season 3- Luke is in an accident while Lorelai is at Friday Night Dinner, so not only does her heart break, it breaks in front of her parents, and her mother makes her face her feelings.

Lorelai was sat opposite Rory at the table, looking at her with raised eyebrows as Richard and Emily bickered over the food on their plates, and whether or not they were done eating. The sound of Lorelai's phone ringing from her jumper pocket brought her parents into silence, and Lorelai quickly grabbed her cell, and looked at the ID.

"It's a private number, it might be something about the Inn, I wont be long." Lorelai said and excused herself.

"Hello?" Lorelai answered, walking into the room just behind the kitchen, and rolled her eyes as she saw her parents earwigging.

"Lorelai.. its Babette." Her neighbour answered in a soft, and sad tone, and Lorelai looked at Rory with confusion as she replied.

"Babette, hey. Is everything okay?" As Lorelai said that, Rory shrugged her shoulders, having no answer as to why the gossip could possibly be calling her.

"Sugah..." Babette said, her tone full of upset and heartbreak. "It's Luke." Babette told Lorelai, and Lorelai felt herself loose her balance and hold onto the cabinet beside her to stay stood.

"What.. What about him? Is he okay?" Lorelai asked, turning away from the three of the Gilmore sat at the table, staring.

"He's... been in a car accident. A bad one." Babette told Lorelai, and she cleared her throat before speaking.

"Is he okay?" She asked, her voice weak, catching her mothers attention, and Emily stood up, and Rory followed in-suit at her mothers tone.

"I don't know honey, they wont tell us anything, and we cant get hold of Liz, and Jess is too young to be an emergency contact." Babette explained, and Lorelai nodded, looking down, closing her eyes, and quickly wiping the tears that fell.

"I'm on my way okay, Hartford Hospital?" Lorelai asked.

"Yeah. Come quick, Lorelai, it doesn't look good. He was in a bad way when Jess managed to get out of the car and call 911." Babette said, and Lorelai had to end the call, all her emotions building up, and she took a breath before quickly turning, and walking from her mother and daughter who stood in front of her, and towards the front door.

"Mom? Who was that? Who's at the hospital?" Rory asked, and Lorelai grabbed her coat, her hands shaking as she grabbed her keys, working on auto-piolet.

"I need to go.. to the hospital because he's.. I don't know if he- I just I have to go." Lorelai told them, unable to form the sentence.

"Lorelai, you need to tell us what happened." Emily told her daughter, worry filling her as she began to breakdown.

"Luke was in an accident, and Babette called and she said that it didn't look good, and that I need to hurry, and so I need to go." Lorelai said, opening the door and trying to open the car door as her hands shook uncontolebly.

"Luke's dead?" Rory asked, her voice cracking.

"I don't know, that's why I need to go. Now." Lorelai said, and Richard walked out, car keys in his hands.

"I'll drive." He said, and Lorelai took a breath, and smiled at her dad, and watched as Rory sped to the car, and Emily began to walk when she noticed that Lorelai was stood still.

"Mom I- I cant, I-" Lorelai began, and her mom gently grabbed her hand.

"I know. Come on." Emily said, and Lorelai followed her mom into the car.

As they arrived at the hospital, Emily and Richard watched as their daughter ran into the hospital into a group of people who stood as she ran in.

"Lorelai..." Sookie said, and Lorelai looked at her.

"Is he okay?" Lorelai asked, tears in her eyes once again, panic in her voice.

"I don't know, they wont tell us anything." Sookie said, and Lorelai went to speak when she heard a voice yell, a voice she knew way too much.

"He's my uncle! You have to tell me what's going on!" Jess shouted from the desk, and Lorelai turned, and walked towards him.

"Hey." Lorelai said softly, placing a hand on his shoulder gently, trying to offer some sort of comfort.

"They wont tell me anything. Its my fault, we were aruguing, and he took his eyes of the road and a drumk driver came out of nowhere on the wrong lane... It's my fault!" Jess said, and Lorelai could hear the pain in his voice, and she shook her head,

"Its not your fault, Jess. Lorelai told him, and wrapped an arm around him as she walked him to the group of people, and he sat down, and then a doctor came over, and Jess stood again.

"What's happing with my uncle?" Jess asked.

"Is there anyone here with direct realation with Mr. Danes who is over eighteen?" The doctor asked, and everyone looked at Lorelai, and Jess didn't think before speaking.

"This is Lorelai Gilmore. His fiancée." Jess said, and Lorelai looked at Jess before, accepting it.

"Is he okay?" Lorelai asked, not caring about anything other than finding out if Luke was okay.

"Mr Danes has suffered extreme head trauma, he is in surgery for a bleed on his brian, he has alos broken three ribs, and fractured his wrist." The doctor informed them. Lorelai Lorelai felt as if she was going to be sick, and tookadeep reath.

