The life's not easy for me. Well, it never was. This is my story.

My name is Kyle. I was born in a pack in Alaska. I never really got to know my parents, the reason behind this is that my mother died just after giving birth to me and I never knew what happened to my father. Some said that he died a long time before I was born, some say that he ran away, I never got to know anyway. I only knew my brother Blake, he had dark grey fur and a white underbelly, some people have even said that we looked almost identically, still, we had almost the same fur and the only difference is that his eyes both had different colors, his left eye was blue and his right one yellow, while both my eyes were blue. I was raised by my older brother. Well, 'raised' is not quite the word, let's just say that his way of "raising" someone, was making their life a living hell. My brother always blamed me for our mother's death. He would always beat me after he came back home after his Alpha duties. He sometimes would take his friends to our den and they would always either make fun of me, beat me, or sometimes when they wanted to just talk about things my brother literally would kick me out of the den and don't let me in until they finished, no matter if it was raining or if there was a storm. Well, back then I was only a pup so I thought this is the way things work.

Luckily, when I got older, I could defend myself from him, but my way of fighting my brother back was mostly with words. It's not that I couldn't fight normally, I just didn't want to hurt my own brother 'cause somewhere deep inside my heart I still loved him.

I also found a friend, his name was Martin. He was my best friend and we could trust ourselves in every situation. I told him about my past, my brother and everything, and he tried to help me deal with my brother ever since. Although he wasn't directly helping me, for example, fight my brother, but he would often tell me what to do to maybe get things better and make my brother like me.

Thanks to Martin, I was introduced to a she-wolf who's name was Claudia. A very beautiful she-wolf for that matter. She had light grey fur and beautiful lavender eyes. She was the daughter of the pack's leader. She and I spend a lot of time together. We became good friends, and soon this friendship developed into something more. Luckily for us, Blake found his own girl with whom he got their own den, so I and Claudia could stay in my den, plus her father allowed her to go to my den whenever she wants to. I still remember that time when we talked about having pups, something we've always dreamed about. But the good times were going to end soon...

It's been a couple of months since me and Claudia met for the first time and developed the feelings to each other. The Moonlight Howl was going to happen soon, and it would be my first time to howl with my first, only and true love. This was the good thing. But there's also the bad thing. And the bad thing is that Blake's girlfriend died two weeks ago of unknown cases. Blake said that he went out on a hunt to get breakfast. And once he got back to his den, he saw her lifeless body lying in her own blood.

I don't know if I should believe him, but what worries me the most, is that ever since she died Blake's gotten more strange throughout these two weeks. Some say that he's gotten paranoid. Some heard him speak to himself in his den. Some also said that since his girlfriend died, the population of she-wolves has decreased. This may have something to do with Blake, but I hope it doesn't. I don't know if any of this is true, but I'm just worried about my brother.

Anyway, there is only a day left to the Moonlight Howl. I and Claudia were in our den, talking about the situation.

"Honey, I'm a bit scared. What if the sudden deaths of the she-wolves have something to do with your brother?" Claudia said when we suddenly got to the topic of Blake's girlfriend. "I hope that it doesn't." I said. I'm nervous and scared about the whole situation. This thing's gotten a bit out of control now, more she-wolves are dying with every week and no one why.

"I'm just scared that he might to the same thing to me... Or someone close to me." She said, hugging me.

"I won't let him do that. I will defend you, even if it means dying. You are the only person I love and I won't let anyone hurt you." I said before kissing her. This seemed to calm her. "I love you too Kyle." she said kissing me back.

"But hey, let's not worry about that now. It's only a day to the moonlight howl." I said "And I'll be howling with my only true love."

"Hmm, wonder who that is?" she said jokingly

"Here's a hint: she's the most beautiful wolf I've ever known." I said

"I give up" she said after a while

"...and her name is Claudia." I finished. Then she kissed me and we both fell onto the ground and rolled around laughing and just having fun. Soon after this, we went to get some sleep.

Today is the day. The day we've all been waiting for. Actually, no, because the thing that we've been waiting for will happen in the night, not during the day. Anyway, tonight is The Moonlight Howl. This is the moment we've been waiting for. I woke up earlier than I usually do, so I decided to do some hunting to get us breakfast. I don't usually hunt alone, but I didn't want to wake Claudia up.

I walked outside my den and then I got straight onto the hunting grounds. It took me some time to find my prey but there I go, a lonely caribou eating some grass, paying no attention to what's around it. "Sweet!" i thought. As I got closer to the target, I lowered myself to the ground, moving slowly and quietly in the tall grass. As I got close to the caribou, I waited for it to expose it's neck. Finally, it looked up, exposing it's neck. That's when I jumped at the caribou and digged my teeth into it's neck, not giving it even a small chance of seeing me. The caribou fell to the ground, dead. Then I dragged the corpse to our den. That's something that Martin taught me a while ago.

