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Decided to try a MHA OC story, hope you like it.

Doryu's POV

"You have your glasses right." Mom asked.

"Of course, I do, I'm wearing them." I rolled my eyes.

"Okay." She kissed my forehead "Good luck, I know you'll do great."

"Thanks." I headed out and threw my one chest strap backpack across my body and zipped up my racing jacket and headed out, I fixed my sunglasses and started going. My outfit and appearance were normal for me, yellow and black racing jacket, jeans, sneakers, my black hair was short and buzzed and my body was pretty toned, most girls liked my looks.

My name is Doryu, and today I'm taking the entrance exam at U.A, a school for people who want to be heroes, which is just what I want be. There's someone I have to be a hero because of. I was raised by a single mom, whoever my father was he was gone before I was even around, as far as I'm concerned, he's a piece of garbage that I want nothing to do with, unfortunately his quirk mixed with my Mom's to make what I have as mine, but more on that later. Mom was still in High School when I was born so she gave up any chance to have a normal adult life for me.

Just because I didn't have a Dad growing up didn't mean I didn't have a male influence, my Uncle, Mom's brother, has always been more of a Father to me, and he's a hero, so I want to be one too, so I can be like him.

"So, this is it…" I looked up at the towering buildings of the school "This is the place Uncle Shouta works…"

"You're late." The man in question walked by.

"Uncle Shouta." I smiled.

"Don't call me that in public." He groaned "It's Mr. Aizawa when I'm at work."

"Oh, right sorry."

"Whatever." He sighed "Don't fail, it would be really embarrassing for me if my nephew flunked the entrance exam."

"Don't worry I'll knock this exam out of the park." I nodded fixing my sunglasses.

"You're not gonna do anything standing out here, go inside already." He sighed walking off "See you later."

"You should smile more you know!" I yelled turning around and walking the opposite direction.

I headed in and followed the signs that pointed to an auditorium, I found and open seat next to one girl with strange tube like attachments dangling where her earlobes should be, one was even plugged into her phone.

"Hello." I gave her a greeting and a smiled.

"hmm." She gave me a half acknowledging nod, more focused on the music coming out of her phone.

"You're not much of a talker are you." I sighed.

"I don't really talk to loser punks who wear sunglasses inside." She scoffed.

"Tsk." I clicked my tongue a bit "At least I would have unplugged my headphones when someone spoke to me. The sunglasses at least add to my mysterious attractiveness."

"Oh, do they." She half laughed.

"I think they do!" Another girl giggled sitting next to us on my left side.

This girl was stranger, she had pink skin and hair, black eyes, little antler like growths on her head and a very bright personality.

"Hi I'm Mina, Mina Ashido." She smiled shaking my hand.

"Doryu Aizawa." I smiled shaking back.

Her hands…they feel sticky.

"Even if the lights are on I think you look cool with those sunglasses on." She smiled wide "I think it makes you mysterious."

"See she gets it." I told the other girl.

"Pfft." She rolled her eyes.

"What's your name?" Mina asked the other girl.

"Kyouka Jirou." She sighed "Will you two leave me alone?"

"She's not very fun is she." Mine pouted.

"She's probably just nervous about the exam and wants to get focused." I explained.

"Ohh that makes sense." The girl tapped a finger on her chin.

"Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen!" a man yelled walking out onto the stage.

"I think it's starting." I leaned back a bit in my chair.

"Oh, it's Present Mic." Mina clapped "I love him, he's very popular."

"Hmm." I nodded and kept listening.

"Listen up examinees!" he yelled "Cause about to give you the run down! Pay attention cause we're gonna be testing your skills by running a ten-minute practice drill in one of our replica cities. You can take whatever you want with you just gather in your listed area okay."

"Which one are you in." Mina asked.

"Looks like…D." I smiled.

"Oh, me too, how lucky." She clapped.

"I got the same one." Jirou sighed.

"It's a good sign I bet." Mina smiled.

The explanation of the exam was rather simple, bash as many bots as possible to score points. It was a score attack minigame. Some poindexter looking guy asked a ton of questions and even called out one poor kid for talking, he was taking things super seriously.