"Will he be okay?" Lorelai asked.

"I'm afard we wotn know that until he is out of surgery." The doctor said, and with a nod, walked from the group, Lorelai swallowed the lump in her throat. Sookie came behind her and placed a hand on her shoulder, but Lorelai stepped away from the gesture, shaking her head as she held a hand out, letting them know she didn't want to feel it, that she didn't want comerfting because this couldn't be happening. It just couldn't.

"Lorelai, honey, come and sit down." Miss Patty said as she rose from the seat next to Babette, but Lorelai closed her eyes and took a breath.

"I need some air." Lorelai said, and quickly walked from the large group and towards the door.

"Poor girl." Babette said, her heart breaking for the young woman she felt so connected to.

"He's going to be okay, right?" Rory asked, and Sookie walked and held the girl in her arms.

"I'm sure he's going to be fine." Sookie told her.

"I'd hate to think what would happen to Lorelai if she lost him.." Babette said to Miss Patty, and Emily looked in their direction.

"What makes you say that?" Emily asked courisoly.

"The two of them, they have this bond, and its unlike anything that we've seen before." Miss patty overdramaticed.

"Yeah! Gosh, they're so in love I wish they'd just talk about it." Babette said, and Emily laughed.

"And Rory.. She'll be heartbroken. That man has been the only father figure in her life, she looks up to him so much. I just cant take it." Babette said, and turned as she began to get upset, and Emily looked at Richard.

"Our daughter is in love with this Luke man." Emily said and Richard nodded.

"It would seem that way, yes." He said, "I hope he is alight." Richard said,

"Our granddaughter looks up to this man, he... raised her, I suppose." Emily said, and Richard nodded.

"If he doesn't make it they will be broken." Emily said, "So, he has to make it. I have decided." Emily said strongly.

"I don't think that's upt to you dear." Richard told her, but Emily shook her head.

"Nonsense, Luke will be okay. That's that, now excuse me I'm going to find Lorelai." Emily said, and walked out of the hopistal.

Lorelai sat on a bench outside of the hospital, and she really didn't know what to think. Would he be okay? What would she do with herself if she wasn't? Why did this rock her world so much? Those were the questions flying around her head, and she just didn't have an answer for any of them. Lorelai didn't know she was crying until a tear dropped onto her hand, and she planned to just let them fall until she felt a hand on her shoulder. Turning, Lorelai wiped away the tears and gave her mother a weak smile.

"May I sit?" Emily asked her daughter, and Lorelai nodded. Emily sat next to her daughter, and her heart broke to see her in such pain. She was her little girl, no matter what.

"He's going to be okay." Emily told her with a strong voice, and Lorelai laughed slighty.

"I know. I know." Lorelai said, but she didn't, yet, she felt the more she believed it, the more it might be true. "I don't even know why I'm crying... He's a friend, I guess. He gives me coffee." Lorelai said, yet she knew that wasn't true either, it felt wrong coming out of her mouth, but Lorelai knew that if she distanced herself from him now, if he doesn't make it, maybe she'll be abe to recover from it faster. That wasn't true either.

"That's not true, Lorelai, And we both know it." Emily said, raising an eyebrow at her, "That man has been a constant in your life for almost ten years, he heped you raise your daughter, he has been there with you through thick and thin, he is your best friend.. maybe even more." Emily told her daughter. Lorelai just sat, unable to form a sentence.

"Luke Danes always has been and always will be something amazing to you, Lorelai. Whether that be platonically or not, he is, the love of your life. You and I both it. Even if you refuse to acknowledge or accept it for the next ten years, as you have done for the prior ten years." Emily explained to her daughter, and Lorelai looked at the ground. What could she say to that? Was her mother right? "I think you love him, but you've always been to scared to admit it, so maybe you were in denial, but this has definitely brought it up." Emily said, and looked at her daughter.

"Am I right?" Emily pushed, and Lorelai chocked a sob, trying to control her crying, and she nodded her head slowly, wrapping her hands around herself. But it was no use, the minuet she accepted that her mother was right, and that she did in fact love Luke, maybe that she always has, the whole situation caught up to her, and she sobbed once again.

"Oh, Lorelai." Emily said softly, and wrapped an arm around her daughter, rubbing her arm slowly, like she would when Lorelai was a child and would want comfort, and Emily always knew it was best just to place an arm over her daughter, that a hug was too much. Lorelai looked up and faced her mother, wiping her tears.

"I do love him, Mom. And now... I might never even get to tell him, or have anything with him. I waited too long." Lorelai told her mom sadly.

"You'll have that time, Lorelai." Emily said, and began to stand up.

"It's starting to rain, lets go inside, Rory needs you. Luke means a lot to her too." Emily said, and Lorelai nodded, and stood, and smiled at her mom

"Thank you." Lorelai told her, and Emily nodded, and they headed into the hospital.

