Virgil Hawkins is your average, everyday highschool teenager; smart, social, and a superhero in-training. Virgil was previously kidnapped by the Reach; an alien organization whose sole purpose was to conquer planets with their scarab technology. The Reach were trying to unlock the Metagene in human beings. The Metagene is a repressed DNA trait that can give human beings superpowers. The reach wanted to weaponized those with the gene so that they could take over the Earth. But, thanks to the help of Static and others whose abilities were unlocked, the Earth was saved.

During the invasion, Virgil had met Black Lightning, a fellow electrically-powered hero. The two had worked together to destroy the Reach's pods. Seeing the young man's potential, Black Lightning offered to be Virgil's mentor. Virgil accepted the offer, adopting the code name Static. For the next three months, Static had been training with the team and Black Lightning to control his powers. After a month on the team, Lightning had allowed Static to join team missions. Eventually, Lightning revealed his secret identity, Jefferson Pierce, to Virgil. The two had grown close, having somewhat of a father-son relationship. Right now, Static was in the training room running an obstacle course on his disk and Black Lightning was watching from outside on the monitors. Black Lightning couldn't but notice how much of himself he saw in Virgil when he was that age. Watching Virgil also reminded Lightning of his own daughter, Anissa, who who was around Virgil's age and had powers. But, unlike Virgil, Lightning had forbidden Anissa as well his second daughter, Jennifer, from crime fighting because he knew the dangers of doing so. Unfortunately, his daughters weren't too happy when they found out he had taken on an apprentice who was Anissa's age. Maybe it was time to change that policy. "Simulation Complete." The computer announced, pulling him from his thoughts.

Static emerged with a smile on his face. "So how'd I do teach?" He asked.

"Not bad Static. Your best run yet." Lightning replied. "You've really improved since you joined the league"

"Thanks" Static replied.

"Virgil. Are you doing anything tomorrow?" Lightning asked.

"No. Why?" Static curiously asked.

"Remember my family I told you about?" Lightning asked and Virgil nodded. "They've been wanting to meet you for a while now and I've decided that now might be a good time."

"Cool. When should I show up?"

"7 o'clock. I'll text you the address."

"I'll be there"

"Good" Pierce said as he walked away. "Oh and Virgil. Hands off Anissa" Pierce said with a stern face.

Virgil felt a cold shiver go down his spine.

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