The Scarlet Speedster

AN: AU from the end of Supergirl Season 1 episode 18: The World's Finest. For now a one-shot, but there are plans to make this a Karry fic if the readers want it, afraid this will be short as it starts when Kara is about to throw Barry back to Earth-1 and ends with him going through the breach

Barry sped towards the field, doing his utmost to beat Kara there. This was it, he was finally going home after a few days here on yet another Earth. He loved the people here, especially Kara, the adorable and nerdy assistant for Cat Grant who had done all she could to help him get home, but he was needed back home if Zoom was ever going to be stopped.

Kara flew down just as Barry arrived and fixed him with one of her patented dazzling smiles.

'I swear, it's like she purposefully makes them extra happy to cheer everyone up.' Barry thought, admiring Kara and thinking. 'You know, she's actually kind of cute, I can see why Olsen likes her so much.' Before shaking his head to dispel the thoughts.

"You really think this is gonna work?" Kara asked Barry.

"Well, watching Livewire and Banshee work together reminded me of something we tried on my Earth once. You and I combine forces, literally. We combine my speed with your speed and if you throw me forward at your fastest, I might just break the dimensional barrier and get back home." Barry said, looking at Kara with determination in his eyes.

"What do you mean, like, a race?" Kara smirked as Barry smiled and shrugged his shoulders, looking away so he wouldn't be caught up in her eyes again. Her sparkling, gorgeous eyes.

'Where did that thought come from?' Barry thought before trying to dismiss it again.

"Yeah I guess." Barry said as Kara began to laugh, hands on her hips.

She shook her head and looked into the distance as she laughed, Barry staring at her natural radiance and joy.

'Wow, I must be losing it.' Barry thought, transfixed at the sight of this beautiful alien.

"Think you can keep up, Girl of Steel?" Barry asked in a teasing tone, grinning at Kara like an idiot.

"Oh ho, just you watch, Scarlet Speedster." Kara replied with a grin as she approached him.

"I'm really gonna miss you Barry Allen." Kara said to Barry with a look of pensiveness of her face as Barry stared at her again.

"I'm really gonna miss you too Kara Danvers. Or Kara Zor El, which is your alien name, 'cause you're an alien, which I think is really cool." Barry said with a smile as Kara broke out into laughter as he said it.

'Why is he so adorable?' Kara thought to herself, as she geared up ready to race him. 'Adorable? Wait? Where did that come from?' Kara asked herself. 'I like James…don't I?'

"I think James Olsen thinks so too." Barry said with a knowing look and a trace of regret in his voice. Kara pretended not to pick up on it and laughed again.

"What makes you say that?" She stated, trying to pretend that she didn't notice James had the same feelings for her that she did for him. Or that she thought she did, at any rate.

"You remember before when I told you take things slow? That's good advice, for a superhero. The opposite advice for two people who really like each other. Maybe it's time to speed things up." Barry said, hoping Kara would go after James and he could rid himself of these feelings he'd developed other the last few days for the Kryptonian who had taken his breath away.

"Maybe." Kara mysteriously replied, thinking whether she should take the plunge or not with Barry or James.

Barry ventured closer to Kara as Kara opened her arms, the two of them going for the hug.

"Come here." Kara laughed as they embraced one another in the hug, as they started to break away, Barry was struck by a sudden inspiration and, gently taking Kara's head in his hands, he leaned forward and planted a kiss on Supergirl's lips.

Kara froze for an instant, caught off guard, before returning the kiss herself, wanting to explore every inch of Barry's mouth, her lips parted as his tongue found its way inside her mouth and battled her own tongue for dominance of the Kryptonian's mouth. After a few minutes of this, they broke apart, both of them breathless.

"Wow…" Kara muttered in a daze as Barry looked at her, also stunned by what he had done and how good it felt for him.

"Alright." Barry said, preparing the Tachyon enhancer. "Let's do this. On your marks."

"Get set." Kara said, trying to keep the blush off of her face.

"GO!" Barry said as the two of them raced as fast as they could to generate the speed needed for Barry to break back through into Earth-One. They raced across hills, smiling at one another until finally, the breach started to open and with one hand, Kara lifted Barry and flung him forward, through the breach and back into his own universe.

"Goodbye Barry." Kara said, looking towards where the Scarlet Speedster had just disappeared. She just knew one day that she'd see him again. She also thought that Barry may have just proved to her who she would rather be with, him or James. She'd just have to settle for James with Barry gone from her world.

Barry arrived on his Earth and started running back towards S.T.A.R Labs, thinking the entire time as he ran with a bright red blush on his face.

'I'm going to miss you, Kara Danvers. At least now I think I've earned the nickname of The Scarlet Speedster.'