I walk away from the Frog-Snake with a smirk. The Turtle-Horse will not find ignoring me beneficial.


I am at my second home. Belladonna knows about my plan. Alpha does not. Reborn disappears. I get concerned.


"VOI! BRAT! I thought that you would never get back. What the hell took you so long?" Kasumi rolled her eyes, annoyed. "Shut up Shark. It was a mission, not a stroll in the park. Unlike Alpha, I don't have Mist Flames to help my infiltrations." Squalo snorted. "Like that has ever fucking stopped you Brat." Kasumi grumbled, already too used to the Shark addressing her as a brat. "The Mink is more of a brat than me." Squalo snorted once more. "Your the youngest in here. Brat." Kasumi rolls her eyes as she walks away. "I have to turn in my report to Xanxus. So if you will?" And with that, the Cloud walked away.


My brother disappears. Tsunayoshi's puppy disappears. Alpha starts getting upset.


When Lal Mirch said that back up was coming, Tsuna didn't think it would be in the form of his elder sister. And a lot of white foxes. A lot. But that likely wasn't the part that bothered him the most. What bothered him the most was that she was in the middle of a competition with Xanxus of all people. One that was literally to see who won the bet. Levi, or a teal-haired kid with a monotone voice and expression. And one more thing, what was up with that frog theme with his clothes? Also, that fact that Nee-san was laughing during the whole thing. Not smirking, not chuckling, but laughing. Full out laughing. When had he ever heard that? Was the world ending? Tsuna looked over to where the future versions of his Cloud guardian and his male Mist guardian were working together. Then over to where the future versions of his Storm guardian and his Rain guardian were actually talking in a civilized manner without arguing. Yup. The world was ending.


Tsunayoshi's Baseball Bird has disappeared. Alpha is getting worried. Only Belladonna and I can see it.


Xanxus' eyes snapped open. Something was off about the entire mansion. The only time it was this quiet was when his Cloud guardian became pissed off at the noise. How nice a thought that was. His Cloud guardian. It had taken a decade at least to find one powerful enough to qualify. And a few more years for him to learn that the only way that she would follow him was if he gained her respect, and let her control her own damn life and actions. That last lesson was the hardest to learn. He liked his guardians within his reach. Each for different reasons. For some, it was to keep them in line. For others, it was to make sure that they didn't leave. But Kasumi, Kasumi was different. He couldn't force her to stay. She had to make the choice. She had to choose to stay. She was a Cloud after all. A cat if nothing else. And yet, her fox portrayed her true personality. Speaking of box animals. Where was Bester? Xanxus, deciding that he needed more wine, left the comforts of his office to see if he could get some more. The mansion was even quieter than it should be. Nothing should be this silent. Right then, a white Fox with one blue eye and one brown eye sauntered across his path as if it owned the place. Xanxus grunted. "Oi, fox. Where is your companion?" Xanxus had learned long ago not to call anyone the foxes' master. Even if it was the truth. "I need to know if she can spare the Lightning Trash. I need more wine." The fox bowed his head slightly in respect and turned to disappear down another hallway. Only continuing down after making sure that Xanxus was following after. And Xanxus did. He would get his wine after all. Even if he had to fight a hundred of his Cloud's Cloud foxes.


The children and two of the girls following Tsunayoshi's pride disappear. Something is defiantly not right. I believe I know what.


Kasumi didn't know what to believe when she was somehow roped into taking care of the children. Yes, she had taken care of the Frog. She had only done that because they were similar in a sense. Especially since they both had trouble expressing their emotions. But she didn't know how to take care of the Cow and the Chinese Dragon. They were too energetic. At least with the Chinese Dragon they could train. But the Cow was a different matter all together. They had nothing in common. Nothing whatsoever. She didn't like it. "Thank you so much Sawada-chan! This is really helpful." Kasumi sighed. Oh yes. That's right. She managed to rope her into this. "Hibari. I was legally adopted into the Hibari family when they asked my mother for permission." Kyoko makes an 'o' with her mouth. "I am so happy for you!" And with that, the conversation is over.


Tsunayoshi's Loud Herbivore disappeared. Both Alpha and I are slightly relieved. There is no way of knowing if my theory is correct.


