Part 3

Haimon was lost in thought and only noticed that they had stopped when the boat shuddered to a stop. He politely replied "Thank you Charon" as he stepped off the boat. The ferryman just shoves off the boat and disappears silently into the mist rising off the river Styx. Haimon shrugged and trudged off on the well beaten path before him.

After what seems to be an eternity the prince reaches a clearing, where three judges tables were positioned.

"Mortal!" Aeacus said from the right-hand side, "You are here for judgment. Your entire life and death comes into consideration, whether you were evil and deserve to burn in Tartarus, or died a hero's death saving those in need."

Aeacus pulled out a scroll and read over it, Haimon glanced at the other judges. Minos, sitting in the middle, was quietly taking notes on his own scroll and Rhadamanthus, on the left, looked over cases of people that died in Asia.

Haimon glanced back Aeacus when he started speaking.

"Mortal, I have decided to send you to Asphodel Meadows. While you did not do anything horrible in your rather short life, you did not do anything heroic either. Taking into account that you tried to save your love's life, you tried to kill your father and killed yourself."

He glanced at Minos, "Anything to add brother?"

Minos shook his head and went back to taking notes.

"Very well," in a booming voice he declared "I, Aeacus send you, Haimon, son of Creon and prince of Thebes, to Asphodel Meadows for all eternity!" then he called "NEXT!"

Haimon wondered what the Asphodel Meadows were like. All the books he had read said that they were dead boring.

As he walked through the doors, he though he saw a familiar head of hair up ahead. Haimon touched the shoulder of the woman in front of him. She turned around and he hugged her with all his might. It was the love of his life and now death. He started crying into her shoulder saying over and over that he thought he had lost her. He grabbed her face and kissed her and held her hand and his final thought before wandering off with his love, was that the afterlife would not be so bad after all.