"Come on, Linc…show me why I'm your favor-tit sister…"

Lincoln was more than happy to oblige as he crawled into his freshly-made bed next to Luan. Her chest was now fully exposed to her brother's view, much to her delight. Never in her life could she remember seeing her little brother's eyes as wide as they were, nor could she recall a time when his face was as red as it was. His eyes weren't filled with perverse lust, but rather a kind or naïve sort of wonder. Instead of rabidly grabbing and groping her, like any other boy presented with the opportunity would, he was instead hesitant to even touch them.

"Oh, Lincoln, you're so sweet and innocent…let's see if I can fix that." she thought to herself, stretching her arm around to nudge her prey closer to her bosom.

"Bro…why don't you give them a little squeeze?" she asked with a warm tone.

Sheepishly, with an approving look from his sister, Lincoln extended his reach up to his sister's "assets" and planted his hand right on her right breast, gently stroking the outer limits of her chest. Luan let out a soft gasp at her brother's touch, which was all the incentive he needed to go further. With his thumb and forefinger in position around her cup, he pressured them together to lightly squeeze them together, eliciting a much louder moan from his sister then he would have expected. Seeing his sister writhe and moan like that gave him a sort of accomplished feeling, the sounds driving him further.

He wanted to hear that again.

Lincoln repeated the motion again and again, varying his squeezes from tit to tit. Without warning, he began to lightly pinch her nipple at the end of each cycle. This sent additional shockwaves of pleasure throughout his sister's entire being, causing her to fidget and groan uncontrollably.

"Damnit, Linc…you're really taking advantage of this oppurtuntitty…" she thought, shifting herself around to better accommodate her brother's motions. "I'd better return the favor. That may be the breast course of acti-oooooon!"

"Lincoln!" she shouted with a hush, attempting to get his attention. "Take of your pants, I think I know how we can both…ugh…benetit…ugh! From this…"

Lincoln quickly slid off whatever he still had on, obeying his sister's orders to the letter. She motioned for him to slide up to her, giving her a perfect view of his raging bull-ner? Her mind was becoming too clouded with perversion and lust to think of good puns anymore. She just wanted more of her brother than ever before. She pulled him closer, lining her brother's manhood right in between her tits.

"Luan…are you sure about this?" he asked, his voice dripping with genuine care and sincerity. To Luan, that was the biggest reason she loved her brother, that even when groping her massive boobs, he could still find the time to care…it's a good thing he could, because she was losing her mind at the sight of his massive cock in her face.

"Lincoln, I'm going to say this once…" she hushed, pushing her own tits together to create a vacuum for her brother's length to use.

"…fuck my tits, Linc. Fuck…my…tits…"

Hearing his sister curse gave him the confidence he needed to push his hips forward, the tip of his prick squeezing in and out of his older sister's cleavage. The friction she was creating around him was doing nothing to satisfy his urges, instead only fueling him to seek more. He reached down and grabbed Luan's tits himself, multitasking as he squeezed them together himself while also flicking her nipples at the same time.

Luan was on cloud nine. Not only did she have a loving and selfless baby brother, but he was also doing everything he could to make her enjoy herself while he hammered away at her tits. Instinctively, she leaned forward and puckered her lips, kissing the top of his cock every time it came within range. Lincoln pressed forward further and further, grunting and groaning every time her lips met his prick. Not only did HE have a sexy and beautiful older sister that was doing her damndest to please him, but she was also very kind and selfless in her own right.

When their eyes met, they both knew they had to throw those mushy feelings to the side for just a few minutes.

Luan leaned even closer, opening her mouth wide so she could finally get a taste of what she'd been craving for so long. Lincoln rocked his hips as far as he could muster to oblige her. Not only was Lincoln sliding his hot, throbbing cock in between his sister's massive tits, but she was also sucking him up like soda through a straw. Every chaste though of love and romance was immediately replaced by lustful, relentless fellatio and aggressive titty fucking. He was massaging and rubbing her in all the right ways, and she was submissively giving him all she could.

And they were both loving every single second of it.

Luan had, naturally, began rubbing her clit during this whole ordeal, and felt several different, distinct surges of sensational pleasure hitting her all at once. She was close, and judging from the hot, throbbing cock in her mouth, she could tell he was too.

"Cum…on…Linc…" she mumbled in-between breaths, quickly moving towards her own orgasm like a speeding bullet. "L-liiiiinc!"

After a split second of contemplation, Lincoln decided to let loose. Almost in unison, he and Luan let out a couple of unrestrained moans that shook the tight space that was his room like an earthquake, Luan's throat being filled with her brother's hot, sweet cum in the process. Lincoln hit the bed like a sack of hammers, his face falling right next to the drained comedian's to his right.

Seconds passed that felt like minutes.

Then the minutes felt like hours.

But before the hours could feel like minutes, their afterglow was cut off by a loud, ditzy and familiar voice from the nearby hallway.


Author's Notes (for the first time in forever):
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