"EXTREME!" An 'unknown' voice shouted almost right next to Kasumi's ear. "Shut the fuck up Boxing Kangaroo and heal my Gods be damned wounds or I will make you need a healer more than me." She growled at Ryohei. "Why are you extremely here instead of getting treated by Lussuria to the Extreme!" Kasumi glared at Ryohei while he healed her wounds. "I would if I could, it would get me away from you. However, the Peacock is on a mission." Ryohei scratched his head after he was finished with Kasumi's wounds. "How did you extremely get such extreme wounds Kasumi?" Kasumi' glair intensified at the sound of her name, but she did nothing against it. Pushing Ryohei out of the way, Kasumi stormed out of the Vongola's medical wing. "Tell the Perverted Doctor that if he flirts with me one more time, consequences be damned, I will attack him." And with that, she left to report to Xanxus.


Alpha disappears. We get worried. No one is allowed out in groups less than five.


Tsuna knew that his sister was a beast when fighting, but he didn't know that she was this good. He watched, stunned, as she fought Zakuro. She was almost never hit, and her box weapon(s?) was constantly on the move as well. Tsuna didn't know that foxes could be so vicious, but there he stood, watching as they aided Kasumi in ripping Zakuro to pieces. Kasumi hitting Zakuro almost as many times as she was being hit. Almost. She managed to land a few hits, as well as her foxes. When she couldn't hit anything, it didn't seem like she was annoyed like Hibari-san would be. It just seemed like she was being patient. Then Zakuro took one more step back than he should have and Kasumi smirked. Everything moved so fast. Too fast in Tsuna's opinion. But in the end, when the dust settled, they saw Zakuro pinned to the ground by Kasumi with a gun that seemed to be charged with Cloud Flames resting on his temple, barrel down. "I could pull this trigger right now and your brains would splatter." She had purred. The look on Zakuro's face was absolute terror. Had she done that before? What had happened to his sister to make her this viole- Wait, she was always violent. Moving on. "But," that one word sent shivers down Tsuna's spine "I will just take your flames instead. Can't have the Ghost taking your power now can we?" She asked. Zakuro screamed.


Tsunayoshi's pride have returned. And all of the Arcobaleno have arrived. Including the Triad Slave. Not letting Alpha out of my sight.


Tsuna didn't know what happened. One moment he was fighting TYLHibari-san. The next there was a fox that had the exact same eye color as his sister standing in front of him. "Alpha. Stop PMSing and just take him already. It's getting annoying watching you fight it." A voice stated from behind him. Tsuna whipped around only too see his sister at the door. He heard Hibari-san growl from behind him, and then felt himself being picked up and carried out of the room. The last face he saw that night other than Hibari-san's was his sister's smirking face. The next day was filled with much pain.


Everyone disappeared again. Only for them to reappear not even a week later looking like they just went through war. They went through the Inheritance Trials and then disappeared again.


"Tsunayoshi." Tsuna looked up at the sound of his name, only to squeak in fear. He still remembered vividly the last battle that he had seen his sister fight. "N-Nee-san?" Kasumi grumbled something unintelligible before shoving a bag into the male brunet's hands. "This is for the Varia. We'll know who belongs to who." And she left. Just like that. No goodbye, nothing. But Tsuna understood. If there was one thing that he understood about his sister, it was that she feared goodbyes. To her, goodbyes were definite. She never said goodbye unless one was dying. And sometimes not even then. It was something that she couldn't do. "Dame-Tsuna. Are you ready?" His tutor asked the battered teen. "Hai!"

Squalo watched as the brown haired girl who had slapped his boss, and who he had seen in the strange memories, quickly walked up to him. "I need to see Xanxus." And that was it. The shock that Squalo felt at those words' familiarity was short lived as Xanxus came out of his office. "Kasumi." Squalo starred. His boss had never called someone by their name. "What are you doing here Fox-Trash?" Xanxus asked. The young woman who so closely resembled the Varia Cloud from the future knelt on one knee, calmly looking at his boss. Xanxus smirked. Tossing a Varia uniform at the girl he said one thing before disappearing. "Welcom the the Varia Trash." Kasumi rose and, flipping her braided hair, turned to leave the room. "Ask Tsunayoshi for Alo, Shark." And with those parting words, left.

A/N: Ya... the little clips from the future are in no order whatsoever. I didn't want Kasumi to go to the future, but I did want some time for her in the future. So this strange thing was born. And Fran? Totally unintentional. I meant for Kasumi to not have much of a relationship with any of the Varia. But he forced his way in and I can't say 'no' to the little Froggy. Although, I can't believe that I managed to end on a somewhat happy note for both timelines. Any truly, the future shots were not planned out at all. I didn't even know what they would be about until I started them. XD I would just like to know. Who do you think Kasumi should be paired with. I already unintentionally have some good beginnings, like with Kyoko and Xanxus, but those were unintentional, and I would like to ask you guys.