As they walked down the hall, Lorelai felt her heart drop as a doctor gathered around the group, and she sped up when Jess looked at her and nodded her to hurry.

"I'm looking for Luke Dane's fiancée?" The doctor asked, still under the impression that Lorelai was enganged to his patient.

"She's there. She's coming." Jess said, wanting to know the news on his uncle. Lorelai ran up, and as she caught up to the group, Rory grabbed her hand and they looked at the doctor.

"Can I talk to you and Mr Mariano in private please. This is a matter that needs direct family only." The doctor said, and Lorelai felt like she was going to throw up, and she let go off her daughters hand.

"Of course." Lorelai said, and she and Jess followed the doctor.

"Is he okay?" Jess asked as they were in a room.

"The surgery went well, although we did loose him twice on the table, he seems to be in good condition." The doctor nodded. "The reason I needed you in private is because he is currently in a coma, which is not unusal for someone that's just had brain surgery, expect they normally wake around three hours after, Mr. Danes seems to be showing no sign of waking." The doctor told them.

"Meaning?" Jess pushed.

"Well, due to the fact that we lost him twice on the table, we fear that he may have brain damage, but we wont know that for sure until he wakes up, but if the brain damage is that deep that it causes him unable to wake from the coma, his brain will eventually shut down, and he will be pronounced brain dead. I'm sorry." The doctor informed them, and Lorelai shook her head, her sick feeling coming back.

"When will we know if he's brain dead?" Lorelai asked.

"We don't know, it could be in a couple of hours, but also a couple of months. The signs are looking good for a full recovery at the moment, as he still has another hour before we begin to try other tests to see if he his brain damaged." The doctor said, "You can see him if you like."

"You go, I need to get some air, I cant deal with this right now. And I need to call my mom." Jess said, and walked off, and Lorelai followed the doctor into Luke's room.

Jess ran past the group, and everyone watched him go.

"No." Rory said, "Luke cant be dead!" Rory said, and everyone looked at her, and then Rory spotted her mom being led by a doctor, her head was down, she looked... heartbroken, and that's when everyone began to panic.

"I think-" Babette went to say, but Miss Patty was having none of it.

"Don't say it." She told her friend, and everyone stood in silence, praying that the man they watched grow up, or the man that their daughter loved, or the man that was a father to her, was okay.

Lorelai walked into the room, and her heart broke at the sight. Luke was connected to a few wires, and a tube, he had a cast on his arm and hand for wjat Lorelai guessed would be his broken wrist,m and he had something on his side, Lorelai didn't know what, and she didn't care, she just cared that he would be okay.

"I can give you half an hour." He said, and she nodded, she watched him go before turning to face Luke. Lorelai sat on the chair next to the bed, and looked at his face, she couldn't believe that she might never see it again after today, that the next few hours could change her whole life for either better or worse.

"Luke.." Lorelai said, her voice breaking. "It's Lorelai." And she looked down, before placing her hand in his. "I need you to come back to me, okay? I have something to talk to you about, and so you need to wake up." Lorelai told him, "Promise me that you wont leave me? Please. I know that you're probably having a catch up with your parents, and yelling at your uncle for being such a shitty man and stealing all the baseball cards." Lorelai said, and found her self laughing at the memory of him and her trying to close the coffin his uncle was in. "But, I need you to come back to me. Tell your parents all about me first of course." She joked, "But come back. I miss you. and I need to talk to you." Lorelai said, and began to cry, so she stood, kissed his hand, and removed his from hers, her hands already feeling cold, and she wiped her tears, "Come back to me, Luke. If not for me then for Jess, for Rory. We need you, I, need you." Lorelai said, and she walked away as she heard the door open once again.

As she walked she didn't even bother to wipe her tears, she just let them fall, and as she walked past the group, and sat down in a chair next to her father, he placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Lorelai?" He asked, and she looked up.

"They don't know if he's going to make it. He died twice in surgery, they're worried about brain damage." Lorelai explained. "Where's Rory?" Lorelai asked, noting that her daughter wasn't among the group.

"She followed Jess outside." Sookie told her, and she nodded.

"Oh." She said, her voice small.

"Are you okay, Sugah?" Babette asked.

"Not really." Lorelai said, looking at the ground.

"Oh honey, I'm sure he will be fine. He's a strong man." Miss Patty told her, and Lorelai shook her head.

"There was so many tubes and wires, and he felt so.. cold." Lorelai explained, "I hope he will be okay, but I'm not sure." Lorelai told them, and she stood up.

"Where are you going?" Emily asked, worried for her daughter who was in no condition to really do... anything.

"I'm going to tell Jess to say goodbye to his uncle." Lorelai said, and walked outside, leaving everyone in stunned silence.

