Fantasy AU

Prompt from Seito: It's just, all I can picture is that Tsuna gets dragged into an adventure he really doesn't want to go on, makes friends and accidentally stops the bad guy. And then they all move into Namimori and this tiny quiet town is never the same. Never.

The one-shot that this prompt came from a one shot called: Everything Can Change.

Warnings: OOCness likely, Cursing (Unavoidable considering a certain Storm), there may be some sexual harassment (that is unknown as of right now) I will try to not make this fic OC centric, or add OCs at all. But in the beginning at least, I will have to add OCs, just know that the plot is not be centered around them and they are there only to move the plot forward. Slow updates. Very slow.

Raiting: T (For now)

Pairings: R27, slight Arco27, 8059, one-sided 10027 (if possible I make no promises) and maybe one-sided 6927 (I make no promises for this one as well), I may also be able to slip in some 1869. You never know with me. My pairings will likely be all over the place.

Wish me luck everybody!


So this is about a prompt like thing that I found on and decided to try my hand at. I hope to make this a multi-chapter story, but if you have any prompts that you would like to give me, I say: Bring It ON!

Disclaimer: ME NO OWN! (T ^ T) I don't own KHR, and I don't even own the idea for this particular plot line. However, I do own the ideas for how these characters will be portrayed. This is a nonprofit fanfiction that I am writing solely for entertainment porpoises only.

This is my first prompt, so if I get things strange, or deviate off course, please tell me and I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

And if you are expecting fast updates, please don't. I am trying to make them long, and making sense. I don't really plan ahead, I know what I want the end result is, I don't know how I'll get there, or even if it will be the same ending that I wanted in the beginning! But trully, I don't know what I want this fic to turn out to be. I know what I am aiming for though, so there is that.

One more thing, if any one has ideas for chapter names (Past, Present, or Future) or a different book title, I would like to hear them, just comment them in this Introduction. However, if you do have a chapter name, please note that with this book at least, I want the chapter names to somewhat reflect what happens in the chapter, and I want them to be proverbs. This truly is the last thing, I will take any prompts for Omakes, and/or if you have any Omakes I can post them in this book, labeled as such, obviously, just send them via PM.

Wish me luck in this endeavor!