I guess a lot of different people have a lot of different reasons to wanna be a hero…this guy's super serious about this but some people look so relaxed.


"Okay I can't wait." Mina jumped in place.

"Yeah, I just wanna get this over with, this test isn't gonna be easy." I fixed my glasses "Especially with my powers."

"I bet you can do something interesting." Jirou tied her shoes next to us "Mysterious guys like you always have weird tricks up their sleeves."

"Finally opening up." I smirked taking my jacket off and putting it in my bag "Is it because you noticed how much of a stud I am."

"What of course not!" she turned away "A-As if!"


"Already!" Jirou stumbled forward.

"Here." We go I followed her.

My powers won't work as well on the machines as they do on people…this'll be tough.


I looked over and saw Mina spin in place and globs of strange goo shot out and splattered across the machines, hissing and corroding the metal.

"GRAA!" Jirou's earplug poked into a Machine and suddenly a loud bump rang out and tore it to pieces.

"They've got some unique looking powers." I hummed stepped out after them.


One of the higher-level robots skidded around the corner and careened in our direction.

"I need to get close to jack in and send my waves into it." Jirou said "I don't wanna get smashed getting close to something that big."

"It'll take too much to melt it." Mina nodded backing up.

"I guess that means it's my turn." I took my glasses off and closed my eyes "The optical camera is in the center of its head right I asked.

"Yeah, just open your eyes and look!" Jirou snapped.

"Sorry I had to make sure I got around you two first." I opened my eyelids and stared at the robot, my eyes slitting like a lizard "Look into my eyes!"


"Look out!" Mina yelled when the Robot pulled back to punch me.

"GRR!" I glared and there was a hard grinding sound as the machine froze in place, it's body turning a pale grey as all the joints and other parts locked in place.

"What the…It's…rock?" Jirou touched the robot.

"Right." I put my sunglasses back on "My Quirk is Stone Eyes, like the mythical Medusa anyone who looks me in the eye will be turned into unbreakable stone, unfortunately when used on a living creature it only lasts until I blink, but with a machine it's permanent. Another downside is that I can't turn it off, which is why I wear these glasses to block the particles that come from my eyes and turn people to stone, it's not a big deal since blinking breaks the curse anyway but it's annoying to have someone freeze six times in one sentence of a conversation."

Mom has a Quirk called Stunning Gaze the freeze a person she's looking at in place, and she said my father had a Quirk that gave him skin like stone, these combined to give me my Stone Eye powers.

"Enough chatting." Jirou turned around "We have an exam to finish."

"Right, all three of us have to pass." I took off down another street.

"Let's all pass and meet up once school starts!" Mina cheered going down a different path.

I can't fail at this point, I'm going all out.

A week later.

"You got a letter today." Mom smiled "I think it's from school, are you gonna open it."

"I guess I should." I opened the letter "Dear Mr. Doryu Aizawa, you showed great promise in both the skills test, scoring 56 points and placing 10th in your class, and the academic test as well, combined with your recommendation from a faculty member you have been happily accepted to U.A, we hope you will join us in the coming spring semester as a member of class 1-A. Enclosed are some forms we ask you fill out as soon as possible. The faculty looks forward to your arrival."

"I…made it." I smiled.

"I knew you could do it." Mom hugged me "That's my boy!"

I did it, my first step to success.


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Next Time- First Day of School! (Chapter 5)

I went back and forth about what to make Do's power, I wasn't sure if the Stone Gaze would be too OP so I tried to give it weak points like needing to look directly into his eyes and the blinking freeing the victim. In terms of appearance I modeled his outfit after Cole in the first Infamous game. In terms of personality I wanted to make him be confident in his looks in a way that doesn't come off as douchey like Aoyama, but also makes him both loved and hated by most girls, I'm not really going for the whole harem story but I did want to mess around with many of the girls swooning over him a bit, I'm not sure who would be his specific love interest, personally I think Mina is best girl but I like Jirou, Momo and a bunch of the others too, so it will be fun to play around with that.

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