Outside, Rory was talking an upset Jess, and when Lorelai walked out, Jess looked at her.

"Lorelai-" Jess said, and she shook her head.

"Go and say goodbye to him, Jess. Just in case." Lorelai said in a weak voice, and he took a breath and nodded, before heading inside.

"Mom?" Rory asked.

"I'm sorry that it took me so long to realise that he was the one. Maybe if I had realised it sooner you would have had a dad to teach you sports or football lingo." Lorelai said, and Rory shook her head.

"Its okay." Rory told her, walking towards her.

"No, its not. Its not okay, because you missed out on that father daughter bond that you should have had with him and I missed out on everything and its just... nothing about this is okay." Lorelai shook her head.

"Is he really gone?" Rory asked.

"I don't know, I hope not." Lorelai said, and Rory wrapped herself in her mothers arms and let her tears fall, and Lorelai held her daughter.

Two days had passed and Luke still hadn't woken, Lorelai and Jess were at Luke's side when they could be, but he was never alone, Liz was there constantly, yapping away to a Luke who she only wished could hear her.

That's what she was doing one Sunday afternoon, talking about something and nothing, when she heard a groan that caused her too look up from her jewels making, and as she did she was bet by her brother eyes.

"Oh my god! I'll get a doctor!" Liz shouted, and ran from the room, and was back not seconds later with a group of doctors who ran to his side.

"Mr. Danes. Good too see you. I'm going to remove h=this tube now." The doctor said, and Liz ran from the room and dialled a number.

Lorelai was sat in the still renovating inn, in a world of her own when her phone rang, and when she saw the caller ID she stood immediately. Already out of the door.

"Please tell me he isn't dead." Lorelai said, and Sookie looked up as she was outdoors talking with Michele about the horses.

"No! He's awake!" Liz shouted, and Lorelai stopped in her tracks.

"What?" Lorelai said, shock in her voice.

"He just woke up! Come to the hospital now!" Liz said in a happy scream.

"I'm on my way." Lorelai said, and put the phone down and ran to her jeep.

"Lorelai! Is Luke okay?" Sookie asked

"He's awake." Lorelai told her, and Sookie smiled, and so did Lorelai, and the she sped off.

Liz walked back into her brothers room and smiled as he was sat up, talking with the doctor as they ran a test, making him follow the light of a torch.

"Hey big brother! How ya feeling?" Liz asked her.

"Great." Luke said sarcastically.

"Well, everything seems fine. It seems your fiancée's positivity really paid off." The doctor smiled, and Luke made a confused face that the doctor didn't see.

"My fian-" Luke went to ask but Liz raised an eyebrow,

"Lorelai. What a woman." Liz said, and Luke nodded.

"Of course, Lorelai." Luke said, just as confused.

"Well, I'm glad she was right." The doctor said, and made his leave.

"Lorelai is my fiancée? Do I have brain damage? Am I missing a few years?" Luke asked, really confused.

"No no." Liz laughed. "When you had your accident on Friday I was out of town and so the hospital couldn't get hold of me, and so the only way to find out information on you was to say Lorelai was your fiancé." Liz explained.

"They couldn't tell Jess?" Luke asked.

"He's under eighteen, only by three weeks, but, under eighteen." Liz told him, and then the door opened.

"I'm going to call Jess." Liz said, and she looked at Lorelai as she walked out, and the two were left alone.

"Hey." He said, and she smiled.

"Hey." She said.

"So, I hear were engaged." He said, and she laughed for the first time in three days.

"Yes well, what better time to grab a man than when he's unable to decline you?" She joked, and he nodded.

"Touché." He smiled.

"I'm so glad you're okay." She said, and he smiled. "It's been a weird few days." Lorelai told him, "Everyone's just kind of been walking around in a haze. Everyone has avoided the diner at all costs, its scary." Lorelai joked, and she laughed a little.

"Is Jess okay?" Luke asked, and she nodded.

"He got out with a dislocated shoulder and a minor concussion. He's fine. He was worried about you." Lorelai told him, and Luke nodded.

"Are you okay?" Luke asked.

"You just got out of a life threatening coma and your asking if I'm alright?" Lorelai asked him, and he nodded. "I'm fine. I am now anyway." Lorelai told him.

"Good." Luke said, and she sat on the chair next to his bed, and he placed her hand in his.

"When your back to normal, I have to talk to you about something." She told him, she wasn't waiting anymore, not when she now knows how quick and scary it was that he could just,,, be gone at any moment.

"We cant talk now?" He asked.

"You'll need a full bill of health before I tell you what I have to tell you, trust me." Lorelai said, and he looked at her.

"You're not pregnant are you?" He joked.. kind off.

"No, no." She laughed, "But, I want to wait until your 100 percent." Lorelai said, and he nodded.

"Okay." He said, and she looked at him, and smiled.