Unfortunately For All, This Isn't A New Chapter

Between my daily life and the time I dedicate to writing my novel 'Dark Distance', I admit to having neglected my fics 'HALO: Iunctus' and 'A Lost Soul Among Dragons'. I still squeeze in a paragraph or two every once in a blue moon, but progress on the fics have practically been negligible. I apologize for not delivering on these two stories, but... 'Dark Distance' will always come first.

With that all said, I have news, and it can either be good or bad depending on the views of the individual reading this.

I am officially opening up some of my stories to new authors. Both old or new, abandoned or in-progress, from this moment on I will be looking for quality writers who have the heart and mind to take up the responsibility of finishing the stories that I likely never will. In fact, I have already gotten a writer to take up one of my very early fics I abandoned years ago, 'A World Known' (Mass Effect). For anyone who is interested in that specific fic, there will be a separate message on that story's announcement post.

Now for the big question: Does this mean I am abandoning 'Iunctus' and 'ALSAD'?

I've already established that my novel 'Dark Distance' comes first and foremost. With that said, no, I am not abandoning these two stories. It may be years until I come back, but I will come back to them. But that's the thing... you aren't going to see me for a long time, longer than it's already been.

So, once again, I want to apologize. I showed you, my loyal readers, small windows into greater worlds and stories I had vividly imagined over the years, only to then close them before you could see the grander pictures I had envisioned. If I were you, I'd hate my guts lol But still... for every single one of you who have ever Followed, Favorited, and/or Reviewed my stories, I couldn't thank any of you enough. When I began writing stories on FF, I never would have imagined my work would ever garner so much attention, let alone dream my 'HALO: Iunctus' story would be among the most popular HALO x Naruto crossovers ever written on the site. Apparently, you all saw something in me and my writing ability, and it both warms my heart and breaks it into a dozen pieces because of what I'm now doing. Through thick and thin, you all stayed with these stories over the years even as it became apparent they would likely stay incomplete forever. Even as I announced my novel 'Dark Distance', and in a way condemning my fics to development hell, you stuck with me and even cheered on my efforts to author an original story.

And So, With Those Heartfelt Words, I Lift A Toast...

...To You.