Half an hour later I got back to our den. But before walking into the den I caught the scent of blood. Something wasn't right here. I got worried when I looked at the enterence. I hesitated for a moment, but I walked in.

And what I saw, was probably the worst thing I saw in my life. There was Claudia, lying on the floor in a puddle of her own blood, dead. There was a visible wound on her neck and blood was still coming out of it.

I was so shocked that I dropped the caribou corpse and just stood wide eyed at the enterence. I've never felt so hopeless. I was unable to do absolutely anything. Then I felt tears coming out of my eyes. First, a couple of tears came out but soon, it turned into a fountain. But then I saw something else. A wolf came out of a shadow... It was him..

The wolf had dark grey fur, white underbelly, a blue and a yellow eye. This was my brother. Once I saw him my sadness was slowly being replaced with anger.

"What the fuck have you just done?!" I said to him. He attempted to put on a confused look before saying "Me? I didn't do anything. Oh, well, I just killed you're pathetic girlfriend, nothing too special."

"You are a fucking psycho" I said in an angry voice. The kind of voice that tells you to back up.

"Oh, I don't know what you're talking about." he said calmly "Here, let me tell you something. Remember when I told you that my girlfriend died? It was me who killed her. The same way that I killed Claudia. Sliting her throat. Poor girl didn't even have a chance to scream."

"So it was you all the time?!" I growled at him. He took a step back "You'll suffer the damn consequences!" I added

"Trust me. I won't." He said putting on a smirk and walking out of the den. I wanted to chase him but at the time I made it outside he was already gone. How was that even possible?

Anyway, I walked to the corpse of my only love and I felt tears coming out of my eyes again. I knelt down in front of her, my paws were shaking. "I'll avenge you someday..." I whispered and then I hugged her and started sobbing quietly into her fur.

I didn't even notice that a couple hours have passed since Blake paid me a "visit". I lied down in a corner and was still sobbing. But then I heard something. Muffled voices outside of my den. The voices got closer after a moment. I could recognise some of them. One was Blake's and the other one belonged to Kadir, the pack's leader. A moment later they walked inside my den. There were Blake, Kadir and some two other wolves I didn't know, probably Kadir's guards.

"It's him! He's the killer." Blake told Kadir, trying to sound scared

Kadir walked further into the den. He saw his daughter's lifeless body and then he looked at me with a dissapointed and sad look. "How could you?" he said

"I-it wasn't me. I swear." I said, my voice was shaking.

"Then who was it, if it wasn't you?"

"It was m-my brother B-Blake. I was on a hunt and when I came back I saw her d-dead and then Blake came out of the shadows and he admitted it himself!" I said

"Bullshit, when this happened I was in my den!" Blake said

"Enough!" Kadir said "I can only smell your scent here, Kyle. How would you expain that?"

I didn't know what to say. I had no idea of an argument against that.

"That's it, you are coming with me! And sorry, but for murdering someone, especially the leader's daughter, you'll get death sentence!" Kadir said gesturing his bodyguards to take me. They grabbed me, and dragged me out of the den. I didn't even hesitate. There was absolutely no point.

A couple days later the day that was supposed to be my last has come. Right now, I was standing on a rock, Kadir was standing above me, at the left and at the right of me there were bodyguards supposed to kill me and below me there was a crowd of wolves from my pack, all looking at me with anger and/or dissapointment in their eyes. But then Kadir spoke:

"As some of you may know we are gathered here together because of this wolf." he said pointing at me "His name is Kyle and he did something unforgivable. He did one of the worst things a wolf could do. He murdered my only daughter, Claudia."

In the corner of my eyes, I could see Martin giving me a dissapointment look

"He claimed that he loved her, but a couple days ago, he killed her in her sleep in cold blood. Kyle will now get death sentence for what he's done. Now, Kyle, Do you have any last wish?"

That's when everything seemed to go in slow motion for me. I hesitated for a while before these words came out of my mouth. "Yeah" I said making a pause, the whole crowd was staring at me now.

"To run free" I finished. That's when I jumped at one of the bodyguards slashing him violently in the face. Blood came out of the wound, and I could sense the other bodyguard right behind me. It turned around and jumped above him, giving him a quick slash at his back. Then I jumped at his back and I jumped onto where Kadir stood. I slashed my claws at him and pushed him away, making him fall off the rock and giving him a big scar on his face. Then I jumped out into the forest that was behind this rock.

I ran straight into the forest and away from the pack's territory. I found myself running like this for hours. When I was sure that I ran away from the pack I stopped by a tree, panting. I had to find a shelter, as it was already getting dark.

An hour later I found a small den. Not very comfortable, but it's always something, right?

I lied down in the den, when suddenly memories of me and Claudia came into my mind. The memory of our last kiss, of when we first met. I started sobbing quietly again. No, god damnit, Kyle, you're a Lone Wolf now, you can't be so weak. I had to stop these memories from coming into my mind. Then I thought about Martin and the rest of the pack.

What am I actually leaving?

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