Blood Leads to Love

The memories of the past won't leave him alone.

Every-night, when he closes his eyes, he sees it.

Those faces, their voices.

They won't go away,

won't leave him alone.

The slender girl with yellow hair in the yellow dress draped in blood.

The blood-stained knife tearing the boy's skin.

The woman in the black dress screaming at the flames,

extinguishing them with her tears.

The girl in the brown dress standing in the market, staring at the roses.

"Not again." He mumbles under his breath running towards her,

grabbing her shoulder, screaming her name.

"Dad. What are you doing?" She asks smiling.

The tall dark house looming on the horizon.

The children run circles around him, the boy playing with a razor.

His wife sits with them under the willow branches reading history aloud.

He looks at her, seeing the chocolate eyes and auburn curls.

During the day, they killed those on the streets, but

during the night, they were tangled in the sheets.

They created this future of happiness,

this future of love.

He used to rely on revenge,

Never forgive, never forget.


He wants to forgive, but can't find the words,

wants to forget, but is haunted by dreams.