A fireball flew past Static, just barely missing him by centimeters, but he could still feel the searing heat.

"Nice flyboy" Hotstreak said. "But can you dodge this?"

Hotstreak shot out a barrage of fireballs at once in Static's direction. He blocked them with his disc, but the force of the impacts still threw him back against a wall.

"I don't have time for this." Virgil thought. Losing his patience, Virgil created an electric shield and charged at Hotstreak. But Hotstreak dodged him and Virgil flew into a pole, falling to the ground. Then he noticed a shadow standing over him.

"Well done buzzboy." Hotstreak said as he created fireballs in both hands, ready to strike at Static.

Static braced for the burning pain. "So much for my date" Virgil thought. But the attack never came. Instead, Virgil saw Hotstreak get knocked back. He twisted in the air and landed face flat on the asphalt. Virgil looked to his left and saw Black Lightning.

"Need a hand?" Lightning asked.

"Sure" Virgil replied. "He probably wouldn't have offered if he knew the truth."

"You shouldn't have charged in like that. It was reckless" Lighting scolded.

"Sorry, but I'm in a hurry"

"Why got a hot date?" Lightning joked.

"Not exactly" Virgil replied with a smile. "Thanks for the assist. Gotta fly." Static got his disc and flew off towards his house to get changed.

Black Lightning checked his watch and saw it was almost 6:30 p.m. He needed to hurry and get home. Anissa was going on a "not date" tonight. She wouldn't say who she was going with, which made him even more suspicious. If she won't tell me, I'll just have to find out. Her date and I are going to have a serious talk. Lightning hurried and went over to the nearest Zeta Tube.

30 minutes later

Anissa was nervous about her "not date". She and Virgil had talked and texted after that night he came over. Eventually, he asked if she wanted to hang out. They decided to go out somewhere in Metropolis, thinking it was best not to use the Watch Tower as hub for her to travel in and out off. Especially since it would look suspicious and others would find out. Not to mention Batman. Anissa had never met Batman, but from what she heard about him from her dad, she did not want to get Batman mad. Her phone's screen lit up. She got a text from Virgil saying "I'm ready". She read the text and deleted it. With her dad's and Jennifer's powers, they could easily get into her phone to find out who her secret boyfriend was. "Boyfriend?" Jennifer thought. "We're just friends." The word "friend" like a strange way to describe Virgil. She felt a connection to Virgil that she hadn't ever felt with anyone else. Anissa knew she was falling for Virgil, but didn't know what to do. Anissa pushed the thought and checked her reflection in the mirror.

She decided to go slightly casual. She was wearing blue skinny jeans, a pink sweater, and her hair was tied back in a pony-tail. After making sure she looked good, she headed down stairs. She put on her brown boots and bolted out the door, saying bye to her mother and sister as she did. Fortunately, her dad wasn't home yet.

Anissa walked in the opposite direction of the zeta tube her dad usually takes, not wanting to run into him. She walked three blocks away to the corner of Isabella and Eeden. After waiting a few minutes, Virgil showed up at the corner. He looked a little winded from running. He was wearing a blue button-down with the sleeves rolled up, a white shirt underneath, black skinny jeans, and black New Balance shoes with red accents. Anissa couldn't help but admire Virgil for a moment while he was running to the corner.

"Ready to go?" Virgil asked.

"Yeah. Need to catch your breath?"

"No I'm good. Thanks. We're we headed?"

"Oh, you'll see" Anissa replied playfully.

They started walking down the street towards the pier.

"This'll be a fun date err… not a date. Just hanging out." Virgil thought. "Black Lightning will kill me if he catches us together"

Anissa didn't show it, but she was very excited about this date. "Yes! This is going to be an awesome date!"

Jefferson Pierce just arrived home. When he got in, he noticed that Anissa's boots were gone and she wasn't in her room. His wife confirmed that Anissa just left five minutes ago. Annoyed that he had missed her, Pierce quickly changed clothes and went out to find his daughter. He didn't see Anissa on the way home, so he assumed she had gone in a different direction. He paused for a moment and thought about all of the places Anissa could go on her date. He hated thinking about how she was even on a date. He decided to check her usual haunts by the amusement park, the gargoyles on top of Metropolis tower, then he'd check out other places someone could have taken her on a normal date. He took off, using his powers to zap himself around.

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