Part 1

Haimon rushed to the stone tomb where Antigone had practically been buried alive. He motioned to the palace servants to hurry up opening the stone door. As soon as he could fit his body into the newly opened space he rushed in.

When his eyes adjusted to the light he let loose a cry of rage and anguish, for Antigone there she was, hanging, slowly swinging, like in a breeze. Haimon took her cold body down from her floating vigil, and brought his arms around his love. He cried for what had been lost because his father's stubbornness.

Soon he heard a thunder of hooves beating the ground and watched, tears still rolling down his face as his father rushed in.

His father blurted out "Son what have you done?"

Haimon though What have I done? Is he so arrogant that he thought that this was my doing not the result of his actions? Coming to a conclusion Haimon spat in Creon's face and drew his sword and swung at the man. Haimon missed, and with the desperation of a widow, plunged half of his sword's length into his side. He keeled over, vision blurring and hearing full of the sound of rushing blood. He saw his father command the servants to get a healer, a doctor, anyone that could help save his son. As his eyes slowly failed him, he saw his father lean over him and kiss his brow and mumble something that his failing ears could not catch. Then Haimon, son of Creon and prince of Thebes died next to the love of his life Antigone.