to assault my nostrils, a pleasurable pulsing affecting my entire being, especially my cock, which was still rock hard. My instincts controlled more and more of me, my pace becoming animalistic as my inhibitions were whisked away.

"Keep going... I want you to drink up all of my cum, alright? I know how much you enjoyed it before!" She moaned out, her voice strained from pleasure. I nodded as best as I could, not wanting to take my mouth away from her delicious pussy. Her legs shook rapidly and before long she moaned out herself, a steady flow of her liquids being released. Following Salazzle's command, I drank up all of her fluids with a smile. The pheromones receded, and I pulled my head away.

"Now while I could easily keep you for myself, I'm feeling generous today. So I will travel with you. Only if, however, I stay in your party at all times and we fuck whenever I say so." She stood up, hands on her hips, waiting expectantly for an answer.

After such an experience, I didn't think I could live without Salazzle's lithe form or her irresistible pheromones. I accepted without a second thought.

"Now let's get you cleaned up and get going." She smiled, leaping on me and assaulting me with long licks. I laughed uncontrollably, my party now slightly larger.