Chap 2

Laying on his back on his bed Percy looked up at the ceiling in apparent thought, while his right hand was occupied by tossing a rubber ball against the wall and receiving it repeatedly.A lot has been on his mind recently, ever since Aphrodite had cast her "love making" enchantment on him during their session.

She has to be messing with me.I mean come on! Everyone?She tells me that every female I come in contact with will become a sex hungry seductress?Maybe I shouldn't be thinking about it.

To clear his mind, he decided to head to the beach as he always felt relaxed in the presence of the the way to the beach, he saw Annabeth heading to the borders of the camp, to Thalia's Pine to keep guard around the borders.

The enchantment must be a fake, it has to , only one way to find then followed her into the forest.

In the middle of the forest, Percy had caught up to Annabeth.

Line Break

Hey Wise Percy.

Hey Seaweed Brain, come to keep me Annabeth.

As Annabeth turned around, Percy couldn't help but notice her


She has tanned skin, a great figure, and looks very athletic from fighting in the past two wars and stands around 5, is wearing her usual Camp Half-Blood orange T-Shirt and denim shorts.

Annabeth noticed him checking her out and began thinking erotic fantasies and then her nether regions were becoming damp.

Why was this happenening?She wanted him to bend her over against a nearby tree and fuck her brains couldn't wait anymore she needed him now.

Percy noticed her legs shuffling every now and then and her irises glowed pink.

Uh-oh this can't be thought

Let's play a game, winner gets the loser to do whatever he or she wants.


Let's play a game of rock, paper, scissors.

What is she planning?He thought.

Okay rock, paper, scissors shoot!Shouted Annabeth.

Annabeth had dealt scissors, while Percy had dealt paper.

Fine you win, what do I have to do?

I want you to knock me up until I cant walk for a week.

What!Exclaimed Percy.

She grabbed him by the shoulders gently and placed her mouth on his.

"Annabeth?What does this mean?" He asked when, Annabeth had stripped naked and had placed both hands against the tree in a standing position.

"What do you think it means?Do you just want to kiss or do you want to fuck?Annabeth said giving him bedroom started stripping down and stood behind her with his rod in his right hand guiding it to her moist opening.

"Ooahh!" She gasped as she felt the penetration from the younger teen break her hymen, Annabeth had never felt this before and would certainly get used to feeling it more often, the feeling was grunted and slowly withdrew his cock only to slide it back in elegantly back into her sheath, she bit her bottom lip as the pain subsided and only pleasure remained.

Her legs were spread a bit apart and her rear stuck in a very inviting way as he continued plowing his shaft of meat into her warm, juicy thrust he delivered sent shockwaves of pleasure overwhelming her entire body as her hair tussled back and forth in sync with the frantic pounding he was giving her pussy.

Pump this bad girl with your seed!As Annabeth was nearing her orgasm with every thrust and so was Percy.

Let's cum together!Shouted Percy.

"FUCK!"She screamed, her body going limp and Percy's warm cum filling up her insides as she fell into a mindless state, quite an achievement for the daughter of wisdom.

Percy carried her unconscious body sneakily back to Poseidon's cabin to rest and luckily with no encounters with anyone since it was lunch time and everyone was at the Mess Hall.