Welcome to my first Fanfiction story for this site. I really hope you enjoy reading it.



Chapter 1: Explosion.

Scott wiped the sweat from his forehead as he clicked his wrist communicator on. "Come in Thunderbird 2"

"Go ahead Scott"

"I'm all done here, how are things over your end?"

"Nearly done now, we've had two people airlifted to hospital with some minor burns, otherwise a successful mission all around."

"That's great Virg. Hey, any idea how this fire started and how it spread so quickly?"

"It looks like the fire had multiple starting points Scott"

"So, it was deliberate!" Scott sighed and shook his head in frustration. When would people learn, not only does it put their own lives in danger, but the lives of others and those who must come in and rescue them, which included his brothers.

"Hey Scott, everything's fine, I'm fine"

"Damn it Virgil, will you stop reading my mind!"

"I'll try, no promises though," Virgil replied laughing. "Hey Scott, I'll see you back at Thunderbird 2. I'll be about 10 minutes, I've just got to do a last check in that final building we were in."

"Another feeling Virgil?"

"Just following intuition Scott."

"Fine, just stay safe!"

"FAB Scott. Oh, and stop looking so worried!" Virgil replied.

Scott clicked his communicator off and smiled to himself. That damn brother of his had always been so intuitive, that it bordered on annoying, although it did often come in handy when it came to rescues. Scott turned and started making his way back towards Thunderbird 1, clicking his communicator back on in the process. "Thunderbird 1 to base."

"Go ahead Scott." He heard his dad reply.

"Everything's done here dad, just waiting on Virgil. Hey, where are the terrible two?"

"In bed, didn't see the point in waking them, as they weren't needed on this one."

Scott laughed, "they're going to just love missing out on all of the action! I'll call in when we're on our…"

Those last few words were lost under the sound of a huge explosion coming from Scott's location.

"Scott, come in, can you hear me Scott. Scott what's happened?" Jeff was now shouting, hoping, praying that his first-born son would answer.

"I'm fine dad," Scott replied finally.

Jeff Tracy sighed in relief. "What happened son?"

"Don't know dad, I was just talking to you and then there was this huge explosion from behind me that knocked me off my feet. Shit… Virgil" Scott turned and started running towards the danger zone. "Come in Thunderbird 2, Virgil can you read me, come in Virgil. Do you copy?" Scott reached the location where Virgil had been and ground himself to a sudden halt as he surveyed the destruction before him.

"Scott, come in. What the hell happened and where's your brother?" Jeff asked trying his best to remain calm.

Scott slowly lifted his communicator up to his mouth. "The buildings gone," Scott stuttered. "Virgil was going to do a last check in there and its gone, all that's left is a big hole and a pile of rubble."

Jeff dropped to his chair unable to stand. "Was he still inside?"

"I'll find out dad, I'll find him. He's okay. He just… He has to be okay." Scott turned and saw some firemen running towards the building. "Was anyone still inside?" Scott shouted towards them. They stopped and looked at each other and then back at Scott. They didn't need to say anything, their faces said it all. Scott clicked his communicator back on. "Dad, he was in there, Virgil was in there." Tears started forming in Scott's eyes as he ran towards the remnants of the building and started pulling bricks and debris away.

The two firemen ran over and tried to pull Scott back from the building. "Come on, it isn't safe, you need to stay back until the sites secure and no one inside would have survived that blast, there wouldn't be anything left." The one firefighter said.

Scott shot the fireman a look that could kill, pulled himself out of their grip and began digging through the debris once more. He needed to find his brother, he couldn't lose Virgil. He just couldn't.

… …

Back at base:

Gordon opened his eyes slowly, he was sure he had heard knocking on his door but it was 3am in the morning, who would be waking him at this hour. "Come in," he muttered, trying to suppress a yawn. His door opened to reveal Alan standing there, looking pale and frightened. Gordon sat up and rubbed his tired eyes and surveyed his younger brother. "Hey Alan, what's up, had one of your nightmares again?"

Alan shook his head as tears started to fall down his face. "No Gordon, its Virgil. He, he..."

Alan dropped to the floor in tears, Gordon shot out of bed and to his little brother's aid. Gordon pulled Alan back to his feet and helped him back out of his room. On stepping outside, he saw Brains straight ahead of him. "Hey Brains, give me a hand here" Gordon barked. Brains dashed over and helped Gordon support Alan's weight. "Help me to the command centre Brains and fill me in on what the hell is going on!"

By the time, they reached the command centre Gordon had been filled in on what they knew so far. His brothers had been on a routine call out, he and his brother hadn't been called because they had not had their physical yet after a bad bout of flu, so their dad had decided to let them sleep. Scott had radioed in to say they were nearly done when an explosion had demolished the building Virgil had been inside.

That was half an hour ago, and since that time the only news there had been, was that Scott was still searching through the rubble and wouldn't stop despite the pleas from local firefighters. John had done a search for Virgil's communicator but it had stopped working just after the blast. Brains had double checked for the last known signal which had come from the centre of the blast site. On finding this out, Brains had woken Alan first, who had insisted on letting Gordon know what was happening.

Gordon pulled his younger brother onto the chair which was next to his father and sat down beside him. He looked at his dad, taking his father's hand in his, Jeff Tracy the father he knew wasn't there, the father whose hand he was holding was one he hadn't seen for a long time, not since his mother had passed away all those years ago. He knew his dad couldn't cope right now, someone needed to take charge and as he seemed to be the only one currently holding it together, although he had no idea how, he knew that task would have to be his.