The concept of sex has always confused Lincoln Loud.

It wasn't HOW it worked, as Lincoln had a tenth grade education and could quite vividly recall the videos and stills his teachers had shown him. It wasn't WHY it happened, either. He very well understood his hormones, more than he'd like to admit.

WHAT is was wasn't a big hang-up for Lincoln, having read enough fanfiction and seen enough on the internet gave him a general idea of what it was like (sometimes even more detail than Lincoln desired.). And despite the "locker-room banter", as it was called, the only Loud boy didn't really care about the WHEN factor, knowing that he would probably have sex someday.

The real part of the sexual equation that confused Lincoln was simply WHO sex should be had with. He knew that sex brought along a feeling of intimacy and trust with it in some cases, or reckless lust and pleasure in others. Was sex supposed to be saved for marriage? Lincoln had thought so until the kids in his high school started becoming sexually active. Should sex be used for reproduction, for pleasure, or for relationship-building? Lincoln had seen instances in where all three answers (or a combination of, anyway) were correct, but he couldn't understand what changed the meaning or the purpose of the act.

But being who he was, and having the life he had, one question had always bothered Lincoln about the topic.

Was it okay to have sex with a sister?

"Absolutely not!" Modern Society would say.

"One hundred percent okay!" Teenage Fanfic Writers would shoot back.

He understood the implications and the consequences of incest. Lincoln would never dream of having a child in high-school, much less one born of one of his own sisters. The genetic mess that could potentially unfold would also be a big red-flag to incest for Lincoln. But still, the question persisted in his mind. If he truly loved his sisters, and wanted to make them feel as good as they made him feel over the years with their caring and encouragement, why would having sex for fun be wrong? Especially if he took all the proper precautions, which Lincoln Loud would most certainly do?

Lincoln pondered these thoughts as he sat at his desk, staring at a strange little rectangular pink box that was resting on his textbooks. He didn't really have a clear reason as to why he had the condoms in his room. He stopped by the local pharmacy in Royal Woods and picked up a box of ten standard-sized rubbers, just on a whim. It wasn't unusual for a boy to be interested in sex, and Lincoln knew this. But without a proper girlfriend or any indication that he was going to get laid anytime soon, it was a strange purchase.

"I guess I just want to be prepared, just in case?" Lincoln thought to himself, his thumb peeling at the big price sticker on the box. He groaned, looking at his now-empty wallet under his desk lamp. "And why are they so expensive? Is safe sex REALLY worth $12.99?"

Lincoln sighed, and placed the box in the back corner of his desk drawer, behind some comic books and gum wrappers as he returned to his studying for his Abstract Art project. He didn't really think he'd be using them for a while, so why keep them out in the open? He didn't even know how to use the damn things, much to his embarrassment.

Little did he know, however, that his very own sisters would be more than willing teachers on that subject.