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Bold is for Attacks

Doryu's POV

"Hello, Hello." Kendo said as I ran into her while out for a morning walk.

"Well hello." I laughed "What brings you out here?"

"Looks like the same as you, getting a little exercise in, now that the festival is over, I need to make sure I'm back in fighting shape."

"You make it sound like you slept the whole time and suddenly are super weak." I laughed.

She smiled at that.

"How have you been feeling?" She asked.

"Okay." I told her "Still adjusting as usual, I'm not back to 100%, heck not even 50% but not going blind is nice."

"If only you could have seen me in my pretty dress for the show." She said.

"Somehow I get the feeling you preferred the way it went down." I joked.

"Well…I don't know you know I'm not super into all that girly stuff like makeup and dresses." She said "Still, I was glad you liked it."

"No problem." I said slowing down "So I heard we might be doing a class exercise together."

"Oh?" She tilted her head "Eavesdropping on the teachers?"

"Nothing like that." I laughed "They mentioned it in the past and I heard my Uncle saying something about it coming up now that the Festival is over."

"Well it could be fun, working together or against each other should be interesting." She said "But I don't plan on holding back or letting you show me up."

"I wouldn't want you to." I smiled "If anything I figure you'd try and show off even more than usual to impress me."

"Well, yeah I'd do that to." She laughed.

Kendo joined me for the rest of my run before we got back to the dorms.

"Oh, look who's out getting all hot and sweaty." Setsuna came out "You two really must have worked up a sweat."

"What are you implying?" I asked.

"HAHAHA!" She laughed "Oh nothing like that I'm sure."

"Quit being such a weirdo." Kendo said "We just went for a run."

"What I didn't say anything." She flashed her sharp teeth "Don't be so nervous Kendo."

"Well I need to get back to my own dorm." I said "I'm sure I will be seeing you ladies around."

I said my goodbyes and went back to my own dorm. I was looking forward to the interclass exercise, I had made some more adjustments to my costume and gear that would hopefully help. My sight was still bad though so I was hoping to take it as easy as I could in order to avoid and issues, plus since my quirk is so support and restraint focus I was hoping these adjustments would allow me to avoid getting in the way and keep up in more combat oriented situations.

Of course, when I got back, I was hounded as usual, but I was just happy to have so many people around me looking out for me and caring about me. Growing up it was just me and Mom, but having so many friends now it was nice to just be around.


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