Thank you to everyone who supported this fic when I originally posted. Even though it was the first one that I began writing for Thunderbirds (and I've written a few since then) it still remains my firm favourite. Because of that I always had a desire to continue this story in some way, and I've had several thoughts on epilogues and possible sequels (which still may happen) However, apart from a few basic notes, nothing more came from it. Then this, out of nowhere, poured out... Not very long, but I really hope you enjoy this very unexpected addition. :)


Chapter 55: Return. (An Epilogue)

It had been 1 year and 3 weeks since he'd sat here, a lot longer than he'd anticipated. Yes, the doctors had told him it would take a while to get back to full physical fitness, and he had achieved that, way before they had expected him to. However, it was the unseen injuries that had held him back, the ones the doctors hadn't picked up on, but his family had spotted straight away.

The nightmares… Ones where he was still being held by the Hood, still chained, the camera set up in front recording everything as the whip was brought down onto his bare skin again and again. These, of course, had woken him with silent screams, occasionally vocalised, but a family members presence, and the realisation that it was just a dream quickly settled him, then sleep came once more. However, there was, of course, the flipped around nightmares, the ones where he'd be the one staring at a screen, watching a brother being tortured, and he'd be screaming out in pain, but every time there had been nothing he could do to save them. Gut-wrenching cries would fill their island home, awakening all the inhabitants, and would see him physically shaking for several hours in someone's arms… Thankfully, agreeing to talk had helped and the dreams had eventually dissipated, however, an unexpected flashback when Gordon playfully dunked him in the pool (To when the Hood's men had submerged his head and held him repeatedly under the water) had set off an anxiety attack, which had reawakened the nightmares, and he was once again back at square one… A vicious circle that happened on more than one occasion.

Eventually, with time, and many one-on-one sessions with various members of his family the mental healing eventually caught up with the physical, and that had in turn led to this point, him sitting here… 1 year and 3 weeks later, which was 386 days, an exact total of 9,264 hours… Not that he'd been counting…

A tap on his shoulder brought him out of his thoughts, "are you okay?"

A short breath out, he glanced back at Gordon, who was now buckling himself into the co-pilots seat. "Yes… Yes, I am!" Turning back to the control panel… His left hand, which now had a treasured silver wedding band on, reached forwards, he didn't need to even think about what he was doing, even after all this time, he knew his girl like the back of his hand. She moved forwards, trees parting for her, allowing the sunlight to light her beautiful green paint… God, it really had been too long…

"So, are you going to do the honours?" his brother asked.

"You bet I am!"

Gordon settled back as the green machine raised herself, ready and waiting. "Then she's just waiting for your final command."

Pressing the final button, then holding the controls in his hands, Thunderbird 2 shot into the air…

Virgil felt the smile light up his face… "Thunderbirds Are Go!"

... FIN ...